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Santa Fe Bobcats Books In Order

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Publication Order of Santa Fe Bobcats Books

One Night with a Quarterback (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Loving Him Off the Field (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Takes Two to Tackle (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Romancing the Running Back (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Completing the Pass (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Challenging the Center (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Changing Her Plans (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

This is a fast-paced series that will leave you so much in love with the characters in these books and love itself.When you start reading these books you will fall in love with the plots, the twists, and turns but above all will fall in love with the surprises in the series.Once you start reading be sure to have the next series at hand because you just won’t want to stop. The books in these series are filled with intense characters you will want to associate with after reading especially with Jeanette Murray’s choice of intense drama, new love and passionate sex leaves you hanging to your seat while you read the next chapter.

Santa Fe Bobcats is a series of sports-themed romance novels from best-selling writer Jeanette Murray. The book series revolves around a group of smart sexy heroes and heroines whom you will feel and wish to associate with after reading their stories

The first book is titled The Santa Fe Bobcats is titled One Night With a Quarterback

The story is about Cassie Wainwright who should have been daddy’s little girl.Cassie thinks that her father ignored her purposefully only to comes to realize later that her father never knew that she was born nor even existed. Her father is the head coach of The Santa Fe Bobcats, a well-known NFL coach. So Cassie is determined and on a mission to introduce herself to the most important man in her life,a man who has always missed in her life-her father. Her mother warns her that it won’t be easy being the long lost daughter of such a famous person, but she is determined and nothing or no one can dissuade nor change her mind on that. She decides to have one more night of fun before her life turns upside down after she introduces herself to daddy dearest.

Another character in this story is Trey Owens who is a starting quarterback in the Santa Fe Bobcats. Trey is tired of the limelight. He just wants to have one night to go out and have fun without anybody knowing who he is. Lucky enough the brunette girl he meets at the club does not know him meaning she is not a local of the area and the girl is ready to party with him.Cassie has come to the club to party, telling herself tomorrow she will think of her dad and her future but today she will think of herself and this handsome hot guy she met on the dance floor this is a match made in heaven even if its only for one night, little do these two people know how these one passionate night’s event will tie them up into a budding romance.

These two are not looking for more than one night. Trey is concentrating on winning football games while Cassie just wants to get to know her dad and develop a relationship with him. with her father who being the head coach of the Bobcats and her one night stand Trey being the quarterback, their paths are bound to cross.Trey is an interesting character in this book, he loves the game but hates the fame that goes with it.Another thing I liked is Trey’s relationship with his best friend who is an alcoholic, I a really loved Cassie, she was a perfect mix of smart, successful, kind, sexy, sweet and considerate. She often put others before herself, even when she could have saved her own ass, but she never did. She also took the whole ‘quarterback’ thing in stride, which made me love her more.

The book is hot, entertaining, funny and sexy all at once it is a sweet contemporary romance with a sports theme that is a must read for everyone who loves romance and spots and even if you are not a sports fan.

Book two in these series is titled Loving Him Off the Field.

The story follows Aileen who is a very beautiful girl and a sports writer trying to create a niche for herself without using her looks. Aileen is a struggling a journalist She is also trying to her parents prayer and belief that she be a journalist who is trustworthy, But she does not want to compromise her principals trying to find a breakthrough story.That is when Aileen comes across Killian a man full of mystery. Nothing is known about Killian and he is always trying to stay out of the spotlight. So Aileen decides that the best way to do this is by breaking a scandal on this fast rising star of Santa Fe Bobcats called Killian. she feels that Killian is too god to be true and there must be something he is hiding.

And the fact is that Killian has a son whom he is keeping a secret because it is always hard to be recognized in the NFL especially when one is a single dad.He is not proud of this fact, but his ex- girlfriend has a reputable past that may tarnish his name for good so he has to keep them a secret and.Aileen starts investigating his life and so Killian begins a mission to distract her by all means possible. Killian is reluctant to talk to her to an extent he is becoming hostile.But Aileen keeps on asking him sensitive questions and in there trying to outbid each other they find themselves interested in each other and falling in love but how will they trust each other with all the secrets between them.

I would love to associate with the Aileen character she doesn’t play games, she is a serious girl trying to make something in her life and above all she does not get joy out of writing stories to hurt others,

These series are a must read for anyone who loves, romance, intrigue and hot passionate sex.I had not read a sports romance but with these books they are captivating and once you start reading you won’t want to stop.

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