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Bloodtree River (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Devil's Lair (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deadman's Track (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Legacy Of Hunters Ridge (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shadows Of Hunters Ridge (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Promise of Hunters Ridge (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Secrets Of Whitewater Creek (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Getting Wild (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sarah Barrie is a bestselling romantic suspense fiction author who is known for her novels set in rural settings. Before she became an author, she worked in several vocations.

At some point, she worked as a magazine editor, teacher, horse trainer, and vet nurse. While for some time she was lost, she still loved reading and continued to dream of one day becoming an author.
Barrie made her debut when she published “Getting Wild” in 2013. She would then become a critically acclaimed author with several bestselling novels to her name.

With more than ten novels published, she has won several prestigious awards including a Favorite Romantic Suspense by The Australian Romance Readers, and the RUBY award by the Romance Writers of Australia.
When she is not writing her blockbuster works, Sarah Barrie can usually be found taking her children to gymnastics or soccer practice, riding horses, or on her farm taking care of her Houdini pig and chasing her chickens, sheep, and cattle.
During the evenings, she can be found spending time with friends and family, reading her favorite novel, and enjoying a good Irish whiskey.

Similar to many of her contemporaries, Sarah Barrie got interested in romance when she was still a teenager. Her grandmother used to visit their home with a box full of romance reads which Sarah would voraciously devour.
She loved reading as much as the next person and loved reading stories about the beautiful women and handsome men in the works her grandmother brought to her. She was just twelve years old but was smitten by a bout of very mature puppy love she had found in her grandmother’s stash of Mills and Boon novels.

Sarah still remembers taking one of these titles that had a story of an affair between a young woman and a much older man. He drives a fast car and takes the heroine to expensive dinners full of luxurious food and wine.
Hooked, she would then get into the works of the likes of Charlotte Lamb, Jessica Steele, Emma Darcy, and Penny Jordan and she was soon addicted to romance.

Sarah Barrie wanted it all and in time, she began thinking that maybe she knew enough to write her own stories. But it would take twenty-five years before she gathered enough courage to submit a manuscript to a publisher.

Before she submitted “Getting Wild” Sarah Barrie was petrified about submitting anything to publishers. To gain courage, she joined the Romance Writers of Australia and also participated in several no-pressure competitions.

She began with the “High Five” competition, which she found to be a fun exercise especially when she learned that she had ranked very high. After that, she entered several other competitions that required more writing.

Ultimately, two judges loved her manuscript and one did not care for it. Still, the fact that two judges had confidence in her writing gave her the confidence to begin writing more seriously and send her manuscripts to all manner of competitions.
The manuscript for “Getting Wild” did very well in a competition Barrie entered in the United States in addition to another held by the Romance Writers of Australia. She finally had the courage to send her manuscript to Escape Publishing’s editor Kate.
From there, things took a life of their own and she has never looked back since.

Sarah Barrie’s “Legacy of Hunter’s Ridge,” tells the story of Alissa Morgan-Jones, a successful horse trainer. She had the world at her feet but then everything had been destroyed by a tragic fire.

She is left in debt, and a widow suspected of arson, even as her life lies in ruins. She heads to her mother-in-law’s farm where she believes she can pull herself together and get back on her feet.

Four years after she fled from the scandal and city where he was disgraced and got his career ruined, Cameron Blakely has a new life and a very successful business. When Mavis Littleton his neighbor gets a terminal illness diagnosis, he volunteers to take charge of her important affairs as they await the arrival of her daughter-in-law.
Once Alissa finally arrives, he cannot help but be intensely attracted to her. However, there is more to her than the lost expression and the big blue eyes but she refuses to open up and let him in.

However, there are secrets in both Hunters Ridge and Alissa’s past that may threaten more than the fledgling feelings that Cameron has. Deep in the isolated brushland is a danger that neither of them anticipated even though it is a threat to everything including their love, the town, and their lives.

“Shadows of Hunter Ridge” by Sarah Barrie is a thrilling romance fiction work about Ebony Blakely and Lee Dalton.
The former is having her best life as she is running a successful veterinary business in the town of Hunter’s Ridge and has a close-knit group of friends. The only negative in her life is that she cannot find romance.

There is a man she has a huge crush on but he treats her like a friend despite her best efforts to change his perception of her.

Lee Dalton is a former police officer whose past is the chip on his shoulder. He will make his construction business a success no matter what and does not want to be distracted by Ebony who is the best friend of his sister.
However, seeing her every day as he works on renovating her veterinary practice has been making things complicated.

It is not long before their feelings are badging into their friendship and this becomes more pronounced when Ebony’s life is threatened. She is terrified but will not run from the monsters as Lee has promised to use everything he has learned as a police officer to protect her.
However, the people after her are serial killers determined to take her out.

Sarah Barrie’s “Promise of Hunter’s Ridge” is the story of Ben Bowden and Mia Morgan. When Mia saved her loved ones from the threats of a serial killer and got away from an obsessive boss, she felt like nothing life threw at her would be too much.
However, she is now the target of a deranged hunter who has a reputation for preying on women for sport. She cannot run as her loved ones would then be targeted. Moreover, the brilliant detective Ben Bowden who has been on her case for years has come up with a crazy plan to keep her safe.

If she works with him, her true feelings for the man may become known but if she refuses his help, the hunter may just win. Ben Bowden hates that he has been unable to find the serial killers but things just became very real when Mia Morgan is targeted.
She has never forgiven him and is very uncooperative as she does not want his help. It is a huge challenge to protect her and things are only complicated by the fact that whenever they are together the sparks are always flying.

He needs to make her trust him and his plan even as she is willing to risk everything to turn the hunter into the hunted.

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