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Vampire Trouble (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vampires Never Cry Wolf (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Good, the Bad, and the Vampire (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Sara Humphreys is an American romance writer, who is also an award winning author of the Amoveo Legend Series. She attended the Marist College, where she graduated with a B.A in English Literature and theater. Once she was done with her college, she had a passion for acting and this was the reason why she decided to pursue an acting career. Through this, she managed to act in several shows like “As The World Turns”, ‘Guiding Light” and Rescue Me, which is the fire house drama.

With her skill in both literature and theater, Sara Humphreys was appointed the president of the Taney Speaker Training. She does the work of helping both colleges and corporations in public speaking, communication skills training and presentation development. Sara Humphreys has also won different awards like being the winner of the FF&P Prism awards with her novel known as Untamed in 2003.

She began her writing career in 2011 and until today, she has written a number of books that you will find online and at the local libraries. Her genesis book was entitled as “Unleashed” while the second novel is known as “Untouched”. These books were published in 2011 and 2012 respectively. The two books are also the first two books in the Amoveo Legend Series. Apart from this series, Sara Humphreys has also written other series like “Dead in the City” and “Princes of Hell”.


This is the pioneer book of “The Amoveo Legend” series by Sara Humphreys. The novel has about 315 pages and its first publication was done on 19th May 2009. The main character is known as Samantha Logan. Samantha Jane Logan is a craftsman living in New York City. She finds the life in the city quite unbearable and decides to go back home to stay with her grandmother. She has also been spooky by the same of dreams of a certain handsome man. In her fantasies there is a man, yet she can never fully see who he is, however she is attracted to him. Her life in New York City is simply not going however, she sees fit, proposals serious dreams inching in consistently she yearns for and sense she should be there. Samantha packs her red bag and heads home to Rhode Island and back to the solaces of her youth home.

On her arrival home, she discovers that the house nearby has of late been occupied by the child of the general population who claimed it sometime recently, Malcolm. This is the same man that she can’t take off her mind and she is ready to fight for his love. She feels a fascination with Malcolm that she can’t clarify and begins having dreams about him. On the other hand, Sara learns the mysteries about her family’s past, how they are connected to Malcolm and the danger that weaving machines them both and those they adore.

Malcolm Drew is an Amoveo of the Eagle Clan that is one of the ten clans making up the Ameveo clan. He is devastatingly nice looking and has been sitting tight for Samantha to return home and to him. Malcolm has been sitting tight for what appears to be always for his mate to return so that they can bond or he will chance losing his forces and in the long run his life. He is drawn by the power that is Samantha, however, he is off guard as his mate has no clue what she is and what they are to each other. Could Malcolm persuade her regarding what and who she is for them to bond, before all is lost?

This is the situation these two are in and find it quite hard to approach one another. Did they really fall in love? How did Samantha react when she finally got the chance to be with the man of her dream? To find quick answers to these, then you need to find the novel today and you will find it very amusing. It is a must read novel.


This is the second book of the novel that was published on 1st January 2012 and has about four editions. The novel has about 302 pages and it is available online where you can read the entire story by Sara Humphreys. The protagonist character is known as Dante Coltari, who has just been hired to take care of Kerry from those who knows her real identity.

Kerry has never enjoyed the chance to have an ordinary association with anybody in her life. This is on account that any touch causes her blinding mental agony and permits her to see the darkest corners inside other individuals’ psyches. Her companion Samantha is the only one whose touch, she can tolerate, in light of the fact. This is because Samantha isn’t totally human. She is a half and half: an offspring of one human guardian and one Amoveo, a race of shapeshifters. Kerry, as well, is a half and half, however, she has no clue that a wonder such as this even exists.

Dante is Kerry’s foreordained mate. He knows precisely who and what she is and needs to steer her into reality. Samantha and her husband, therefore, decide to contract him to be Kerry’s bodyguard on a demonstrating shoot in New Orleans. Not just will it allow both of them to become more acquainted with each other, it will keep Kerry safe from the risk of those among the Amoveo who might utilize brutality to keep the race unadulterated.

In the first place, Kerry opposes Dante’s nearness, yet she rapidly acknowledges there is something extraordinary about him when she can touch him without agony. This smart story by Sara Humphreys takes after their way to each other as an insidious Purist stalks Kerry and arrangements her devastation. This is just a short summary of this excellent story done by Sara Humphreys. You can always find more about the story by getting a copy of the novel today. The series has less than ten books that you can easily read in a couple of days. Get started with it today and you will really love it.

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