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Sarah Blake is a noteworthy American author hailing from Washington D.C, who likes to write historical fiction books and poetry. She is known to set the stories of her books in the popular historical era and around noteworthy events. The debut novel of author Blake is called Grange House, which is set in Maine during the Victorian era. This book was released in 2001. Author Blake’s second book, The Postmistress, is an interesting story that takes place at the time of the World War II in London and Massachusetts. Blake sold this book publication after a gap of nine years following his first book’s publication. Before the start of her writing career, author Blake used to teach the English language at the college and school level in New York and Colorado. She was involved in the field of teaching for quite a few years. Later, Blake got involved in teaching fiction workshops at several institutions such as the University of George Washington and the Maryland University. Blake’s second novel called The Postmistress achieved tremendous success all over the world and received excellent reviews from numerous critics. The favorable reviews further helped the cause of the book’s publication as it was to reach out to a wide range of audience after gaining the various positive reviews. Some of the best reviews came from The New York Times. The book was compared to another novel called The Help written by Kathryn Stockett. Author Blake is happily married to a poet named Joshua Weiner. She is blessed with a couple of sons from her loving husband. Blake was born in New York City, United States. She moved out of her hometown at a young age to focus on her career. Later, she made her permanent residence in Washington DC, married there, and is well settled now. Her successful writing career has allowed her to live the life of a celebrity.

When Blake sits down to write her novels and stories, she is helped by her husband, Joshua Weiner, who gives some important inputs to her about how to proceed with her project and arrive at the conclusion. During the initial days of her writing career, the author wrote a poem chapbook known as Full Turn. It was published in 1989 by the Pennywhistle Press. She also wrote an artistic novel called Runaway Girls in 1997. This book was written in collaboration with an artist named Robin Kahn. The Grange House, author Blake’s debut novel, was named as a New & Noteworthy paperback in 2001 by the NYT. In addition to writing full length novels, author Blake has also written reviews and essays, which have appeared in the News & World Report US called Good Housekeeping, as well as in Chicago Tribune and several other publications. While Blake was engaged in teaching classes of fiction workshops, she was posted at the Center Fine Arts Works in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and in Bethesda MD’s Writer’s Center. The Postmistress written by author Blake has received appreciations from far and wide places of the world. This book tells the story of a woman named Frankie, who sets herself to take on the world of journalism, which is dominated by the male population. Frankie gets involved in intrepid reporting of the Second World War in Europe. The broadcasts of Frankie prove to be of a great interest to the wife of a doctor named Emma, whose husband travels to England to serve during the war; and Iris, who is a local postmistress always trying to ensure that she delivers the mails to the right address. Author Blake says that she enjoyed a lot while she was developing her books and states that she had the experience of a lifetime as the stories also taught her some important lessons about life and work.

The first novel written by Sarah Blake in her career is entitled ‘Grange House’. This novel was released by the Picador publication in the year 2000. Author Blake has introduced the primary characters in this novel as Maisie Thomas, Miss Grange, and several others. At the start of this book’s story, it is shown that Maisie Thomas likes to spend the summer season of every year at the Grange House, which is a hotel located near the coast of the city of Maine. This hotel is owned by the elegant and beautiful Miss Grange. A turning point comes in the life of Maisie Thomas when she visits the hotel in the summer of 1896 when she was 17 years old. In the morning of the next of her arrival Maisie comes to know that the local fishermen have made a disturbing discovery. The dead bodies of drowned lovers were found from the bottom of the sea. The lovers were clasped in the arms of each other when they were discovered. This turns out to be the first of the many events that bring a shadow over the summer plans of Maisie Thomas. As she begins to consider the attentions given to her by a couple of very different men, she also falls under Miss Grange’s gaze. She tells some very disturbing stories to Maisie Thomas related to her past life. Soon, Maisie realizes that the lovers might have been killed and their death might have been made to look like a suicide or an accident. Maisie also fears that she might at an arm’s length from a deadly killer, who would not hesitate to kill her at the first chance he gets. This book is filled with rich details, language, and customs of the time in which the story is said to take place. On the whole, the book is a wonderfully written page turning novel that consists of literary romance and suspense.

Another excellent book that author Blake has written is called ‘The Postmistress’. It was published by the Penguin publication in the year 2010. The book is set around 1940-41 in Europe and Cape Cod. At the beginning of the book’s story, three different women are introduced, whose life stories are described as the novel progresses further. The women, Iris, Frankie, Emma, try to live their lives at a time when Hitler unleashes his fury on the entire Europe. The situation becomes so tense that the Americans begin to wonder they will take part in the war very soon. Emma marries a doctor named Will, who lives in Cape Cod. She always tries to put a good impression of herself in front of others. Iris works as a postmaster. Similarly, Frankie also lives through her life by working as a reporter. She too experiences some horror because of the Blitzkrieg, but manages to avoid the troubles and move ahead. The story takes an interesting turn when the 3 women’s lives intersect.

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