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Samuel W. Gailey is a prolific and critically acclaimed writer from America, who is famous for writing mystery, crime fiction, thriller, and literature & fiction novels. He is particularly famous for writing the books, Deep Winter and The Guilt We Carry. Both these books have been reviewed very well by the critics. Deep Winter has been described as a beautifully written, enthralling, suspenseful, and elegantly written novel by Esquire and The NY Times. Gailey’s second book has also received a warm welcome from the fans of crime fiction stories. As this book is published under the banner of Oceanview Publishing, which is known to work with bestselling authors like Joe Clifford, Matt Coyle, Patricia Gussin, and Ward Larsen, Gailey got the support of all these prominent writers as well.

Author Gailey was born in Cumberland, Maryland, United States. He was brought up in a small town located in the northeast region of Pennsylvania that had a population of only 379 people at that time. Gailey has used the small town as the setting for his successful debut novel. Most of the stories of author Gailey are drawn from rural life and depict the deceiving atmosphere in such places. The already released books of author Gailey, as well as the ones he is working on, are intriguing studies and suspenseful mysteries of human nature. Prior to beginning his career in the writing field, Gailey used to work in the film production department. Later, he took up the work of writing screenplays and became a screenwriter. Gailey has written and developed shows for Fox and Showtime. As of today, he resides in Orcas Island. Gailey is happily married and is blessed with a daughter. His wife is also a reputed author named Ayn Carrillo Gailey.

Author Gailey serves on the board of Literary Festival of Orcas Island. He is one of the founding members of this organization and the co-founder of a writing workshop for children for free called Novel Lab. The Gallmeister Edition has translated the two novels of author Gailey into French. In addition to writing novels, Gailey takes active participation in various literary events like book launches, reading events, writers’ conferences, etc. Gailey is a great supporter of book clubs and local bookstores. He is very passionate to work for their betterment and eliminate the obstacles in their path of survival. He has a dedicated team that provides social media content, discussion questions store fliers to the stores and book clubs for helping them promote novels and books. Gailey makes all these materials available on his personal website for direct download. Sometimes, he even provides bookmarks and other related materials upon request. He does not hesitate to make himself available for Skype interviews, panel discussions, personal interviews, book signings, etc. He is grateful to all the supporters who have read and liked his books.

Gailey hopes to keep writing interesting stories and keep entertaining his fans for many more years to come. Gailey’s wife always supports him in his literary works. She even helps to improve his manuscripts before making them available to the editors for publishing. On many occasions, Gailey has teamed up with his writer-wife to host a lively discussion on the topics of the business of writing, the creative journey, ghostwriting, the film adaptation of books, and giving out knowledge about his more information about his novels to help the readers understand them better. Very often, Gailey’s style of writing is compared to that of Michael Connelly, Steinbeck, and Cormac McCarthy. The authors who have influenced him throughout his career include Alice Sebold, Scott B. Smith, Larry Brown, Charlie Huston, Donald Ray Pollock, Russell Banks, Urban Waite, Kent Haruf, etc.

The debut book written by author Samuel W. Gailey is entitled ‘Deep Winter’ It was released in 2014 by the Blue Rider Press. This novel’s story revolves around a suspenseful murder case in a remote town that is believed to have been committed by a man having a child’s mind. It features the central characters in the roles of Danny Bedford, Mindy, Sheriff Lester, Sokowski, Bill Taggart, and a few others. The story begins at the time of winter in a small eastern town in Pennsylvania called Wyalusing. Danny Bedford is introduced as a mentally challenged man. He was very small when he had met with an accident in which he lost his parents and mental capability. Since that incident, Danny’s life has been full of difficulties. For some time, he was raised by his alcoholic uncle and after his death, he started supporting himself by working in a laundromat. The owner of the laundromat gave him a room upstairs to live as part of the compensation given to him for his service.

Danny Bedford is mostly ignored by the other residents or mocked because of his mental disability. The only person who has ever been kind to him is Mindy, the waitress. She shares her birthday with him and doesn’t let the people who make fun of him. One day, Mindy is mysteriously murdered and because of his closeness to her, Danny is considered the prime suspect in her murder. A number of people declare him the murderer without trying to find the truth. The deputy sheriff of the town pursues Danny to kill him on sight. He has always disliked him and bullied him throughout his life. Danny Bedford seems to have a very vague idea about what is happening around him and that the chances of him surviving this mess are close to zero. The book shows an ingeniously plotted and richly atmospheric story that has many surprises in it. The readers remained intrigued till the very end and enjoyed every part of the suspenseful story.

Another fantastic book written by Gailey is called ‘The Guilt We Carry’. The Oceanview publication released it in January 2019. It contains the main characters as Sinclair and Alice O’Farrell. At the book’s start, Alice is seen as being haunted by an event in her past. She is unable to deal with her younger brother’s death because of her own negligence and in that guilt, she runs away from her home at the age of 15. Living on the streets, Alice keeps making bad decisions one after the other and becomes an alcoholic. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she comes across a dead drug smuggler and a bag full of cash in thousands. She sees it as an opportunity to give a fresh beginning to her life. But, many acquaintances of the smuggler get on her trail to get back the money from her and it ends in the spilling of blood all around her.

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