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About Sara Hashem

Sara Hashem is an American-Egyptian author acclaimed for her work which has reached the Sunday Times bestseller list. Hailing from Southern California, she first established notable presence in the literary community with her book titled ‘The Jasad Heir.’ Her talent for storytelling has garnered her recognition, with her ability to craft engaging narratives shining through her writing.

She has a knack for developing compelling characters, especially her main characters, who readers find authentic and multifaceted. Her characters come to life in the minds of her readers, enhancing the enjoyment of her stories. This strength in character development makes Hashem’s writing captivating, drawing readers into the world she creates with each turn of the page.

The engaging and dynamic stories that Sara Hashem tells are a testament to her writing ability. Her narratives are constructed to hold the reader’s interest from start to finish, ensuring an entertaining reading experience. With a clear gift for storytelling, Hashem consistently offers readers well-crafted tales that are both engrossing and enjoyable.

Hashem also excels in creating strong characters that resonate with a global audience. Her ability to infuse authenticity into her characters allows them to mirror real-life experiences, making them relatable to readers from various backgrounds. Hashem’s characters often navigate challenges and triumphs that are universally understood, forging a connection with those who engage with her stories.

By drawing on a broad spectrum of human emotions and situations, Hashem ensures that her characters reflect a diversity of experiences. Readers appreciate seeing parts of themselves and their own journeys reflected in her work. This relatability is a key element of Hashem’s success as a writer, as it builds a bridge between her fiction and the reality of the reader.

With a unique voice in her writing, she also captures audiences with its distinctiveness. Her prose weaves together themes and insights that speak to her personal experiences and broader human truths. Hashem’s work stands out as it offers fresh perspectives, encouraging readers to contemplate the narratives long after they’ve finished reading.

Her storytelling not only conveys unique viewpoints but also maintains a high level of engagement. Through captivating plotlines and relatable characters, Hashem keeps readers invested in the world she creates. Her ability to balance saying something new while keeping her stories accessible and riveting is a hallmark of her writing craft. This blend of originality and entertainment ensures that Hashem’s stories are both thought-provoking and enjoyable for her audience.

She harnesses the power of fantasy to explore a spectrum of concepts, unleashing her imagination to its fullest. Her narrative landscapes, often steeped in fantastical elements, serve as a canvas for creative storytelling. This approach not only captivates readers but also allows her to delve into a variety of ideas within her work.

The genre of fantasy provides Hashem the flexibility to push boundaries and envision the world beyond the confines of reality. Through her imaginative tales, she invites readers to consider new possibilities and ideas. This imaginative leap is key to keeping Hashem’s storytelling both fresh and engaging. By intertwining fantasy with real-world relevance, she crafts an experience that’s expansive, thought-provoking, and thoroughly enchanting for her audience.

Early and Personal Life

Sara Hashem had her early beginnings in Orange County, California, where she grew up as the eldest child in her family. Her childhood was marked by a fondness for reading and writing, passions that flourished as she grew up. This early interest set the foundation for what would become a lifelong journey in storytelling.

During a pivotal time abroad, Hashem spent two years in Egypt. It was there, amidst the historic events of the Arab Spring, she indulged in the local culture, sipping sugar cane juice and crafting stories. These experiences enriched her world view and further ignited her inspiration for writing.

While pursuing legal studies, Hashem dedicated her first law school summer to an externship with the Sacramento Superior Court in Law and Motion. This exposure to the legal system undoubtedly provided her with a wealth of knowledge and experiences. It is through living a life full of varied interests and engagements that she has continued to grow and evolve as an author.

Writing Career

Sara Hashem made a name for herself in the literary world as a fantasy author with her series ‘Scorched Throne.’ The series introduced readers to a captivating universe beginning with its first installment, ‘The Jasad Heir,’ published in 2023. Her writing in the realm of fantasy has quickly garnered attention, showcasing her ability to create intricate worlds that fans eagerly explore.

Her career as a writer continues to flourish as she commits herself to expanding upon her career. With ‘The Jasad Heir’ marking just the beginning, Hashem’s journey in storytelling provided the way for more enchanting narratives to come.

Readers and the literary community alike would eagerly anticipate her future works, ready to be transported once again by her creative vision with each and every release.

The Jasad Heir

Sara Hashem marked her entry into the literary scene with the publication of ‘The Jasad Heir’ on July 18, 2023. Released by Orbit Books, the novel serves as her debut work and the inaugural entry in ‘The Scorched Throne’ series.

A decade has passed since Jasad’s lands were scorched, its enchantments banned, and its royals slain, a narrative Sylvia perpetuates to conceal her true identity as the lost heir. Forced into hiding by enemy forces still pursuing her people, her life of anonymity is jeopardized when Arin, successor to the aggressor Nizahl throne, encounters nearby Jasadi rebels. Sylvia’s inadvertent display of magic catches Arin’s eye, compelling her to strike a bargain with her adversary, trading assistance for assurance.

Amidst a dangerous charade, unexpected emotions emerge, challenging Sylvia to balance her desire for a normal life against the needs of her reawakening kingdom.

The story skillfully intertwines suspense with deep emotional undertones, creating a captivating reading experience. Its protagonist, Sylvia, offers a unique blend of vulnerability and strength that resonates with fans. This opening to ‘The Scorched Throne’ series promises more thrilling adventures to come.

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