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Sara B. Larson is a young adult, middle reader, and children’s fiction author that is best known for her young adult fantasy fiction novels.

Larson went to Brigham Young University where she almost graduated with a marketable degree but turned back to writing when that did not work out as expected.

The author has now made a reputation for herself penning books intended for teenagers that have kick-butt girls as the lead in stories full of romance and magic.

Sara Larson published “Defy” her debut novel in 2014 and has never looked back since. She now has more than half a dozen works to her name spread across several series of novels.

She currently makes her home in Utah where she lives with her husband and their two children. Larson loves to pen her novels at night and during the late afternoons.

According to her husband, she needs to be granted an honorary degree in multitasking. Many times you can find her enjoying a relaxing bubble bath with a book and some Swedish Fish.

Larson has said that she has been writing for as long as she can remember and still has several notebooks filled with stories that she penned while she was a second grader.

Writing is something that has always been in her mind and heart and when she was in middle school ns high school, she used to get hit with inspiration and would write furiously for days with no breaks.
Once she got married, she never even thought of telling her husband that she once used to pen books hoping to become a fiction author.

However, when her child was about ten months old, her husband asked if there was anything she missed or wished she could be doing since becoming a mother. The only thing that came to mind was that she missed writing.
Of course, her husband was confused as he never knew she once wrote books or even that she loved writing. Still, he recovered and said he would be taking the child for a few hours just so that she could write.

Sara Larson had always loved writing young adult fiction, even when she was in high school. She used to write about other teenagers, usually about people that were older than her.

When she was given the green light to begin writing again in adulthood, she wanted to pen some grown-up work that was more literary, something emotional and deep that her mother would be proud of.

But her first attempt was not that good and could have done with proper editing. However, it was at this time that she began having some interesting experiences in her life that would make it into her debut work.
While she had so much material that she could put into her novels from crying in the doctor’s office to telling her husband the bad news, she did not like writing about such things.

At some point, she made the decision to go back to young adult fiction which had always been her true love. However, she wrote her novels with a twist as she now included paranormal or fantastical elements with a twist.

“Defy” is the debut novel of the “Defy” series by Sara B. Larson. The lead is a fighter named Alexa Hollen who serves in the king’s army disguised as a boy.

She makes use of her fierce sword fighting skills and quick wit to get promoted to the highly regarded prince’s guard. However, when some powerful sorcerer decides to kidnap the prince there is nothing that she can do.
The sorcerer sneaks into the palace deep into the night and abducts Prince Damian, Alexa Holen, and her friend Rylan who is also a guard. The man takes them across the treacherous jungles of the land and into enemy territory.
The longer they are held in captivity, the more she realizes that other people have been keeping some dangerous secrets too. Suddenly, her secret comes out into the open and she has to deal with two men vying for her affection.
There is the steady and safe Rylan that had always cared for her and the intriguing and dark Damina who is a dark horse in all this.
With hidden enemies all around, will she have enough wit and strength to save the kingdom she wore to protect and to get out of a dangerous situation?

Sara B. Larson’s novel “Ignite” continues to follow Alexa, a woman who saved her kingdom when it was in danger of destruction by its own king. She had managed to defeat the deadly and vile black sorcerer to save her loved ones and her people.
Alexa had helped bring freedom and peace to her people and in her endeavors had enthroned the best king any kingdom could have ever desired.

However, it had been an expensive undertaking but the sacrifices will forever be branded into her soul and her heart. She had fought with all her strength to ensure the land was at peace, only to be informed that it was at risk once again.
Antion had been at peace for years but the security and comfort they had been enjoying is about to be breached. It will be up to Alex to step up and defend the king and kingdom that she would gladly give up her life for.

However, there is something very sinister that is nothing like what she has ever experienced. When it is all over there may be many innocents dead from the struggle to bring back peace to the land.

“Endure” by Sara B. Larson opens with King Damian and Alexa about to get married, even if their lives are the furthest from being safe. They got engaged at a time when Rylan has been imprisoned by the enemy and Antion their kingdom is under siege.
The worst thing is that Alexa has failed to escape from the clutches of Dansiian Rafe, an evil man who has taken control of her mind and who could manipulate her into killing Damina any time he chooses.

Despite all these challenges Alexa is determined to get Rylan out of his imprisonment, but this would mean going deep into enemy territory and far away from Damian.

Upon arriving, she finds that she has to face a situation deadlier than anything she could have ever imagined. She is up against a horrifying plot that could change the world as she knows it, in addition to a huge army of black sorcerers.
Will she have the strength to save the land, protect the love of her life, and free herself so that she could find true peace?

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