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Publication Order of Phoebe Siegel Books

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About Sandra West Prowell
Coming from Montana, the successful American author Sandra West Prowell is definitely a writer with a lot to say. A household name for many all over the world, she has a wide-ranging audience who really appreciate her work and what she has to say. She really understands the form when it comes to writing, allowing her stories to essentially tell themselves in a manner. This has enabled her to find her own voice and approach to writing that is wholly singular, real, and direct to the point.

Mostly writing mystery novels, she’s gifted at creating both suspense and intrigue, keeping her readers constantly guessing with every page turn. With intriguing premises and compelling characters, she she fully understands the genre as well, and all that it has to offer. A regular fixture on the literary scene in Montana too, she has helped to nurture a creative environment there for writers and artists. This has helped establish her as a successful writer nationally and beyond, with readers from all over coming to appreciate her work.

Her stories feel authentic and real, charting realistic crime in a style that fully draws the reader into her rich and immersive world. The characters reflect this too, with their heavily nuanced depictions, as they appear fully fleshed out and genuine, drawing readers in. Well known in literary circles, she’s an essential figure throughout the mystery crime fiction industry, delivering something that is quite different. Prowell has a lot more to come still too, with a number of titles planned for release on the horizon, as she isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Early and Personal Life
Born and raised in Helena, Montana, in the United States, Sandra West Prowell was born on the 1st of January, 1944. As a fourth generation Montanan, she grew up taking in inspiration from the world around her, while deeply immersing herself in her love of literature. Development this passion over time, she’d soon find herself turning to the mystery genre, seeing what it had to offer her.

Undertaking a number of different jobs, her resume is long and extensive with a range of different jobs, including photographer, licensed nurse, and radio traffic manager to name just a few. This experience has all fed back into her writing, allowing her to create the idiosyncratic voice she currently has today. Currently living in Billings, Montana, she lives with her husband Bruce and their pets, all while looking for her next big idea.

Writing Career
In 1993 Sandra West Prowell would bring out her first book titled ‘By Evil Means,’ and this would also be the first in the ‘Phoebe Siegal’ series of books. She’d follow on from this in 1994 with the novel ‘The Killing of Monday Brown,’ and then ‘When Wallflowers Die’ in 1996. These would be mystery novels and feature the different cases of ex-cop turned PI Phoebe Siegal, as she solves a new one each book.

This would all help establish her as a leading figure in the mystery thriller genre scene, marking her as a writer with something to say. Winning numerous awards for her work, including the Dilys Award, the Shamus Award, and the Hammett Prize to name a few, she also received a lot of critical acclaim. A member of the Sisters of Crime, as well as the Private Eye Writer’s of America, she’s gone on to achieve huge amounts of success worldwide.

The Killing of Monday Brown
Initially published through the Bantam books publishing label, this would first come out in 1995, and it would be the second in the Phoebe Siegal series. Providing another mystery for the private investigator to solve, it’s a mystery thriller novel with a lot of suspense and intrigue. In regards to the Native American culture it depicts, it’s an intelligent well researched portrayal of a rich cultural history.

This is a great mystery hitting all the correct notes every step of the way, really bringing the Native American world to life. There’s plenty here for the reader to invest themselves in, with an intriguing premise, and in-depth characters drawn in a realistic fashion. It’s definitely a must for both fans of the genre and followers of the author, as it will easily keep the reader continually guessing throughout.

A white man who plundered the local Native American culture and history for profit has been found murdered on a reservation. The main suspect is Matthew Wolf, a younger Crow traditionalist, and he’s been known to do anything to protect the local history at all costs. Stepping into the picture to investigate is Phoebe Siegal, as she takes the case, looking into the history of the sacred Crow culture. Where will the investigation take her? Can she find the culprit before it’s too late? Who is behind the killing of Monday Brown?

When Wallflowers Die
Originally released in 1996, this would mark the third mystery in the ‘Phoebe Siegal’ series of books, following on from the previous in 1995. This would carry the series forwards, bringing new and interesting elements to the forefront, allowing it to stand on its own feet. It would also feature a cast of colorful characters, each of them bringing the world of Siegal to life, allowing it

to really shine. It’s once again ideal for fans of the mystery genre and the character, with it being brought out through the Crimeline publishing outlet.
With the prospect of governor ready and waiting Bob Maitland it appears that everything is good, with the only problem being the tricky issue of the unsolved murder of his ex-wife Ellen. Killed twenty-seven years prior, there’s a construction worker who was implicated in her death, having either committed it, or done it himself. Maitland then announces to the press that Phoebe Siegal is undertaking the case, despite her reluctance, then another client, Frank Chillman, is found dead after believing Ellen’s case was tied to the death of his own sister. How is all of this connected? Can Phoebe Siegal untangle all of the loose threads? What really happens when wallflowers die?

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  1. Patricia A. Lekas: 2 years ago

    While reviewing old notes on favorite mystery authors, I came across the notation that Sandra was planning a fourth book in the series, to be titled “An Accepted Sorrow”. I gather she never completed/published this. Am I correct?

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      That is correct. Only the 3.


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