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A Little Something Different (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Signs Point to Yes (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Been Here All Along (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Prom to Remember (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shortest Distance Between Love & Hate (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sandy Hall is one of the popular authors from New Jersey, the United States, who likes to write novels based on the contemporary genre. She is particularly well known for her successful novels titled A Little Something Different, Been There All Along, etc. Author Sandy was born and brought up in New Jersey. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in the subject of Communication from the Rutgers University. Sandy has also obtained her Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from the same university. Apart from writing novels, author Sandy also works as a teen librarian. Whenever she gets any spare time from her writing or library works, she likes to read her favorite books and play slot machine games. Sandy also indulges herself in watching her favorite television shows in a single stretch. She even enjoys interacting with her fans and followers on social networking sites. The first novel written by author sandy in her career was published under the title ‘A Little Something Different’. It was released by the Swoon Reads publication in the year 2014. The success of this book was followed by a second one in the year 2015. Author Sandy says that she was raised in a family that always encouraged reading. However, she had not actually thought of becoming an author initially. She used to just enjoy reading the books as a hobby. Also, when she failed in expository writing in the first year of her college, she was certain that writing won’t be a good career choice for her. However, author Sandy began showing interest in writing when she was studying at the Rutgers University. She actually loved and enjoyed writing stories that came to her mind. Eventually, author Sandy became successful in overcoming her fear of writing failure and transformed herself into a great writer with the help of hard work and dedication.

The publishers of the Swoon Books believe that author Sandy has a great personality, with the help which she amuses all those she comes across. People tend to fall for her just by talking to her. It is this amazing personality and the positive attitude that helped author Sandy become a successful author. She says that she was inspired to write her first book by learning about Swoon in an article. Sandy thought about it as a good opportunity to present her work. Eventually, she decided to try her luck at writing teen romance. When author Sandy reached half way through with the plot of the book, she decided to add a twist in the romantic plot. This gave her the confidence she could develop the novel into an interesting story that will definitely be liked by the readers. She spent around 2 weeks to plan out the things related to the story and then completed the first draft in about 6 days. Sandy gave it several more weeks so that she could polish the story and give the readers exactly what she wants them to read. Author Sandy believes that the overall time spent in writing the novel was not much because she had already planned much of the details regarding the story. This helped her to get the things finished soon and be ready for publication in time.

The debut book of author Sandy Hall, A Little Something Different, revolves around the central characters named Gabe and Lea. They are shown as studying in the same class of creative writing. Both of them seem to have an interest in the same pop culture, have the same tastes in food, spend time at the same places, etc. But, in spite of their crushes on each other, it does not look like they are going to work out the things between them. However, even they deny that there is nothing left between them, something still exists. And it can be easily seen by everyone else. Their teacher at the creative writing class tried to push them together. The workers at the local coffee shop watch their love story as a television show. Even their bus driver watches their relationship closely and tells his wife about them. Also, the waitress purposely makes them seated together at a diner. In spite of all this, it appears that Lea has a reserved nature and Gabe is not willing to sort out his issues. Everyone else tries very hard to get them together, but they are the ones who are not taking their relationship seriously. Finally, they are asked to sit down together and talk to each other. This way, they will be able to sort out the problems that lie in the way of their love life. Lea and Gabe realize that all the people around them are so concerned about them and this makes them think that they must do something to come out of the difficulties and accept each other forever.

One of the other books released initially by author Sandy Hall is titled as ‘Been There All Along’. This book was also published by the Swoon Reads in the year 2016. The story depicts Gideon and Kyle in the lead roles. Gideon has planned to contest the election for the class president. He even intends to become the head of the committee of the Yearbook and select a college of his choice. In between all this, he does not seem to have any intention of falling for the love of his next door neighbor and best friend named Kyle. He considers it to be a distraction and pointless. Kyle seems to be dating the popular and gorgeous cheerleader named Ruby. Gideon seems to have no idea about it. With all that is happening in his life, Kyle feels that he has started to have a hold on his life. He had a beautiful girlfriend in Ruby, a dear friend in Gideon to debate on every topic and cherish the memories of life. Kyle also feels accepted socially by being the captain of his basketball team. Later, he finds that both Gideon and Ruby have started to act weirdly. Also, as he begins to lose focus on the game, his place in the team is also threatened. Due to all the changes happening in his life suddenly, Kyle can’t really figure out what wrong did he do to face such problems in his life. The novel became very much successful all across the world. It was equally appreciated by the readers and the critics as the previous novels written by author Sandy. This helped her to become even more popular as a writer of romance novels. Currently, she is working on the next book of her writing career and seems pretty much excited about it.

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