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Samantha Towle is a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and New York Times bestselling author.

She made her writing debut when she published “The Bringer,” the debut novel in 2011. This would be the turning point for Towle, as she would go on to become a full-time author with more than two dozen works over the years.

She is an author of paranormal romance and contemporary romance novels. Ever since she started publishing, she has sold more than a million copies of her novels, with many of her works making countless bestseller lists.

Her works have also been translated into almost a dozen languages over the years.

Samantha was born in Hull, even though she now makes her home in East Yorkshire, where she lives with her husband and two children.

Towle has always been a lover of books but what really drew her in was when she read Thomas Harris’ “Red Dragon.” It was a compelling novel that gripped her mind from the first page to the last and she just could not forget it for days after finishing it.

Still, it would take many years before she started writing, which surprisingly came when she was on maternity leave. It was in early 2009 that she got started under the encouragement of her husband.

Samantha Towle gets much of her inspiration from the many authors whose books she has read over the years. However, her biggest influences have always been Charlaine Harris and Thomas Harris.

She sometimes gets his inspiration from music from which a lot of her ideas are seeded. As such, you will hardly find Towle writing without listening to music in the background.

She is fortunate enough that she has made a full-time career out of writing, which had always been a dream of hers.

Even though she tries to keep her professional and home life separate, they are all part of her identity as an author and mother.

However, it can be difficult given that she usually writes from her home office. Obviously, she gets a lot of material for her works from her experiences as a mother and from the c0mical antics of her child.

Her typical writing day usually involves turning on her Nespresso machine once the kids have left for school, taking coffee with biscuits, and then heading to the office.

In the office, she answers messages and emails among other things, then gets down to write until it is time to make dinner.

She usually has dinner before heading to bed but when she has a deadline or is in her groove, schedules can be thrown out the window.

Aside from her writing, Samantha Towle is also a book reviewer who gives feedback, particularly to newer authors, which she sees as giving back to the writer community.

Samantha Towle’s novel “The Mighty Storm” is set a dozen years since Tru Bennet had last set eyes on her former crush and best friend Jake Wethers.

He is a tattooed, sexy singer who is the brains and lead singer of one of the biggest bands in the world named The Mighty Storm. He had left her with a broken heart when he left for America as a fourteen-year-old.

Tru is now working for a magazine that has sent her to interview Jake for her music column. When they meet, there are unmistakable sparks even though the fact that Tru has a boyfriend she has been seeing for two years.

Jake makes her a job offer that is too good to be true – she should come to travel the world with his band, even though this would mean leaving her boyfriend Will behind. Moreover, being on the road with The Mighty Storm will mean spending too much time with Jake.

Is she strong enough to resist Jake given their history? Will she risk spending just one night with the delectable bad boy?

“Wethering the Storm” by Samantha Towle continues from where the debut left off.

Jake the lead singer of The Mighty Storm has a past full of drugs and women. Tru who is now living in LA has been finding it hard to deal with such a past and this takes a toll on their relationship.

She has never been more in love with Jake but coping with the fact that many of the women live in the same city has been hard. Moreover, he had recently told her that he would never want kids but she loves him enough and is trying to come to terms with that.

Being in a committed relationship is new for Jake, but he loves Tru and is determined to make their relationship a success. His focus is on staying clean, his music, and ensuring that Tru is happy. He is now at a place of peace in his life and intends to stay there for as long as he can.

Tru was sure she could handle his murky past but finds it harder than she imagined it would be as it keeps being thrown into her face. Things are made worse by the fact that she is in a new city with no family, or friends and is finding it hard to acclimatize.

Samantha Towle’s novel “Taming the Storm” is the story of Lyla Summer who has an intense dislike for men. Ever since she was betrayed by her brother and let down by her father and several other men, she has never liked men.

At the opening of the story, her focus is on Vintage her band that has just been made an offer to sign with TMS Records. The last thing she needs is to get entangled with a man now that things seem to be turning around.

Tom Carter has always been known as a rake but when his best friend is beset by tragedy he promises God that he is going to change his ways if he saves the girlfriend of his best friend. The woman pulls through and he now needs to keep his promise.

When the manager of the Vintage band breaks her leg on a ski trip, Tom is made temporary tour manager and Lyla finds herself in close quarters with the man. An unexpected friendship soon forms that could turn into something more.

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