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This May End Badly (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
You Wouldn't Dare (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love, Off the Record (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Samantha Markum is a bestselling author of young adult romance fiction from St. Louis.
The author was born and brought up in the Missouri town of St. Louis which is where she started writing Newsies fan fiction. At this time she was just a middle school learner which just goes to show how much she loved writing.
In her teenage years, she went to Florida for her high school and college studies. However, what he got there was for the most part sunburn before she moved to Los Angeles to find something to do with her life.
While she was lost for many years living in Florida and Los Angeles, she never lost her love for books and her dream of becoming an author never died.

Samantha ultimately published “This May End Badly” her debut novel in 2022 which she swiftly followed with “You Wouldnt Dare” in 2023. Both of these novels have gone on to become blockbuster works and launched her career as one of the most interesting new voices in the young adult romance genre.

Markum just like many authors loves reading books and often recommends her favorite.

While she has read hundreds of books over the years, she has said that her best work has to be Stephanie Tromly’s “Trouble is a Friend of Mine.” She loves it for the shenanigans and scheming in addition to the mystery plot.
Samantha Markum also loves swoony romances with friendship plots and her favorite is Emma Mills’ novel “Famous in a Small Town.”

She currently makes her home in St. Louis where she was born and brought up. When she is not penning her blockbuster fiction, she can usually be found buying too many candies, begging her dog for attention, and trying to ignore the many dust bunnies in her home.

Samantha Markum’s novel “This May End Badly” is an interesting work that tells of Doe a pranking mastermind and her motley crew.

They are Weston girls who will do anything to win the war against the Winfield Academy which had been going on for centuries. But time is not on their side since they are just about to complete their final year of school.
Things get really interesting when the headmistress tells the school that they will be merging with the Winfield Academy in the coming year. What had been a dark and relentless feud now turns chaotic.
Looking to protect her haven, Doe comes up with a plan to show that Weston girls and Winfield boys cannot mix. She plans a hit at her greatest nemesis and boy king at Winfield nicknamed Three.

Desperate for a win, Doe makes a deal with Wells who is her target’s cousin. If he agrees to pretend to date her and manages to get under Three’s skin, she will help him get back a valuable heirloom that Three took from him.
With the pranks escalating, she is surprised to find that she has started developing feelings for Three’s cousin. She now has to come up with all manner of lies to keep her end of the bargain.
It is a great story about falling in love, friendship, crossing lines, and how to make amends when you do.

“You Wouldn’t Dare” by Samantha Markum is another interesting work.

When Juniper first kissed Graham, she never expected that it would threaten their friendship. She did not think that the unforgivable and terrible thing she did to ensure that their summer fling would not become public knowledge would not just destroy their friendship, but also ruin Graham’s life.

Several months after they fell out, Graham and Junie are forced to do their best to sidestep conversational landmines as they hope that one-day things will go back to normal. Junie believes the weirdness between Gram and her is the biggest obstacle to them returning to normalcy.

But then her mother hires Tallula to work at the cafe that the family has been running for several years. He is her teenage daughter’s boyfriend which is sure to make things very interesting.

The only bright spot in the family is that Junie’s father is soon coming to visit and will be around at the community theater production that Junie has been involved in. But then the event is almost jeopardized by poor turnout.
After a few weeks, Junie starts realizing that she still has feelings for Grisham from their time last summer. Managing her adversarial relationship with her new boyfriend and saving her production might just be the least of her problems.
However, their newfound friendship may not be able to survive Junie’s strong feelings.

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