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Sara Fujimura is a renowned Scottish-American author of young adult, romance, coming of age, contemporary, and historical novels. She is particularly well known for writing the standalone books Tanabata Wish and Breathe. Recently, she has started a new contemporary romance book series called Every Reason We Shouldn’t. Sara is married to a Japanese husband named Toshi. Every year, she visits her in-laws in Japan with her husband and two kids and spends around a month exploring the rural beauty of the country. Sara has written articles on the Japanese culture for magazines such as Learning Through History, Raising Arizona Kids, Appleseeds, Mothering, and East-West. Some of her articles also cover the topic of raising bicultural children. Sara’s travel-related articles have appeared in the book called To Japan With Love. Her first young adult novel was published in 2017 under the title of Tanabata Wish. It takes place in Japan.

In 2018, Sara came up with her second book, a young adult historical fiction book called Breathe. It is set in Philadelphia in 1918. Sara has been working as a freelance writer and teacher of creative writing for more than a decade. She has visited numerous schools and has done presentations for RWA’s Desert Rose Chapter, Phoenix Comicon, SCBWI-Arizona, Onebookaz, Girl Scouts, SCBWI-Japan, and a few other Japanese/anime/manga culture conventions. Sara has a deep passion for literacy and supporting writers of the next generation. She is represented by a literary agent named Rebecca Angus at the Golden Wheat Literary. Sara is a proud member of the RWA and SCBWI and can be found frequently at the events of these two associations. In spite of being closely associated with the Japanese culture, both at home and work, Sara claims not being fluent in Japanese. In fact, she has enrolled for Japanese learning classes four times, but has only managed to know about eating, finding the bathroom, going shopping, and using mass transportation.

Sara is able to read katakana, hiragana, and other basic kanji. Even her half-Japanese grow-up children have not been able to master the mother tongue of their father. But, just like her, they are also trying their best. Sara says that her passion for empowering girls, raising biracial kids, supports artists and the arts, and literacy often finds a place in her books. The thing that inspired her to start the journey of her writing career was fan fiction. Along with her twin sister and her two BFFs, she used to surround herself with stories of space journeys, pirate tales, etc. After a short break, she took to writing again in 1998 and has not stopped since then. In the beginning, Sara found more success by writing nonfiction articles than novels and short stories. This also increased her interest in human stories containing nonfiction elements. Her first novel, Tanabata Wish, took over 10 years and multiple drafts to complete. However, she is satisfied that the story turned out to be the one that she always wanted to tell.

An author who has influenced her the most is Stephanie Perkins. Sara likes Stephanie’s style of creating standalone novels. She intends to write her future novels by including cameos of the characters from previous books. Sara considers herself lucky to have a supportive family. She has been happily married for almost three decades now and feels blessed to have her wonderful children. During her spare time, Sara likes to read YA books and spend time with her family. She also likes to interact with her fans on social media platforms. Sara loves having healthy conversations and always looks to improve her work by taking suggestions from the audience. Overall, she is quite happy with the amount of success she has achieved in her career so far and hopes to achieve more in the years to come.

The debut book written by author Sara Fujimura is entitled ‘Tanabata Wish’. It was released by the Tanabata Wishes Enterprises, LLC in 2017. The book features the primary characters in the form of Skyler Doucet, David Takamatsu, and a few others. Author Sara has set this book’s story in Japan and America. Initially, Skyler Doucet is introduced as a native of Phoenix. She makes some plans with her best friend forever that get ruined because of her mother. Skyler’s mother decides to move the entire family to the hometown of her Japanese stepfather in Nagoya, Japan. Skyler is asked to spend the summer before the senior year with her Japanese relatives. Soon after, she comes across a biracial Japanese/American boy named David Takamatsu, who not only invades her space, but also her heart. The events that unfold later in the foreign country make Skyler Doucet wonder if it was in her destiny to meet David Takamatsu and make her future with him in Japan. Thereafter, she starts looking at things differently and begins to appreciate her stepfather’s country for its rich culture and hospitality. This book turned out to be the delightful debut of Sara Fujimura. It appears to be a perfect read for summer for all those who long for swoon-worthy romance and life-altering adventure.

Another excellent book penned by Sara in her writing career is known as ‘Breathe’. It was also published by the Tanabata Wishes Enterprises in 2018. The central character of this novel is depicted in the form of a 17-year-old girl named Virginia Jackson. Other important characters include Marco, Jenny, Kit, etc. This book is set during the start of the 20th century in Philadelphia. It starts by showing that Virginia is pressed to work as a nurse at the young age of 17. She goes on to discover her hidden talent and indulges in a romantic relationship with the Italian assistant of her father. Later, Virginia realizes the true meaning of being a modern lady at the time of 1918’s Spanish Flu pandemic. Author Sara has done an excellent job of bringing her characters to life in this fantastic YA historical novel. She received lots of praise for her work and was motivated to write many more exciting novels in the future. Many noted critics recommended this book for the fans of historical fiction and claimed that it won’t disappoint them. Many others appreciated Sara’s efforts in writing this well-researched and beautiful novel.

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