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Publication Order of Sandro Cellini Books

The Drowning River (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Murder in Tuscany (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dead Season (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Darkness Descending (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Killing Room (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Viper (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Drowning River aka A Time of Mourning. A Murder in Tuscany aka A Fine and Private Place.

Sandro Cellini Series
Sandro Cellini is a mystery series by Christobel Kent. This series features Sandro Cellini, a compassionate cop whose career is ended when one act of kindness doesn’t go as he expected. Fortunately, fate has a more exciting career waiting for him in the PI business. Sandro is drawn into one murder mystery after another, where he applies the investigative skills he acquired as a policeman. The investigations are exhilarating most of the time, but there are also numerous challenges that Sandro has to deal with every day in his new job. Join Sandro on these adventures and see how he works to make Florence a safer and better place for its inhabitants.

The Drowning River
The Drowning River is the first book in the Sandro Cellini series. This book introduces Sandro Cellini, a disgraced policeman turned private detective. After being forced out of the police force, Sandro’s wife encourages him to use his skills and become a PI. She goes to the extent of finding him an office and ensuring that it is ready for his new career. On his first day in the office, Sandro wonders why he went to work early, while people who may need his services wouldn’t appear before noon. How wrong he is. Just when he is about to turn back, a woman shows up at his door and becomes Sandro’s first case.

Lucia Gentileschi is looking for evidence to prove that her husband did not commit suicide. After being married to him for over 50 years, Lucia is certain that her husband could not leave her to face the world alone. Sandro is not so excited about this case. The evidence showed that Lucia’s husband had been depressed for many years, so there is a high chance that the talented architect committed suicide. The problem would have been further compounded by his Alzheimer’s. However, Sandro takes this case intending to offer the comfort Lucia needs to come to terms with her loss. However, when he starts to retract the architect’s last steps, it becomes clear that his death was no accident.

It is not long before yet another client approaches Sandro. Ronnie is a nineteen-year-old taking an art class in Florence. Ronnie comes from a wealthy family, and aside from her love for everything art, she is known to go a little overboard when it comes to partying. Her friend and roommate, Iris March, is used to this side of her. When Ronnie doesn’t show up in class after a party, Iris is not worried. When a few days pass without Ronnie coming home, Iris assumes that she has gone visiting with friends. However, when Ronnie’s bag turns up, and the young girl is nowhere to be seen, her mother hires Sandro to find her daughter.

The Drowning River follows Sandro as he tries to solve these two cases. Thanks to the cases, Sandro finds himself in the middle of the art community and the unhealthy competition that often happens in the industry. At some point, the detective will discover that the young girl’s disappearance and the architect’s death were somehow connected, and one link could solve them both. Will Sandro be able to unravel these mysteries? Where is Ronnie, and what is her connection to the architect? You will have to read this book to the end to find out. The flow is excellent, the characters lovable, and the author has done an excellent job of describing Florence, its buildings, and the grim November weather.

A Murder in Tuscany
A Murder in Tuscany is the second book in the Sandro Cellini series. Sandro has just solved his first case, and he is just coming to terms with the challenges that come with being a private eye. When the glamorous yet ruthless director in an Italian-American artistic retreat, Loni Meadows, dies in a road accident, almost everyone in Florence is relieved. After Sandro digs a little into Loni’s death, it becomes clear that many people would have loved to help this woman to her death. He had once run a background check on Loni in his early days, and now that she is dead, he cannot help but wonder who hated Loni enough to want her dead.

While his new career has been doing exceptionally well, Sandro’s personal life has been hell. His wife has been battling a severe illness, and their marriage seems to be disintegrating. The detectives had taken time off to help her, but his presence only seems to be making things worse. Perhaps to get away from the problems at home, Sandro throws himself into Loni’s case. His attempts to uncover Loni’s last steps draw Sandro to the lives of the castle’s inhabitants, who remain isolated from the community below the hills. This highly-strung community comes with its fair share of drama, and it is clear that Loni was not as popular amongst her people. Could there be more to this story, and this community is trying to hide?

The author leads us from one suspect to another. It is hard for Sandro to narrow the possible perpetrators when all artists present when Loni died had enough reasons to hate her. Who amongst them was conniving enough to kill her? As the investigation intensifies, the author also exposes the dark lives of those who call the crumbling castle just outside Florence home. All characters are well developed, and it is intriguing getting into their lives, learning about them, and seeing how they interacted with Loni before her death. Sandro grows even more likable, and you cannot help but wish that he will manage to save his marriage.

A Murder in Tuscany is another exciting mystery that captures your attention from the start and holds it all the way to the end. The upscale manor house murder story with a lot of suspects is quite intriguing, and things get even more exciting when you meet its inhabitants. Just like in the first book, the author manages to paint a great picture of Florence. The descriptions will make you feel like you are right there with Sandro as he pieces each part of the puzzle.

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