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For the Love of Friends (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
She's Up to No Good (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Don't Forget to Write (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Behind Every Good Man (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sara Goodman Confino is a bestselling romance and general fiction author. While she has recently become popular, she still works a day job as a teacher of journalism and English at a high school in Montgomery County, Maryland.

She published “For the Love of Fridnships” her debut novel in 2021. Just like most of her contemporaries, becoming a published author did not come easy as there was all manner of challenges she has to overcome.

In fact, she become a self-published author in 2010 and had two works out but they did not gain much traction. However, everything fell into place once she published “For the Love of Friends” in 2021.
She currently makes her home in Morland from where she lives with her husband, two kids, and Sandy and Rosie her two miniature schnauzers.

Goodman Confino has always known that she works well under pressure and in fact, she was once told that if she were given coffee and a deadline, she could take over the world.

During the global COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, she had a whole new level of pressure which made it possible to get herself published.

In May of the same year, she had signed with the publisher “Lake Union” at the height of the global crisis, and a month after that, she gave birth to her second kid.

Confino spent the following school year trying to juggle everything as she wrote her novel at night after her kids were off to bed, while she taught from home while taking care of her infant child.
Previously, she used to write during the summer as she never thought she has time when school was in session.

But in 2020 she learned that when something was important to her, she would find a way to do it no matter how impossible or daunting it seemed.

While she was often racked with guilt as she believed she was not giving enough to her kids, she would not give up her achievements for anything.

“She’s Up to No Good” by Sara Goodman Confino is the story of two women who could not have been from more different generations.

Heading home will change their lives in this life-affirming, poignant and funny novel about broken hearts, secrets, and family.

A few years into her marriage her husband unexpectedly asks her for her divorce. With her life in flux and time on her hands, she agrees to accompany Evelyn her eccentric grandmother.
They are going to a seaside town in Massachusetts where their family history will be shaped. Once they get on the road, Evelyn starts telling a star-crossed romance story that had captivated her more than seven decades ago and changed her life forever.

But she insists that returning to the small town is not about that romance no matter how much she keeps talking of her forbidden and unforgettable first love Tony.

Upon arriving in town, Jenna meets Joe the great nephew of Tony and they embark on a new friendship that provides her the distance and confidence she needs to start forgetting the travails of her broken marriage.

As the truths and secrets of Evelyn’s past come to the fore, Jenna learns a new side to her husband that she never imagined existed. She also learns that there are many possibilities of healing that one may stumble upon at the most unexpected of times.

Sara Goodman Confino’s novel “For the Love of Friends” is a hilariously relatable and sharp novel about how weddings are run and the toll they can have on the people involved.
It also tells of what one exasperated bridesmaid was willing to do for the love of friends. Thirty-two-year-old Lilly Weiss is her mother’s worst nightmare but is also a talented author that works at a science foundation.

Her friends know her as a selfless and reliable woman which is how she finds herself a bridesmaid in five weddings in one and a half months. She will do anything for her two younger sisters and three best friends, even though she does not have the ideal love life.

To remain sane, she will need to find a safe space to vent. It is this decision that leads her to start Bridesmania her anonymous blog. Soon enough she starts pouring her heart out.
She talks of her feelings about how she has to be a guardian to her eighty-eight-year-old grandmother, momzillas, bachelorette parties, the terrible bridesmaids of the west, body-shaming dress clerks, and high-strung brides to be.

For a long time, the blog has been anonymous but very few can remain hidden in the online world. When everything is said and done, will Lily be able to help all the five couples achieve their HEA and thus pave the way to her own happily ever after?

“Metamorphosis” is a collection of stories by different authors including Sara Goodman Confino.

These chronicle esoteric circumstances, an accident, the confluence of ideas, discoveries, or other esoteric happenings that result in more connections between the outer and inner worlds.
The stories assert that almost everyone can grow: we can grow wings, take flight, and have a new start. More than life crises or coming of age, it might be argued that every story opens with a seed that germinates into a flower.
In some instances, the flower may complete the cycle and go back to earth even though its death is never for nothing.

Something will always remain due to the evolutionary transmogrification which provides something to consider that may not have happened under different circumstances.

The short story collection is a showcase of the works of eighteen authors that include Sara Goodman Confino. These are stories that represent the brightest and best of more than 250 original submissions.
They are thought-provoking and haunting tales that bring their readers into worlds that reflect triumphs, oddities, and even laughter yet feel strangely familiar.

They take you to places that you will want to go back to and share with others to showcase how they inform your feelings, existence, and even philosophy.

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