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Publication Order of Sapphire Brides Books

A Treasure Concealed (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Sapphire Brides by Tracie Peterson
Author Tracie Peterson writes the “Sapphire Brides” series of novels. The series began publication in the year 2016, when “A Treasure Concealed” was released. The series ended that same year, when the third book, called “A Love Transformed” was released. The books were released in March, July, and September of 2016. The books are all published by Bethany House Publishers.

Tracie Peterson delivers a series that is set during the 1890s in Montana, and includes a lot about sapphire mining. Even though the books are part of the same series, they can still be enjoyed as stand alone reads. Playing a big role in the books is the characters’ faith and belief in God.

“A Treasure Concealed” is the first novel in the “Sapphire Brides” series of novels and was released in the year 2016. This novel stars Emily Carver and Caeden Thibault. Emily Carver wants a real home where she is able to put down some roots, instead of just following her gold-hungry dad from one mining camp to the next. She also yearns for love and tenderness, both of which are sorely lacking from her life at the moment. Yet when she realizes that she is losing her heart slowly but surely to an interesting new guy in the camp, she ferociously fends off her feelings, because she fears that love is going to just result in both heartache and disappointment.

Caeden Thibault, who is a young geologist, arrives in Montana to catalog different minerals which are indigenous to the state. He is a guarded and serious young guy attempting to escape the pain from his past. Caeden has been able to avoid all romantic entanglements, afraid he may become like his abusive dad. Something about Emily caught his eye, something he never expected.

Are these two broken souls allow God to bring hope and healing to their hurting hearts?

Fans found this to be an enjoyable read, and cannot wait to read more novels from the series. It has main characters with shining personalities, and are both relatable and realistic. The book is historically accurate and has plenty of details, in it like many of Tracie Peterson’s novels. Tracie makes it easy for the reader to picture the claims as well as the people drawn to mining. Her writing makes the story come to life very nicely.

“A Beauty Refined” is the second novel in the “Sapphire Brides” series of novels and was released in the year 2016. This novel stars Phoebe Von Bergen and Ian Harper. Phoebe Von Bergen is eager to accompany her dad when he goes from Germany to buy sapphires in Montana. Little does she realize that her dad’s plans, for the gems and his daughter, are not at all what they appear.

Ian Harper, who is a lapidary working in Montana, finds that the young lady staying at the Broadwater Hotel more than just a bit intriguing. The more he gets to know her, the more he finds out that her family’s story is built off of a lie, one that she does not have any knowledge of. Ian believes that he knows the one path that is going to lead her to her own freedom.

Meeting Ian has changed it all for her. Phoebe is determined to remain in America, regardless of the plans her dad has made. However, she might not be ready for the unexpected danger while the deception starts to unravel.

Phoebe is a fantastic character that some felt was likable right from the start, and readers felt like they got to know each one of the characters pretty well over the course of the novel. Fans found this was a solid addition to the series, and certainly did not disappoint fans of Tracie’s other books, as you come up with more excuses to continue reading it. The book is an enjoyable, interesting, and easy to read book, and the author does an outstanding job of creating a complicated backstory to weave each one of the characters to one another.

“A Love Transformed” is the third novel in the “Sapphire Brides” series of novels and was released in the year 2016. This novel stars Clara Vesper and Curtis Billingham. Adolph, Clara Vesper’s husband, dies all of a sudden and it stuns Clara. She is not grief-stricken, though, because of the fact that her marriage to Adolph was arranged with their primary interaction based around the sapphire jewelry Adolph produced and sold and Clara designed. Penniless and widowed with two young kids, Clara decides to go back to her aunt and uncle’s ranch out in Montana, the one place she has ever found happiness.

Curtis Billingham, who was injured when a sapphire mine collapsed, recuperates at a ranch belonging to Madeline and Paul Sersland, Curtis’ friends. The Serslands’ niece comes back from New York City, Curtis curses his broken past and the broken body he inhabits. Clara, the love of his life, has just come back to him, but he isn’t worthy of her love now.

Otto Vesper, Clara’s brother-in-law and Adolph’s business partner, is afraid the loss of Clara’s design skills is going to doom the prospects of the company. Otto follows her to Montana and is ready to do whatever he must to get Clara to come back to New York with him.

While Clara fights for her freedom and for love, there is a dangerous secret from her late husband’s past that comes into the light. It threatens everybody that she loves.

Tracie Peterson keeps you guessing as to what will happen until the very end of the book. Her stories also crackle and have God at their very core. Once again, she penned a book that grabs your attention at the start and keeps it until the very end. The plot is both inventive and intriguing and the book takes a look at a unique period in history that does not usually get discussed. The book is easy to read, yet still makes you wonder what you would do if you were in Clara’s shoes.

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