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Publication Order of Hilary Tamar Books

Thus Was Adonis Murdered (1981)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shortest Way to Hades (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sirens Sang of Murder (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sibyl in Her Grave (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

The Perfect Murder(1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Oxford Book of Detective Stories(2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Women Before the Bench(2001)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sarah Caudwell is a pen name that was predominantly used by legendary author Sarah Cockburn, who was born in the year 1939. Caudwell has numerous novels under her name, all of which are part of the Hilary Tamar book series. Apart from the Hilary Tamar book series, author Sarah Caudwell co-wrote several other novels and numerous short stories. Before Sarah became an author, Sarah Caudwell served as a British Barrister and a Medieval Law professor. Caudwell was one of the very few women within the Oxford Union. According to legend, Sarah Caudwell dressed up in men’s clothing to protest Oxford Union’s, all male policy. Due to the fact that Sarah Caudwell had an extremely brilliant mind, she joined the Chancery Bar in the year 1966, where she worked to ensure that she excelled in tax and property law. However, it was after arriving at Lloyd’s bank; Ms. Cockburn devised the pseudonym, Sarah Caudwell.

Sarah Caudwell Best Books
Thus Was, Adonis Murdered
Thus Was, Adonis Murdered presents a feast for the mind. Despite the fact that it lacks a certain sense of poetic constitution or a sense of lyricism, all the books in the Hilary Tamar book series are considered to belong to a mystery genre where dialogue and language take priority. To every wonderfully descriptive passage, to every witticism, every spoken dialogue concepts appearing to be removed from the ether and the precision of the word choice, selected not to leave the readers in doubt of the intention of the passage. The result is an extremely satisfying experience, where the mind is going to be replenished, and the reader’s inspiration is going to be awakened from a deep linguistic slumber.

In Thus, Was Adonis Murdered we meet a team of young London barristers, who are more than concerned about Julia, there friend. Julia heads to Venice on holiday alone. According to her friends, Julia is the kind of individual who not only trips over things but also loses her way. Furthermore, she also forgets to pay her income taxes. Thus, with some trepidations, the young barristers meet to read Julia’s letter. In the letter, Julia highlights her canal goal in Venice and even points out that she has already spotted a potential romantic partner in Venice. The man was not only good-looking, but he also had an outstanding personality. The young barristers who had congregated find the letter highly entertaining. However, their joy does not last for long.

After staying in Venice was quite some time, they receive a news bulletin that Julia had been accused of killing someone. The barristers find the notion quite incredible and thus set out to prove Julia’s innocence. Author Sarah Caudwell makes use of an epistolary format, which works extremely well.

Shortest Way to Hades
Readers who love sly humor, satire, and cleverly plotted mysteries are definitely going to enjoy the second novel by author Sarah Caudwell. In Shortest Way to Hades, we meet with Hilary Tamar, who happens to be a snobbish and hilarious narrator. A narrator who condescends to tax inspectors, solicitors, Cambridge graduates and accountants as well. Shortest Way to Hades is a funny, twisty and witty adventure. The novel revolves around an inheritance that is worth 5 million pounds. An individual believes that the 5 million pounds were more than enough to commit a crime. With the assistance of Selena, Cantrip, Julia, Timothy, and Ragwort the family gets together. The irreverent team of barristers, not only come up with a way of breaking the trust but also hurdling all the legal obstacles and paving the way for the extremely beautiful Camila without necessarily worrying about the others.

Everyone is happy with the decisions made. However, when Dreidre reaches the age of the majority, she suddenly becomes an unwanted threat. However, Deidre does not want much; just 80,000 will work for her. It does not take long before Dreidre accidentally falls from the balcony. Due to the fact that all the family members do not want a scandal, they ask the local police to rule the death as death by misadventure instead of suicide. Julia is the only person who believes that the death was not suicide, but rather Dreidre had been killed, and thus she asks Professor Hilary Tamar to look into the incidence. After hearing the facts, Professor Hilary Tamar is not convinced that Dreidre had been killed. According to Hilary, if a murder had taken place, then the killer had just killed the wrong. Instead of Dreidre, the killer ought to have killed, Camilla, the heiress.

The Sirens-Sang of Murder
The Sirens Sang of Murder is the third installment in the Hilary Tamar book series. Lawyers, financial advisors, and bankers mainly exist so that they can assist people in limiting their tax liabilities. Individuals who are fascinated by tax liabilities and those who are not will definitely be fascinated as one Michael Cantrip is sent to the English Channels. The main reason why Michael is sent to the English Channel is to provide legal advice, to a team that administers an extremely mysterious trust. As a matter of fact, the trust is extremely mysterious such that all of the administrators have even lost all the names of the beneficiaries. Back home, Selena, Julia and Ragwort, Michael’s friends and his uncle are eagerly waiting for his next telexes.

From this point onwards, The Sirens-Sang of Murder is filled with intrigue, murder, and sex. Colonel Cantrip, Hillary’s uncle, is a superb addition to the Hilary Tamar book series. Apart from adding Levity, Catnip also adds zest and an extremely casual approach to violence. Furthermore, the Sark Island was a superb setting and a wonderful background for seduction and intrigue especially due to its extremely brutal coastline, WWI encampments, and history of witchcraft. Author Sarah Caudwell employs a device where Cantrip is extremely clueless about his whereabouts, harassed by his uncle, and taking his case while in absentia, in the process adding a comical effect to the narrative.

The Sibyl in her-Grave
Sibyl in her Grave is the final installment in the Hilary Tamar book series. As expected, half of the narrative is narrated in letters. The entire crew of Julia, Cantrip, Ragwort, and Selena are present once again. The group decides to take a look into aunt Regina’s tax problems only to find insider trading, hidden identities, and poisonings.

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