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Sarah Bourne is a published author.

Sarah first got her start when her debut novel The Train was released in 2021. If you love drama, mysteries, or anything that involves something being unraveled or solved, then you’ll definitely want to jump at the chance to read this author’s work.

Sarah was born in England and grew up there with her family. She eventually spent some time in the United States and resided in both America and Japan. She is well-traveled and has been to the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Ultimately, Bourne decided that there was no better place to call home for the moment than Sydney and moved to Australia. There she does not just write books but also works as a counselor. She enjoys working with people and has to admit that when it comes to their behavior, she finds it “endlessly fascinating”. She also teaches yoga.

Sarah Bourne first came out with The Train and quickly followed that up with Ella’s War. If you are someone that cannot get enough of fresh fiction and always wants something new to read, then be sure to check out The Train and Ella’s War!

The Train is the debut novel from author Sarah Bourne. Drama is in full supply here as Bourne delivers a dramatic story that will have readers on the edge of their seats until it is complete.

No one wakes up in the morning and thinks that their day is going to start with some type of tragedy happening, but somehow that is precisely what is about to occur. What will this day that has begun so strangely hold for the reader to witness? Perhaps you’ve heard of the butterfly effect, the theory that events cause other events to happen without even meaning to simply because their presence causes other things to happen that would not have happened otherwise.

In The Train, everything seems to be going smoothly and it is just another day when a woman decides that she is going to take a step to go in front of a rushing commuter train so that she can bring her time on this planet to an end. The act not only one ends her life, but will set a bunch of actions into motion that will end up affecting the people riding on that train for a long time– and perhaps forever.

There are eight people on this train as passengers that do not know each other but are about to play witnesses to the very same horrible event. They have no idea what is about to happen, but once it occurs, all of them face a crisis of identity. The event causes them to not only react but to take a hard look at who they believe that they are and when it comes to life, what they really want to get out of it.

For some of these eight strangers, their deeper emotions are revealed. For others, it’s a moment where they’re reflecting not only on their life choices but the fact that they are all facing death and the reality that they each will individually pass one day whether they choose to or not.

Can they go through this experience and find that their experience of life is just as it was before, or will they discover that the passing of someone that they never knew personally is the exact pivotal moment where they are motivated to make the changes in their lives that they have been needing? All of these characters are lacking the catalyst that they have needed to change things up in some way.

Could this moment they have all lived through be an actual life-changing moment for them all? Or will only some of them take the lesson and go out and seize the day? Read this amazing debut from Sarah Bourne to live all of the drama and the uniqueness of this story for yourself!

Ella’s War is the second novel to come out from Sarah Bourne. If you read the first novel to come out from this author and enjoyed it, be sure to check out yet another suspenseful thriller that will have you reading to the end to find out what happens!

The main character in this story is Ella Elkington. She’s a young woman that has found herself in a unique position. She has no functioning memory and no idea who she is.

Ella finds herself in a hospital when she wakes up, and has some physical injury but is otherwise fine. Other than the fact that she doesn’t remember what her name is or much of anything. Eventually she discovers what has happened when the doctor informs her that she had been in some type of car accident.

The staff were able to figure out who she was through a letter found in her purse. Ella asks if she could see it, but is told that the letter has gone missing. She’s disappointed as it holds the chance to tell her about herself, but has hope renewed once more when the hospital is able to find her brother.

Her brother comes to visit her and Ella is happy to find that she is feeling that bits of her memory are being jogged from childhood. When she gets out, she uses letters and diaries along with an old friend Sheila to figure out who she used to be and the truth of her life. She finds out that she worked as a nurse while the war was going on. After D-Day, she was moved to a French mobile hospital.

Ella is reassured by this information but still has nightmares and has not yet figured out what led up to her being involved in an accident in the first place. She also would love to know what happened to the letter– and why she’s dreaming of a specific young man so frequently.

Can Ella figure out the truth of her past or will it forever elude her? Read this suspense novel to find out and pick up a copy of Ella’s War!

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