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Sarah Castille is a USA Today and New York Times Bestselling author, with a Masters Degree in law from the University of Edinburgh, where she worked at a large firm in London, as well as a B.A. Honors in History. After working for a few years as a lawyer, she decided to try her hand at writing stories, and soon after, a star was born. Working as a full time writer, she now writes contemporary romance, erotic romance, suspense, and contemporary erotic romance. Her characters are foul-mouthed alpha males and the beautiful women who tame them. Sarah Castille writes both short stories and novels; so far, she has written over ten stories. She has created four book series: Redemption, Sinner’s Tribe M.C., Club Excelsior, and Legal Heat. Castille lives in Vancouver Island, in Canada, with her husband and kids. She has also won nineteen awards for her many stories.

“Legal Heat”, a erotic romance, suspense novel, the first novel in Castille’s series of the same name. Katy Sinclair, a conservative, lawyer and divorced, mother of two, entered a fetish club as part of a case and it would change her life. She has to deal with her ex-husband coming around begging for another chance; she keeps saying no because he keeps cheating on her, and she’s finally had enough with it. Complicating matters is that she finds out that the man she had sex with, is opposing her in a case she is working on. His name is Mark Richards, and he co-owns the fetish club, Carpe Noctern, that Katy met him in. The only way they can act on their budding romance is if one of them steps down on the case. Much like her he can’t afford to step away from the case because his law firm depends on the work that his client, Darkon Steele, throws his way, they would not last much longer in the economy. She can’t step away because she is trying to climb within her company. The more she works this case, the more danger she finds herself under; she has her life threatened if she continues working on it. It forces Mark to have to figure out if he is doing the right thing, he thinks maybe he should quit the case to protect her.

Fans of the book have praised Castille’s ability to find a balance of intrigue, a little bit of legalese, drugs, smoking-hot sex, and murder. The book, fans commented, was fast, well-written, and erotic at the same time. Some readers had strong feelings towards the ex-husband, they found that he was creepy, and his interactions with Katy were humorous. They also liked there was a good amount of action, writing, Castille uses the English language well, the readers never know what’s going to happen next, and a good story that pulls the readers in. Another reader liked that Castille took readers into the mindset of what a lawyer thinks about when they are preparing a case, how they research the cases too, while still making an interesting read out of the book. Some readers also found the cop, James, and the PI Lana to be great characters and they hoped there was a book just for them in the works. Readers who did not like the book criticized it for being too slow and having characters that the readers were not able to relate to and were cardboard cutouts. Some were unable to keep reading and it did not keep their attention.

“Barely Undercover”, a erotic romance suspense novel, the second novel in Castille’s series of the same name. Lana Parker, a minor character in “Legal Heat” takes center stage in this book. She follows a biker gang, called the Hades MC, into an underground sex club, working a case for the wife of the leader, Rex Morgan, to help her get a divorce. The Hades MC is a club that has ties to many illegal activities. Angel wants Lana to look into her husband’s illegal and adulterous activities because she also wants to keep custody of their son when they divorce. In her pursuit of evidence against the club, she finds the man, James Hunter, who broke her heart and was also a minor character in “Legal Heat”. Since they last met, James has changed quite a bit; now, he has long hair, facial scruff, and goes by the name of Ice. For reasons Lana does not know. When Rex sees Lana, he wants her for himself, even though he is married to Angel. To keep her from getting hurt, James says that Lana is his old lady. What Lana does not realize is that he is trying to take the gang down and is working undercover, and that he broke up with her to protect her. She gets into some danger that forces her to go on the run, James decides to help her, to once again protect her. They both have to deal with their pasts because they have come back and are now affecting their present, getting them into deep trouble.

Some readers have said that they liked some of the biker characters, like Ryder and Kickstand, as well as Lana’s partner Jackie, Castille’s description was praised and described as vivid, and readers felt everything that the characters in the story felt, and they liked the dialogue, as well as the banter between the characters. They also liked the chemistry that Lana and James had, and they feel that it was strong from the moment the two of them met. They also liked the fact that Castille was able to work James and Lana’s history into the story without seamlessly makes their bond stronger towards one another and pushes them towards each other, even though they try to resist. Readers also found this book to be a page turner, they wanted to see how James and Lana would work their way out of their trouble and make a life together. Some readers did not like this book because they felt Lana went beyond being an independent woman to someone who put her own life in danger and was reckless or plain stupid. Another thought the main characters had no depth to them and they were bored reading the book.

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