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Publication Order of Brighton Girls Trilogy Books

The Girls from See Saw Lane (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Counting Chimneys (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
When We Danced at the End of the Pier (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Irish Boarding House Books

The Irish Boarding House (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Return to the Irish Boarding House (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Runaway Children (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Little Orphan Girl (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Orphan's Daughter (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Irish Nanny (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sandy Taylor grew up in a council estate near Brighton. Since there were no books in the house, she visited the local library. She left school at the age of fifteen and began working in factories before getting a job in Butlins.

She later became a stand-up comic, singer, novelist, and playwright. One of her popular books include The Runaway Children and Brighton Girls Trilogy

The Runaway Children
The story was set in the backdrop of World War II in 1942, and it’s about a family living in East End London at that time. As the book opens up, Nell is attending to her little sister Olive and brother Tony outside the house, and she is trying to keep them busy while their mother is upstairs giving birth.
Their father was serving in the war and has been reported missing. They are lucky to have support that is always available when needed. London, the home she had known all her life, has become a deadly place for thirteen-year-old Nell. Most children were being evacuated out of the country for safety purposes due to the increased bombing. Nell and her 5-year old sister Olive are forced to evacuate and relocate to the countryside, where a vicar and his wife welcome them.
They are unhappy to leave their mother and brothers and feel so heartbroken. Their mother and her two sons were left in London hoping that their father, who was missing in the war will come home.

Tony was supposed to go with her sisters but made up his mind at the last minute and decided to remain with his mother. They are planning to join Nell and Olive later after their father gets home. Nell misses her mother and brother so much but has to remain strong for the sake of Olive. They are left with no choice but to get used to the life of evacuees.

They are welcomed so well in the vicarage and slowly start finding happiness, friends, and contentment. Their foster parents treat them so well, and their lives become so idyllic. Most children went to terrible homes where they were mistreated, exposed to child labor, and poorly fed.

Nell and Olive are among the lucky ones to have nice caregivers who treat them like children of their own. One day Dylan, the caregiver informs the girls of his plan to relocate to a new parish in Cardiff, and unfortunately, they can’t go with them. After and Dylan and his wife Beth leave for Cardiff, Nell and Olive had to be taken somewhere else where life isn’t the same.

The new home they are taken to is nothing compared to life in the vicarage, as they are forced to work from morning to evening. Nell’s friendship with Jimmy, another evacuee, made things a bit easier until Olive was in danger one day.

When a boy threatens Olive’s safety on the farm, Nell has to make a decision fast and run from the danger while looking for their way home. She plans to find their way across the country and get back to London even though it’s a desperate one.

They goes ahead with their desperate plan and did anything they could to stay alive. Will they make it home safely? What might be awaiting them back in their London home?

This is a story of two sisters who are forced to leave their family to find a safe home in a little village in Wales. The two go through challenges someone young like them shouldn’t face alone.

The book covers a four–year period where Olive and Nell faced many challenges in different living situations since the time they separated from their family. Their journey is beautifully written, from the kindness and charity of people they meet on their way to the unpleasant characters they come across.

In the story, you’ll meet an interesting cast of characters with different personalities. The book is filled with mixed emotions as its set during the Second World War. The story is narrated from Nell’s point of view, and as the characters develop slowly, it makes the reader feel like they’ve met before.

Sandy Taylor does a superb job of creating beautiful characters whom one can’t help but love. The story is charming and pulls the reader in right from the beginning. Nell is a kind and brave character with all sorts of insecurities experienced by teenage girls like her.

Her love for her sister Olive is admirable and tempered with the usual frustrations elder sisters feel when they get the responsibility of looking after their young siblings. The storyline is great and describes how life was in World War II.

The Little Orphan Girl
The book is set in Ireland in 1901, where all a six-year-old Cissy Ryan can remember is that she has been a house girl living with other orphans while dreaming of a family that will one day come and chooses her.

However, to her surprise, her birth mother comes to claim her one day, something Cissy has never imagined. Her entire life, she has lived thinking that she’s an orphan. This strange woman takes her to a cottage in the rural Irish countryside to meet her grandfather.

Living in this isolated and poverty-stricken village was hard, but Cissy’s growing friendship with Colm Doyle and his horse showed her kindness and made her laugh even during difficult times. She was a God-fearing girl, and even though he loved her previous life, she settled and learned to love the close-knit community of paradise Alley.

After becoming a teenager, she works as a servant at a wealthy family. She is constantly warned about the family’s son Master Peter. He’s charming, and Cissy has no business falling for him; while there, she learns about the gap between the rich and the poor and that not everyone is friendly.

Living in that home changed her life entirely, and by the time she left, she wished that she had never met the charming devil or any other member of his family. She loves riding the horse with Colm, who is six years older than her and his work is to deliver milk in the area and live with his widowed father.

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    Absolutely loved counting chimneys and the girls from SeeSaw lane. The books totally hooked me from the first chapters. I am looking forward to reading the next books. You’ve taken me back to my early and current friendships and about those I have loved and love. ✍keep writing xx


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