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The Revolution (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Sara Snow is a fantasy fiction author from Washington DC. She was born and spent much of her childhood in Texas but soon after graduating from high school, she moved to Washington DC. Nonetheless, she has asserted that at heart she will always be a Texas girl. She published her debut novel “Destine Academy” in 2020 and the novel went on to spawn the “Destine Academy” series. She now has more than a dozen titles in “Destine Academy,” “Luna Rising,” and “Bloodmoon Wars” series which is quite a feat given that she only started in 2020. When she is not writing her novels, she may be found watching and analyzing “Marvel” movies, traveling around the world, and playing games with friends and family. Her newest series which is about werewolves and vampires was inspired by her Yorkshire Terrier, an adorable and fierce puppy she recently got. Still, while she has a lot of hobbies, reading is her first passion and she will often be found with a book in hand.

Sara Snow is known for writing urban fantasy novels with engaging plots, arresting storylines, unique insights, ingenuity, and enticing approaches full of immense passion that come together for a shiny sleek tale. While most of her stories are quick, they are not by any means short as they come with wicked and compelling turns and twists, challenging tribulations, and intimidating trials that test her protagonists in imaginative ways that they would never have imagined. Havoc, escapades, and anarchy provide raging tempests and throw the stories into life-altering tailspins. The countenance and dynamics are layered carefully, such that each page of her novels brings one into a deep web, where nothing but the story exists. The authenticity and realism of her characters connect and blend with the detailed and graphic scenes to make an epic backdrop that makes for entertaining stories.

Sara Snow’s “Destine Academy” the first novel of the Destine Academy series introduces Caroline Destine. At the opening of the novel, Destine is celebrating her 16th birthday when her happy and safe life is upturned with magic and mystery that makes everything uncertain. She had come back from school to find her brother and mother nowhere to be found. With no signs of burglary or robbery, what happened to them and where they could be is a big mystery. Caroline’s closest relative is the mysterious and estranged Marguerite Destine her Aunt, who invites her to say with her in a prestigious school in France where she is the Headmistress. But the students at her new school are not your usual talented and gifted academics. She now finds herself in a world controlled by several factions of people highly talented in magic with each having their own specialty. Nadine Landry is the friendly witch of the Magiques, Corbin of the Sunaturals is a flirtatious and handsome man with preternatural skills and strength. Magique Aldrick Vieux is an unapproachable and sullen man who has always fascinated Caroline. It is not long before she finds herself having to deal with a ton of surprises that end up throwing everything she ever believed into question. Is she ready for the danger of the new reality and knowledge?

“The Return” by Sara Snow which is the second novel of the “Destine Academy” series opens to Caroline receiving some unexpected news. She has heard that her father who she had always thought dead was still alive and the revelation makes her question everything she ever believed. Her world had been turned upside down on her sixteenth birthday when she found her brother and mother missing and then had to try to fit in “Destine Academy,” among students with magical gifts. She has come to learn that her family had kept a lot of things from her and now her brother and mother might not be the only ones in grave danger. But despite the gathering darkness, she finds refuge in new friendships that now include attraction to people who could not be any more different. Corbin Chevalier is a charming and athletic man while Aldrick Vieux is a brooding and studious one. She is determined to get to the bottom of the mysteries of her brother and mother’s disappearance though she will need the help of her magically gifted friends at Destine to do it. But will she manage to stay alive and complete her quest?

“Secrets,” the third novel of the “Destine Academy” opens to Caroline finally unlocking her key after narrowly escaping death. In recent times, she has been feeling like she belonged at Destine Academy though she found that what she has learned is but the tip of the iceberg. She has to learn a lot more if she is to unravel the mysteries that led to the disappearance of the people she loved most in the world. Caroline had come into a new reality when she found her key but what had happened to her brother and mother remains a huge puzzle. Her aunt Marguerite seems determined not to say anything and it is up to Carol to work out everything she can about Entiere, Barrere, and Tempeste, regardless of the consequences. Will she be successful this time or will she end up with more questions?

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