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Sand and Sea Hawaiian Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Sand and Sea Hawaiian Mysteries Books

Murder at Dolphin Bay (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at Sunrise (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at the Witching Hour (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at Christmas (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at Turtle Cove (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at Waters Edge (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at Midnight (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at Pope Investigations (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sand and Sea Hawaiian Mystery is a collection of novels written by Kathi Daley. The books follow a local lifeguard who is determined to follow in the footsteps of her law enforcement family.

+The Story

Kathi Daley isn’t one for subtlety and her titles are often apt descriptions of her novels. The sand and Sea Hawaiian Mystery series is just that, a series of mystery novels set in Hawaii where there is plenty of sand and sea.

Kathi’s protagonist is a lifeguard by the names of Kailani Pope. Kailani has very big shoes to fill. In fact, some people might say she has impossible shoes to fill. Kailani comes from a family of police officers.

Her grandfather was a cop. So was her father. And every one of her five brothers eventually got their shields. Now, the only thing Kailani wants is to take up the cause of her family and join the ranks of the Honolulu Police Department.

However, her dream remains elusive. She has wanted to be a cop for as long as she can remember, and somehow, despite meeting all the necessary requirements, her number never comes up. However, Kailani refuses to be deterred and sets about proving her worth to herself and her family.

Kailani is a great female character. Like many of Kathi’s previous characters, Kailani is independent and competitive. She wants to succeed in everything she does, and she wants to do so at the front of the line.

Her competitive edge might have something to do with the masculine household in which she grew up. Kailiani always had to prove herself and that trend followed her into adulthood.

The Sand and Sea Hawaiian Mystery series is very relaxing, the sort of story that will leave one stress-free and at ease. Kailani is immediately engaging as a protagonist.

While she is waiting for her chance to get into the police department, Kailani works as a lifeguard. There she meets all sorts intriguing characters, making friends along the way and even finding time for romance.

The Honolulu Police Department might be reluctant to accept her but that doesn’t mean she is simply sitting on her hands while waiting for them to see her value. Kailani uses her free time to solve the cases of crime that come her way.

Her boyfriend is also quite the engaging distraction.

+The Author

Kathi Daley is a rising star. Her cozy mystery novels are very popular. Kathi uses the mystery aspects of her books to draw readers in, and then hooks them with the romance. Kathi has a light touch. She never allows the mystery or romantic aspects of her books to grow so intense that they overwhelm one another.

Rather, she writes her books with the aim of providing the perfect balance of mystery and romance.

Kathi can be found living near Lake Tahoe with her husband, children and grand children. They also have a couple of dogs on hand. Kathi loves her home. The beautiful landscape is an amazing source of inspiration.

When Kathi isn’t writing, reading, cooking or gardening, one might find her at the beach, most likely playing with her children.

+Murder at Dolphin Bay

Kailani Pope is tired of waiting. She has done everything possible to get into the police academy but her number never seems to come up. With a family of police officers whose legacy she is determined to live up to, Kailani has no intention of quitting.

While working as a lifeguard at the Dolphin Bay Resort, the death of a guest avails Kailani the opportunity to prove her worth. Her brother might have been assigned the case by the Honolulu Police Department but if she can solve it before him, then the higher ups are likely to take her application a little more seriously.

The first book in the Sand and Sea Hawaiian Mystery series does a great job of introducing the strong and independent Kailani Pope to readers. Kailani grew up with masculine and protective brothers so she has always been a little on edge.

Her life begins to shift when she encounters Luke Austin, a handsome and wealthy gentleman looking to breed his horses in Hawaii. Luke confuses Kailani, appealing to her in ways that nobody can.

She is unable to stifle the feelings that eventually draw her to him, which is problematic because Kailani has no time for someone like Luke, not with all her plans to become a cop.

When a man dies on the beach, Kailani takes it upon herself to solve the murder. Her goal isn’t simply to find out who killed him. She wants to accomplish this task before her brother Jason, a cop. Kailani will do anything to win more points with the police department.

Kailani is certain that the man’s death probably had something to do with his proposed development project on the other side of the Island. But he could have also died of natural causes. Kailani isn’t quick to rule anything out.

Kathi Daley paints a very pretty and relaxing picture of Kailani’s world. Kailani is surrounded by an appealing atmosphere, with great friends, plenty of sun and a faithful dog.

+Murder at Sunrise

The Sunrise Ceremony to welcome the summer solstice ends in grim disaster when a member of Kailani’s senior bingo group dies. Kailani looks to Luke and the rest of her friends to find the killer.

Kailani is back to solve another murder. This time, she can look to some of her senior friends to help her solve the murder of one of their own. Kathi really captures the spirit of Hawaii.

She also builds upon the characters who were introduced in the first book. In that regard, it would be a mistake to try and read this novel as a standalone. Some of the concepts and developments will be lost on you.

Readers who sometimes criticize Kathi Daley for her mysteries will have little to complain about this time. There are more than enough twists to keep mystery fans satiated, and figuring out the killer won’t be so easy.

This book leaves things off on a high note and elicits a desire to pursue the other books in the Sand and Sea Hawaiian Mystery series.

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