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Secrets of Willow House (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sisters of Willow House (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dreams of Willow House (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Daughters of Wild Rose Bay (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Memories of Wild Rose Bay (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Miracles in Wild Rose Bay (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sandy Cove (Series by Susanne O’Leary)
Author Susanne O’Leary writes the “Sandy Cove” series of romance novels.

“Secrets of Willow House” is the first novel in the “Sandy Cove” series and was released in 2019. Maeve McKenna is close to having a breakdown. Having worked herself into the ground as a highly sought-after interior designer in London, so she is in desperate need of a vacation. Philomena Duffy is just a little lonely. After she lost her husband, Willow House, their crumbling mansion, feels terribly empty.

With the rugged shores of Ireland calling, Maeve visits her aunt Philomena in Sandy Cove, where she once kissed this wild and mysterious boy as a teenager, and it was a kiss that she’s never been able to forget. The beautiful night sky is dotted with stars as far as the eye can see, and Maeve is worlds away from her chaotic life in the city.

While Maeve throws herself into Willow House’s restoration back to its former glory, this deep friendship with Philomena starts blossoming. Surrounded by the peeling carpets and faded walls of the old mansion, together they stumble upon a secret which turns their family upside down. The whole time, she cannot quit thinking about the enigmatic boy from her past and the magical kiss they shared. Could he still be in Sandy Cove?

Right when she’s starting to feel at home here, reality calls. Part of Maeve cannot bear to leave Willow House and its rocky beach. Could she have the bravery to leave the security of her former life behind, and put down new roots in Sandy Cove, or could that just be a daydream?

“Sisters of Willow House” is the second novel in the “Sandy Cove” series and was released in 2019. A heartwarming novel about the bond between sisters, set along the windswept shores in Ireland, where secrets unfold and romance beckons.

Roisin McKenna and Cian, her husband, are taking some time apart. Roisin, unsure of what she even wants, has her prayers answered once she gets a call from Maeve, her sister, who’s desperate for some help.

Roisin heads off to Sandy Cove to help Maeve restore their aunt’s beautiful tumbledown mansion Willow House and before long all she’s got time to focus on are its crumbling walls. Despite one shocker of an announcement from Maeve and hidden secrets up in the rafters, Roisin starts feeling a sense of self that she has been missing for years now.

The ties that bind Roisin to her husband appear to be unfurling in the Irish wind, when she stumbles upon a mysterious man on the beach unexpectedly. All of a sudden, she is swept up in the idea of another life that she could lead. This restoration might have brought these sisters back together, however while a storm rolls over the coast Roisin feels sure she has to make a decision. Is her time at Willow House going to teach her the precious lessons that she needs to return back home or has the cove called to her in these ways that she never imagined it could?

“Dreams of Willow House” is the third novel in the “Sandy Cove” series and was released in 2019. One woman’s journey to the heart of Ireland and the family secret that she has been destined to learn.

Cordelia Mirafiore has never really felt at home in South Florida, so when she gets called unexpectedly to the reading of one long lost relative’s will in Ireland, she is hopeful that escaping to Willow House to meet her family may just help her to figure out who she truly is.

Right when Cordelia reaches Sandy Cove, the views of the ocean blue and stunning coastline all around her provide this sense of calm that she’s never felt before. She meets Roisin and Maeve, her cousins, who welcome her with open arms, and she finds herself being drawn to this handsome man that is also an outsider in town, and feels this instant spark.

However the rest of the McKenna family are not as willing to accept Cordelia, or even believe she is their family. When they discover that Cordelia is all set to inherit one third of Willow House, she’s forced to prove who she truly is. All she has are a battered box of family photos and some old parish records, however they lead her to secrets that she might not want to uncover. Can she find the courage to face the past of her family? Can she trust the mysterious man that has swept her off her feet? Or are the lies told for generations force her to leave Sandy Cove forever?

Second chances start on Ireland’s shores. Quite an unforgettable story about daughters and moms.

“Daughters of Wild Rose Bay” is the fourth novel in the “Sandy Cove” series and was released in 2020. The Irish coast, where romance is waiting, secrets hide, and there’s every chance to make a new start.

Jasmine Delon feels totally lost. Having just broken up with the guy she believed to be the love of her life, all that she knows is that she cannot face living by herself in her empty apartment in Paris. She arrives at her mom’s curiosity shop, nestled in Sandy Cove, she hopes that some time with Sally is going to help mend her broken heart. Walks along the rugged coastline and some nights under the endless stars are going to make her feel at peace immediately. Then she meets a handsome chef in town, named Aiden, and sparks soon fly between them.

However a lot’s changed since Jasmine last saw her mom. Sally’s happier than ever with this charming new man in her life and Jasmine is unsure of where she fits in. then she gets told about the ruins of this old village in a place closeby known as Wild Rose Bay. The locals say that it holds some secrets about her mom’s side of the family.

Could delving into their history be the thing which can bring Sally and Jasmine back together or is it just going to drive them further apart? And could Jasmine be brave enough to give in to the Irish sea’s call for another shot at love?

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