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Publication Order of Holger Munch & Mia Kruger Books

I'm Traveling Alone (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Owl Always Hunts At Night (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Boy in the Headlights (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ulven / The Wolf (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chronological Order of Holger Munch & Mia Kruger Books

Ulven / The Wolf(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
I'm Traveling Alone(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Owl Always Hunts At Night(2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Boy in the Headlights(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sam Bjørk is a Norwegian best-selling novelist, playwright, singer and a songwriter born in May 1969. He is a popularly known author of the books I am Travelling Alone (2013) which was his debut novel. His second book The Owl Hunts at Night was published in 2015. Both books are best-selling in most parts of Europe as well as the rest of the world. The author currently resides and works in Trondheim, Norway.

Samuel Bjørk wrote his first stage play at singer/songwriter Frode Sander Oien at the age of twenty-one. He later wrote two highly praised novels Pepsi Love (2001) and Speed for Breakfast (2009).In his work as a writer, he has written five plays and showed various art in several galleries and translated Shakespeare. In his singing/songwriting career, he composed six albums.

His first series was Mia and Munch series. He wrote the first book in the series I am Travelling Alone which was published in Norway in the year 2013. This book gained fame and attracted readers all over the world. It featured in the best-selling list on the German newspaper (Der Spiegel) and was sold to thirty countries making it an International best-selling book.

The second book, The Owl Always Hunts at Night was published in 2015 and like the first book, it attracted very many readers all over the world. It was nominated for the bookseller’s award in Norway and the list of best-selling books in the entire world. With his writing skills, Samuel can be compared to other proficient writers such as Stieg Larsson and Jo Nesbø. Samuel Bjørk has also written other books such as Uglen (2015), Je Voyage Seule (2015), Ik Reis-Allen (2015) and EngelSkalt (2015).

I am traveling alone (2013)

The first book in Mia and Munch series is of thriller and crime genre. The storyline begins when a six-year-old girl is found hanging from a tree with a rope around her neck. Located in the Norwegian countryside, she has an airline tag bearing the words “I am Travelling Alone.” A particular unit in Oslo led by a police investigator Holger Munch is deployed to investigate on the case. His first step in his investigation is to convince Mia Kruger to get back to their squad. Mia is a brilliant investigator who has been living on an island for a period trying to get over her memories. Mia had a troubled past that drove her away from Oslo and went to seek isolation in Hytta, North of Norway. 

From a photo of the crime scene, Mia spots the number”1” written on the young girl’s fingernail. This later reveals to her that six years earlier a young girl was abducted from a maternity ward and was never found again. This brings a new query as to whether the killer had anything to do with the missing child. Mia Krüger goes on a mission to track a ruthless killer who is seeking revenge. With the six-year-old daughter’s disappearance, Mia comes to understand the course of action. This is an interesting story especially when Mia reveals what she thinks might have caused death of the young girl. She therefore urgently comes up with a solution to the crime. The writer Samuel Bjørk records a series of lies intentionally to drive to the motive of the offense. The rush to get a solution makes them not to have a look at each and every detail which was plotted by the killer. The novel ends in a suspenseful mood that will keep you wanting to know what happens in the second book of the series.

The Owl Hunts at Night (2015)
This book is a follow-up from Samuel Bjork’s first book I am traveling alone. Translated by Charlotte Borland, it picks from where Munch and his crew of investigators left. A young woman is found dead and naked, and the police rush to respond to that issue. What they find in their course of responding is unexpected with the body destroyed so that no forensic evidence is found. The forensic investigations reveal that the body might have been exposed to some ritual objects showing that the body was held for some time before her death. There being no forensic evidence gives the investigators a task to tell what might have caused her death. The murderer has been living in a home for damaged young people. However, there is no proof that he lives there according to the investigations done.

Mia Kruger had officially been signed off work from some assessments done on her based on her health fitness. However, with the occurrence of this death and which needs some investigations done, she is given the task though on an informal basis, and Holger Munch makes this offer. It seems like an almost impossible task to Mia until a young hacker Skunk reveals something that forces them to review the killer’s plan and face the possibility that he might have gone to getting yet another victim. However, the police do not have trust on the young hacker. Munch’s daughter, Miriam also finds herself in a critical situation when she engages in an affair with her partner. She is seen to be satisfied with having her mother to take care of her child. The investigations are faced by several tricks making them a bit hard to conclude and provide the catch of the victim and the solution to finding him.

Uglen (2015)

This book is the second in the series about Holger Munch and Mia Kruger. It talks of a certain rich man, a ship owner called Sandefjord who is about to die. There is a condition that before his eldest son inherits the man’s belonging; he should ensure that the blood for the unclean should not mix with that of the genius. In other words, it means that the son is not to marry someone who has had children before. However, the one he picks has both a son of two and a daughter of four, so the children are sent away, and the couple is secretly paid. After a few years later, a woman is murdered and found sprinkled with bird feathers, and this begins to make some connections, and the investigators are faced with yet another task.

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