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Samantha Whiskey is a top ten bestselling sports and contemporary romance author. She is a mom and wife and loves dogs. Most of her characters are hot alpha males with extreme awkwardness, and she uses them to write unique stories.

Grinder is the debut in the Seattle Sharks series. Gage McPherson was a famous and the best grinder in Seattle Sharks until he broke his shoulder, and his wife left him with his two-year-old daughter, Lettie, after the career-threatening injury.

After the mother of her daughter left him at a time when he needed her most, he has trust issues. There are only two people he trusts with his daughter: his mother and his childhood and best friend, Bailey.

Bailey had just completed university and not yet found a job, and since she and Gage were childhood friends, she steps in as Lettie’s nanny. They start living together, and feelings start developing with time. Bailey loves Lettie like her own and wants Gage to keep on training and traveling for his games without worrying about her.

Bailey has always admired Gage for a long and seeing him with other ladies and one trying to disrespect her in their house was so much for her to bear. Even knowing the number of women who had a relationship with Gage, she still wants him badly. She tries several times until Gage realizes he needs her in his life.
The two go back and forth as they fight their attraction. Gage does it for his daughter’s sake. They try drawing the professional line as Gage doesn’t want to cross it since he feels it could affect his daughter’s happiness.

He later comes to realize how much he loves and cares about Bailey. The two cross a line they swore never to cross. Gage had so many problems he needed to fight, and that’s the problem they had in their relationship.

Gage is a great sweet dad to Lettie with everything he does for his daughter.

The characters are unique, and the twists and turns leave the reader with many surprises. Grinder is a great novel and pulls the reader from the beginning keeping them engaged to the last page. Gage and Bailey have sizzling chemistry and risk a lot to take their relationship to the next level.

Can they risk everything by having a relationship?

Axel is the debut in the Carolina Reapers series. Axel has always admired Langley, and when he gets the chance to show her how much he wants her, he takes the chance seriously. NHL has been at his door since he was 18, but he didn’t want to leave his Hockey league because he was looking after his younger brother.
He had no desire to leave the Swedish Hockey league until Carolina Reaper’s PR, Langley, knocked at his door with an enticing contract. The two met some years back. Langley went to Sweden on a business trip and met Axel for the first time. She was fresh from a relationship and needed someone to keep her company.
Axel was her tour guide, friend, confident patient, and understanding. He made her laugh and gave her a shoulder to lean on when she needed it the most. Since then, Axel had had a crush on her even when he knew she wasn’t interested in dating.

Now that the little brother is all grown, he finally agrees because he realizes that Langley is the new head of PR. She was sent to Sweden to try her luck in convincing Axel to go to America to join their team. He has never had the opportunity to talk to her. She’s the independent, fierce, and beautiful woman she has ever seen.

However, he agrees on one condition, that she marries him for six months. When she says that she can never date again, Axel proposes to her. He wants a six-month marriage contract in exchange for signing the papers.

He plans on dating her after the contract is over; after all, what could go wrong when one is dating his wife.

He wants to date this lady, so he decides to marry her first. Axel is ready to use each moment to show how a queen like her should be treated. Since Langley is desperate and enjoyed Axel’s company the last time they met, she agrees to it.

Now their wedding is on, the countdown is on, and he can’t stop it; as the days pass, he gets more attracted to her. She swore before that she would never choose a man over her job, and Axel promised never to let her choose until he had no option.

After getting married, they start their lives together, and as they blend, the more she realizes how great Axel is and the more feeling grow.
How can they move forward together when they began everything backward? If Axel can’t convince her, the marriage will be nothing but fake. Axel is up for the challenge and shows her through actions, never asking anything from her and giving her everything she needs physically and emotionally.
Samantha’s writing style is smooth, and the flow makes an engaging read. The plot and characters are so believable and realistic. The chemistry between Langley and Axel is intense and will make you crave more.

Axel didn’t care about the money; all he wanted was a chance to make the career-driven Langley realizes she could have a successful career and a man who cared and appreciated her. He wasn’t materialistic, and he was a humble and loyal friend. He only had eyes for Langley and looked forward to moving to the US to play hockey for his new team.

The novel is about the coming together of Axel and Langley as husband and wife as the reader watches their relationship develop over time. Axel always wanted to slow things down, while Langley wished to speed things up.

Their story will have you going to the top and then falling to the bottom. It’s so emotional and captivating to follow. Their relationship is intimate, passionate, and heartbreaking at times. It’s incredible that Axel knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to take the chance to get close to Langley.
Axel succeeds in capturing her heart and mind that Langley isn’t sure whether she can resist what he is offering. However, at first, she isn’t for the idea since she is afraid of losing her new job and has had a difficult past.

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