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Sara Flannery Murphy is a famous author from Arkansas, The United States, who likes to write thriller, mystery, fantasy, and paranormal stories. Her writing career is comprised of just one book so far, which has helped her establish herself as a skillful writer. Author Sara was born in the town of Little Rock, Arkansas. While Sara was growing up, she used to divide her time along with her family between Eureka Springs and Little Rock. The Eureka Springs is a tiny town situated in the Ozark Mountains. Author Sara obtained her MFA from the Washington University, St. Louis, in the subject of Creative Writing. As of now, Sara is happily married and is blessed with a son. She resides in a college town in Oklahoma with her family. The first novel written by her in called Possessions, whose success motivated her to continue writing exciting novels in the future. Before author Sara became a parent, she used to wonder what her children would appear as. In fact, she used to patch together several combinations of baby photos and elements borrowed from her husband. But, when she looked at her son for the first time after his birth, she realized that his physical features obliterated all the counterfeit versions that she had come up with, previously.

When author Sara was a teenager, she used to prowl the bookstore of library shelves and pluck whichever book used to catch her attention. It was her habit to go through the visuals first and then start reading the prose. She says that even today, she gets attached to novel covers whenever she sees an interesting one. And when Sara finds a book that she has already in a different version, she feels weird about it and seems betrayed for a little while. The bad feeling does not move out from her heart until she begins to like the new version as well. While attempting to write the first sentence of her book, Sara was only visualizing the cover art. It proved helpful to her in a great way. She believes that her idea of playing with the imaginary cover arts helped her to clarify the focus and the atmosphere. Author Sara also goes on to say that an upcoming writer does not have much to say in the matters of jacket design normally. Therefore, cover art seems to be the only medium with which they can introduce their work to the readers. And if the vision of the writer hampers this goal, the team of designers and marketing department have the last say in it. When Sara made her way into this process, she had the understanding that she would have to give away her private visions for collaborative ones. Therefore, she prepared herself quite well about how to handle disappointment gracefully. The moment a cover art was attached to Sara’s debut novel, she felt that everything started to look more real. She had her book jacket, her name on the book’s cover, a typical tone to her story that was conveyed in a single glance. All this made her feel that she was meeting someone she had already known for a very long time.

‘The Possessions’ is the debut book written by the upcoming young author Sara Flannery Murphy. It is an electrifying debut novel that describes the story of a young woman, who earns her living by channeling the dead. The woman walks down a dangerous path when she falls in love with a client of hers, whose wife had died mysteriously. The book was released by the Harper publication in the year 2017. Author Sara has mentioned the chief characters in this book’s story as Eurydice, Sylvia, and Patrick Braddock. Eurydice works to allow the grieving people to get reconnected with their dead loved ones, and is often referred to as Edie by her clients and close ones. At the start of the story, it is depicted that Edie lives in an unnamed city, where she works for a private service called as the ‘Elysian Society’. This service allows its grieving clients to meet their loved ones. Edie and the fellow workers at the private service are called as ‘bodies’. They wear the dead people’s discarded belongings and eat some pills known as lotuses. This way, the workers summon the spirits of the dead ones. The pills cause the numbing of their minds and makes them lose themselves while carrying out the whole process. Edie has been working as a body at the Society for the past 5 years, which is seen as an unusual record. Edie has been so much successful in her work because of careful detachment. She takes refuge in the anesthetic effects of the lotuses and prevents herself from indulging in personal connections with the clients. The latest client of Edie is the recent widower named Patrick Braddock. He requests Edie to channel her dead wife named Sylvia so that he could talk to her for one last time.

While channeling Sylvia, Edie becomes too obsessed with the lovely couple. She comes to know that Sylvia’s death had occurred due to drowning in mysterious circumstances. In spite of this bitter truth, Edie feels compelled to break her rules and pursue Patrick Braddock. Eventually, she ends up moving deeper into the life of Patrick and summoning Sylvia Braddock outside the walls of Elysian Society. After hiding beneath the dulling effects of lotuses for may years, Edie has come to realize that the lines between the desires of Sylvia and her own has started to become blurred. She begins to take increasing risks in her work so as to keep Patrick Braddock within her reach. Suddenly, Edie discovers that her quiet life has started to unravel. She grapples with the questions related to Sylvia’s death and her growing influence on her. Edie also seems disturbed with the long buried secrets of her own. The novel describes a tale of obsession and desire, dark secrets and deceit that defy easy categorization. On the whole, it appears to be an absorbing, seductive, and an intriguing page turner that goes on to build an unforgettable and shattering conclusion. The book is recommended for all those readers who like to read haunting and eerie suspense stories. It offers many aspects of an excellent mystery story, which is liked by numerous readers from all over the world. Author Sara was highly for her efforts in coming up with such an intriguing book and developing such interesting characters.

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