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Publication Order of Sanctuary Island Books

Sanctuary Island (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shoreline Drive (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heartbreak Cove (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Home for Christmas (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Close to Home (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Home at Last (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lily Everett is an American author of some of the best contemporary novels. She was born on 4th November 1979 as Mary Louisa Edwards. Lily Everett lives with her husband, Nicholas White, in Austin, who is the founder of the online news site known as “Daily Dot”. She writes under different pen names like Lily Everett and Louisa Edwards. The novelist has once a restaurant reviewer and a book editor, before she started her career as a novelist. Under her pen name, Lily Everett, she has written one of the most thrilling series known as “Sanctuary Islands. This was a series that had its genesis book written in 2013 and currently has a total of four books in the series. Under her pen name, Louisa Edwards, she has also written a number of novels, with the pioneer book being written 2009. This was entitled as “Can’t Stand the Heat”.

The sanctuary island series is a smart book that you can don’t want to miss reading. The series has about four books, with the pioneer book being written in 2013, while the second was written in 2014. These are the “Sanctuary Island” and “Shoreline Drive” respectively.

Sanctuary Island

This is the first book that was written by Mary Louisa Edwards, under her pen name, Lily Everett. The book was first published on 30th July 2013 and it has about 334 pages. It currently has about five editions. The protagonist character in the novel is known as Ella. The setting takes place in a beautiful island known as the Sanctuary. This is a place that has a special power for healing those who are tormented in their hearts. Besides this, it is an island where the wild horses walk freely, has very happy endings and you can’t fail to notice its salty breezes blow in off the Chesapeake.

When Ella’s sister who had been away for a while finally makes up her mind to re-unite with the mother, Ella decides to go for a ride. Despite the two being described as Preston sisters who were against the world, they find the Sanctuary Island a place they can’t resist. This is because this small island that is tucked off the Atlantic is a very unique and inviting place she has never imaged of in life. Besides this, she also sees all the reasons to bring back their broken family and live peacefully. To find a new beginning, Ella only needs to open her guarded heart and she will finally realize that her family really needs to be happy.

We also find Grady Wilkes who is well-known for healing the broken hearts, despite the fact that he hasn’t been able to heal his long lost scar. Due to this, Ella decides to inquire more from him and by good luck, Grady warmly welcomes her to the Sanctuary Island. To fix her problem, Grady Wilkes begins by showing Ella the great beauty of the Sanctuary Island, a place has always loved all his life. As they interact, Grady realizes that he can now get back the deep comfort he had lost many years ago. Due to this, he thinks that convincing Ella to stay in this sophisticated island will be the ultimate solution to her guarded heart. Generally, Grady believes that at this moment, Ella has been her savior from his own scar. This is because he can now feel the simple joy in life he hadn’t felt for years. Besides this, he also learns to forgive the past wrong doings and finally thinks that he can once more fall in love.

So did Grady Wilkes fall in love with Ella? Did Ella agree to stay in the Sanctuary Island? These are some of the questions that remain unanswered in this small summary of the book. For you to find more about the book, you will just need to find a copy today and you will enjoy reading the love story that slowly builds up. The novel is available online where you can opt to buy or read it online. Alternatively, you can find the novel from your nearest library where you will enjoy reading the book.

Shoreline Drive

This is the second book of the Sanctuary Island series. It has about four editions and had its first publication on 28th January 2014 and has about 320 pages. It has its setting in the warm welcoming Sanctuary Islands. The main character in the novel is known as Dr. Ben Fairfax, who is a veterinarian. In this great refuge of the wild horses, we find Dr. Ben nursing serious deep wounds despite being a veterinarian. He has always committed his life in rescuing the lives of animals in this island and many people are always pleased with his great care and love for the animals. He is one person who forgot about happiness a long time ago despite living in the beautiful island of Sanctuary. This is because a tragedy tore his family apart and now he has no one close to call a family. Luckily, Dr. Ben find some relieve at the moment Merry Preston arrives on the island. Ben is just realizing that Merry is all that he isn’t. Merry Preston who is expecting her baby soon is trying to carve out for herself and the unborn baby.

At a point, a raging storm suddenly cuts them off from the mainland and this is something that tries to push Ben away. On the other hand, he thinks about the newly born baby and decides to stay closer. Dr. Ben is looking forward to finding a new family and she thinks that Merry Preston and her newly born baby can bring him back the long lost family love. This is the reason why Ben decides to propose a marriage proposal to Merry. Upon marriage, Ben has promised to make Merry’s son his main heir and will always provide for both of them. As both Ben and Merry realizes that love is more crucial than just a business proposition, it seems like Ben’s Proposal is hard to accept. This is because it will definitely take all the hidden magic in the Island of Sanctuary to make Ben’s proposal into something true and lasting.

This is just, but a small summary of this smart novel. Get a copy today and you will find it very interesting.

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