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Sara Faring is a Los Angeles born popular American writer of horror, young adult, thriller, mystery, and historical fiction stories. She began her career in 2019 with a book called The Tenth Girl. This book has received a large fan following from readers all over the world and has helped author Faring to get noticed by the literary world. Author Faring knows multiple languages and is an Argentine-American. She has a huge fascination with literary puzzles. Prior to the beginning of her career in the field of novel writing, Faring used to work as an investment banker at J.P. Morgan. She has also worked for the Penguin Random House publication. Faring earned her bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Pennsylvania University and a master’s degree in Business from the Wharton School. As of now, she resides in New York City and focuses full time on her writing career.

Author Faring received a great boost with the worldwide success of her debut novel. It motivated her to begin working on her second book. She has finished the writing and is hoping to get it published soon. Faring says that the inspiration behind writing her first book came from her beautiful, brutal, and strange legends and family stories from Argentina. She grew up hearing a lot of them from her parents and now feels that they have burrowed deep into her storytelling DNA. Faring thinks that this is the reason why she loves dark fairy tales with terrifying twists and unsettling strangeness in her work. A secondary character in Faring’s debut book is named Yesi, which she says is the warped version of her dream self.

The character of Yesi has occupied so much room in her head that she feels it is cold to call it secondary. Faring has described her as a loyal and witty girl who dreams a lot. The family members of author Faring accused her of having a small obsession with Yesi after they read the book. According to Faring, when in turmoil, stepping into a character’s shoes and taking control of circumstances and life seems to be a special pleasure. That is why she felt so empowered and thrilled to write the story of her main character named Mavi. Such characters often aim to escape the impossible multiple times. The setting of Faring’s first novel takes place on a milky-blue glacial lake in the mountainous regions of Patagonia. She has depicted an ancient finishing school called Vaccaro School that has a dangerous reputation. The story follows the life of the protagonist, Mavi, who joins the school on the hillside and goes on to experience some shocking events.

Mavi finds both terror and love at the same place. Her story is full of shocking twists and dark humor. Faring is now working on a new novel that revolves around two sisters, who return to their home located on a volcanic island after being away for ten years. The girls get drawn to the nightmarish mystery of the disappearance of their infamous other when they were very small. The author whom Faring admires the most and looks up to for inspiration is Nova Ren Suma. She finds Nova’s novels about girls growing old and coming to terms with their intimate relationships as well as themselves as beautiful, raw, and surreal all at once.

Faring cherishes every page of her books and tries to finish reading them as soon as possible. Author Faring is quite grateful for all the appreciation and love she has received from the critics, fellow writers, reviewers, and readers from all over the world. She also likes to express her gratitude for all the kind words spoken for her books, storylines, character sketches, settings, and her storytelling abilities. Faring expects to receive a similar response from the audience and the critics, if not more, for all her upcoming books. As her career has just begun, Faring is determined and dedicated to learn more and hone her writing skills with each novel. She follows the works of many prominent authors and takes inputs from them to use in her novels. Faring likes interacting with the readers and listening to their queries and other stuff. She uses her website to keep her fans updated with the latest happenings in her life and career.

The debut book written by author Sara Faring is entitled ‘The Tenth Girl’. It was released by the Imprint publication in 2019. Author Faring has mentioned the central characters in this book in the form of Mavi, Angle, Yesi, etc. Revolving around a Patagonian myth, this book describes a gothic psychological thriller story with a horrific twist. The book opens by introducing an isolated finishing school located at South America’s southern tip. It is believed that those who try to settle there will be cursed by the land. Mavi is described as a bold and daring girl hailing from Buenos Aires. She came to this land after fleeing her native country’s military rule that took the life of her mother. Mavi feels that the place has offered her a new life by allowing her to work as a teacher for the elite girls of Argentina.

As the days pass by, she makes attempts to embrace the imposing house’s strangeness in spite of getting repeated warnings to not roam alone at night. She also gets threats from a mysterious man and is warned about the existence of mysterious beings in and around the school campus. Shortly after, one of the 10 students from Mavi’s class goes missing. Mavi is equally shocked by the mysterious disappearance of the girl as she is shocked to see that other teachers and students are behaving as if some outside force has possessed them. A time comes when the evil forces haunting the unholy cliff could not remain ignored anymore. One among the spirits seems to hold a secret that possesses the power to unravel the existence of Mavi. She finds herself trying to solve a shocking cosmic mystery for survival and then fighting for her own life. Critics appreciated this book and its story very much. They praised the efforts of author Faring in coming up with such a unique story and making it available to the fans of horror and psychological thriller novels to read and enjoy.

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