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Growing up in Minnesota surrounded by copious books, the American author Sara Holland would embark upon a lifelong love of reading and literature, something she has finally settled into with the release of her debut novel, as she has wowed reviewers, critics and general readers alike with her highly idiosyncratic take upon the Young Adult fantasy genre, as she is all set to take it in new and exciting directions, showing a clear, concise and confident author who has a bright and colorful future ahead of her. Creating compelling story-lines alongside fun and witty characters, she has been able to show another side to the genre, giving it an entirely new lease of life in the process. Getting published through ‘Orchard Books’ publishing label straight away, she’s managed to instantly attract attention, all thanks to her unique and intelligent style. An imaginative writer with a lot to say, she really understands the form and what needs to be done with it, and what will work, as she combines both character and plot to thrilling effect. Telling stories that are seeped in mythology, she builds entire worlds from her imagination in fine and intricate detail, breathing life into them with her creativity. Allowing readers to feel as if they’re really there, she takes them on guided tour almost, as she draws them in and doesn’t let go, keeping them hooked right until the very last page. This goes some way towards explaining why she has had the success she is now currently enjoying, with many readers worldwide flocking to her work, as her many peers and contemporaries sing her praises. With a whole series planned to follow on from her first novel, there’s a lot more planned on the horizon, as more and more titles are expected to be published in the future, something that isn’t stopping any time soon.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in a small-town in Minnesota, Sara Holland would spend much of her formative years here, taking the time to harness her skills as a writer. Surrounded by numerous books, she grew up in a family of readers, something that would slowly rub off on her over the years as well, as she advanced her own writing in the process. This would continue throughout the years, as she came to love both reading and writing, educating herself in it throughout her school life and further education too, all of which would lead to her becoming the writer that she currently is today.

Having shown a clear love of the fantasy genre throughout her life, it therefore came as no surprise that this was the market that she would fall into. A labor of love, her first novel would become a testament to this passion, creating an exciting new career filled with promise, something which would find her many fans. Speaking to teenagers directly, she has found a style that best exemplifies this , creating a timeless story that will see her gain a much larger audience in the following years to come, with more and more discovering her work every day.

Attending Wesleyan University, she would manage to gain an education, before leaving to embark on a career of self-discovery as a full-time writer and novelist. Always developing her style she managed to write in a manner that many would relate to regardless of where they came from, or who they were, as she was accessible with a warm sense of humor and intelligent wit. This would then serve her well in the following years to come, as she continues to write, with more books set to follow in her ongoing series of ‘Everless’ novels.

Writing Career

Working in a number of places prior to becoming a full-time writer, she would work in such places as a dentist’s office, a state capitol building, and a tea shop. This then, in turn, would provide her with the time that she needed when taking her career forwards as an author of highly innovative Young Adult fantasy literature. It would also give her a unique insight into how people interacted with one another, showing her a side of life unlike any other, thus providing her work with an even greater degree of both accuracy and weight.

There’s a lot more to come from Sara Holland as an author yet, as she will continue to put out work, with more title planned in her Everless series to come. Currently living in New York City, she maintains a strong presence both online and off, always willing to interact with her many fans worldwide, taking feedback in the process. This has all lead to her becoming one of the most successful authors currently working within her field to date, and it’s easy to see why since her early effort has definitely marked her as a noteworthy writer to watch in the years to follow.


Published through the HarperTeen publishing label, this was to be the first in the ongoing series of ‘Everless’ fantasy novels, setting up the premise, along with Sara Holland’s career as a writer. First brought out on the 2nd of January in 2018, this would mark the arrival of an exciting new writing talent, creating a level of buzz and excitement unlike any other. With an ambiance that is very unique, it perfectly sets a tone of what’s to come, allowing the story to unfold at a gradual pace, intriguing the reader with hints and clues.

Set in the fantastical world of Sempera, this sees a land where time is used as a way of payment, as it is drawn from the blood of the individual looking to pay. Stepping into this is the young Jules Ember, as she and her father were once servants upon the extremely wealthy estate of Everless, before being cast out. Now her father lies close to death, most of his time being used up, and she must return to Everless where a royal wedding is taking place, as she aims to earn the time back for him. Can she do it? How much time does she have? What lies in wait for her in Everless?

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