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Publication Order of Marriage Game Books

The Marriage Game (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dating Plan (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Singles Table (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

To Have and to Heist (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
'Til Heist Do Us Part (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sara Desai is a published author of fiction.

Before she became an author as her line of work, Sara held many other titles. Prior to becoming a published writer in print, she has held a number of titles and responsibilities. Her former jobs include being a DJ on the radio, a lawyer, a historian, a runner of marathons, a librarian, and a bouncer. Some of them apply to writing and others just paid the bills.

She is married to her husband and they have children. Together they all reside on Vancouver Island along with a variety of animals in the forest that her children seem to regard as pets.

Desai enjoys writing contemporary romance infused with an angle of often sexy romantic comedy that tends to include multicultural focus. She is the type of person that is willing to laugh at the jokes that she herself makes. When she is not busy with other things, she can usually be discovered eating one of her favorite foods, nachos.

The first book to be published from Sara Desai came out in 2020. It was one of the most anticipated romance novels for 2020 from Oprah Magazine. Readers will be thrilled to follow every step of the romance as it unfolds in this original and unique story!

The Marriage Game is the first novel to come out from talented author Sara Desai. In this engaging romantic comedy, an entrepreneur will be put up against a CEO known for being ruthless as a result of unexpected choices.

In this story, readers get the chance to meet the main character of Layla Patel for the first time. She’s a young woman that prides herself on being independent and having her life together. Then she is thrown for a loop when everything that she thought that she could rely on in her life completely falls apart.

She was working as a recruitment consultant, but Layla’s plans have changed. She decides that since her life has completely gone awry, the best decision that she could make would be to go home to San Francisco to be with her family. It’s a tough move since she was doing so well before everything went downhill, but at least she is with people that she knows and trusts and doesn’t have to be on her own.

She may feel like she is a total failure, but not everyone in her family feels that way. Her father has always loved her so much and in his eyes, his daughter is not capable of doing anything wrong. He’s also a man that has a high level career, running a restaurant that is known for its Michelin stars. But whatever level of mastery that he has achieved, it doesn’t mean that he applies the same level of expectations for his daughter or wants to punish her for things not going as she planned.

Her father cares for her a lot and does not like seeing her so sad and down. When it comes to trying to make her smile, he would do nearly anything to see her being truly happy once more. He has good intentions when it comes to trying to achieve this, and thinks that he can help in his own way. So he goes out of his way to offer Layla the space upstairs. The office could be just the thing that she needs to begin her business and kick start it into action.

While her father may mean well, he has also done a lot more than just provide his daughter with the cost free chance to start up a business again. He’s also decided that he’s going to try and provide someone to make her happy as well. As a result, he goes online and makes a profile on a dating site, all with the angle of trying to track down a man to date his daughter.

Layla has no idea about any of this and does not even suspect that her father of all people has gone out of his way to come up with blind dates for her. But she is about to find out when the first of her dates knocks on the door and she is on the other side! It may be a total crossing of boundaries, but it’s too late to do all that much about it when one of your suitors is right there, face to face with you. But it turns out that the person that you love may end up being in the last place that you look.

Sam Mehta is looking around for a new office to do work in, preferably one that is quiet. He’s used to chaos and conflict as opposed to a quiet and calm space, but that’s exactly why he is looking for a settled little place to do his business. He’s the CEO of a company that specializes in corporate downsizing and after lots of searching, he has finally found an appropriate space.

It’s located above an Indian restaurant that is constantly putting out fragrant smells of meals that remind him of home. He likes the office, but is surprised when he finds out that a miscommunication means that he won’t be alone. Instead, he is facing the possibility of sharing the office with the daughter of the owner. That would happen to be Layla.

He didn’t expect to have an office mate, but while Layla is attractive, she also has something about her that can be infuriating. Then there’s her unique family and the seemingly never ending line of male suitors that have lined up to date her. Sam isn’t used to any of this and as someone who is accustomed to having a life in pristine order, this is more disorganized than he might be able to take.

The two are spending a lot of time together and often come into conflict. But are they truly opposed to each other or simply experiencing chemistry as a couple? Is Layla falling for Sam or the other way around? Read this book to find out what happens between the two!

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