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Sara Bennett Wealer is an American author that writes young adult novels. Sara’s books are set apart because they place more emphasis on friendships than romantic relationships.


Sara Bennett Wealer’s earliest memories are of the days she spent in Manhattan, Kansas; this is where she grew up, and Sara will be the first to admit that her childhood was better than most. Though, even for a talented artist like Sara, life at that young age came with its fair share of problems.

Sara had a thing for music from a very young age. She sang in a choir while in high school. She even participated in plays, though the fact that she wrote for her high school newspaper should have highlighted her burgeoning passion for the field of writing. At the University of Kansas, Sara Bennett seemed set to follow her passion for music all the way to adulthood.

She even majored in voice performance. However, being the intelligent young lady that she was, it didn’t take Sara Bennett Wealer long to realize that there was no future in becoming an opera singer.

So she saw fit to find a place in journalism school. Sara has admitted that she enjoyed escaping the pressure of music and working in a field where it didn’t matter whether her voice had what it took to hit the high notes every morning.

The majority of professional authors must struggle in order to achieve their publishing dreams. Sara’s path to success was no different. She was lucky because, as a sales writer, her day job allowed her to keep honing her skills. It also helped that she was contributing articles to magazines.

However, even for a determined artist like Sara Bennett Wealer, getting published was not easy. She will be the first one to admit that her very first novel was truly horrible. And she isn’t surprised that her queries were met with rejection.

It would take her ten years after that first attempt to write ‘Rival’, her first worthwhile novel. However, even though her writing and storytelling skills had grown, ‘Rival’ was no more popular amongst publishers than her first novel was.

Though, things looked like they would work out at the start. Sara snagged an agent really quickly. He was pretty popular at the time, and he had decent things to say about Sara’s work.

However, Sara had to eventually part ways with him, not because he was ineffective; rather, the two of them simply failed to connect; luckily, Sara was able to find another agent down the line.

She had to forget about ‘Rival’ and write another book. Things didn’t work out with her second novel either. She came close to scoring a book deal but it fell through. Rather than giving up, though, Sara went back to ‘Rival’ and, to her shock and awe, someone finally took the bait.

Not long after, Sara’s first book hit the shelves. The author’s only advice for aspiring authors is that they should persevere. That is what she did. When the criticisms came, she listened. She wrote and rewrote her manuscript on multiple occasions. She was willing to write, and then tear everything up and write again because she had a dream and nothing would stop her from achieving it.

Sara also encourages aspiring authors to be careful about the agents they choose to work with. According to Sara, the only agents that will lead you to success are the ones you connect with. The most successful agent in the world will do you no good if they don’t believe in you.

Sara believes that she made it so far up the publishing ladder because she found someone who believed in her stories and was willing to fight for them.

Sara isn’t a household name, but it is easy to see why she is so appealing. While her books are technically Young Adult, they emphasize the friendships between her female characters over their romantic attachments to handsome boys.

Sara wants to stand out from the crowd; while she thinks dystopian tales with love triangles have their place, Sara believes that there is a thirst amongst readers for books that simply celebrate friendships.

The author’s love for music shines through her work. Studying journalism did not stop Sara from pursuing her music. She eventually found a place in the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

It takes determination for Sara to pursue music. With her husband, children, cats, day job and career as a writer, she has a lot of components to balance. But Sara Bennett Wealer finds that exposure to music builds her creativity.

Most of Sara’s writing is done from her couch. She likes to drink green tea while she is writing. A health issue forced the author to end her obsession with coffee. Now she is simply content to indulge potato chips and Dr. Pepper while writing.


Brooke is a powerful and popular girl at Douglas High who only cares about using her powerful voice to return to New York City.

Kathryn might be an amazing Soprano, but her social life hasn’t been the same ever since Brooke punched her at a party. Kathryn doesn’t see a future outside music.

As the Blackmore competition approaches, Brooke and Kathryn have no intention of losing to one another, not after the betrayal that ended their friendship.

Sara Bennett Wealer’s debut novel is about two girls who used to be best friends but then they grew to hate each other. The book kicks things off in senior year and then the flashes back to each girl’s junior year experience, revealing how they met, what brought them together and how their friendship shattered.


Maddie believes that if she joins the most powerful sorority in Baldwin University, she can finally rise above everyone who discarded her in high school. Of course, if Maddie wants to ascend above her boyfriend-stealing twin, she must first overcome Sigma Theta Kappa’s selection process.

Imogen thought she could escape her wealthy family’s name. But her Sigma legacy won’t let her be. Even worse, she is nursing a crush on her new editor.

Cass is determined to turn Sigma back into the home it was before her sisters threw everything away for money and status. She only has until the end of Rush week to save her sorority and, hopefully, make sense of her feelings for her best friend Leo.

This book exposes the cattiness of sorority rush. It is inundated with fun and drama and it should appeal to people that have experienced sororities.

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