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Author Sarah Cross loves secret identities, lowbrow art, silence, and fairy tales. This last thing she incorporates into her work.

Her love of fairy tales began when she was a kid, and then when she was in college, she read the originals. These stories had all the fantastical elements, but also had dark, violent, and twisted parts to them too. There is still a happy ending, except for the characters in a fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tales, and there is much more treachery going on.

Her debut novel, “Dull Boy” was published in the year 2009, and is about superheroes. It comes from her love of the X-Men cartoon, and it lead to her spending a bunch of money on comics. Sarah even drew and wrote a rip off of the X-Men comic that she called The eXcuses. It features a group, that she created, being trained by a member of the X-Men.

Her book, “Kill Me Softly” was a selection for YALSA Teens’ Top Ten and Best Fiction for Young Adults. Kirkus Reviews named “Tear You Apart” one of their Winter’s Best Bet.

“Dull Boy” is the first stand alone novel, which was released in the year 2009. What would you do if you could deadlift a car, and spend nights flying around just to get away from everything?

If you happen to be Avery Pirzwick (who is just fifteen years old) you keep these facts to yourself. You cannot afford to allow others to know about this secret.

He is able to make some friends that are as extraordinary as him. Avery understands they are more than freaks, and working together, they could be heroes. They have to find if they should trust a mysterious and powerful person named Cherchette. He is a would be mentor whose great generosity could come with a terrible price.

Fans of the novel enjoyed reading about Avery, as he is just a cool guy that has a good heart. Not to mention that he is likable and quite funny to boot. The friends he makes are able to make you fall in love with them too. They each have great powers and bring something to the story. Each of the kids’ case files about them and their powers are included, something that gives this a lived in feel to the story. This is simply a fun and action packed read that many enjoyed a lot.

“Kill Me Softly” is the first novel in the “Beau Rivage” series, which was released in the year 2012. Mirabelle’s past is covered in secrets. From the way her parents died to the half truths she is given by her guardians about why she is not allowed to go back to Beau Rivage, where she was born. She is desperate to go back to the town, and runs away just one week before she turns sixteen. Mirabelle finds a world that she could never have imagined before.

Beau Rivage is a place where nothing is what it appears to be. There is the obnoxious playboy that is a beast to those he meets, the oddly pale female with some kind of morbid interest in apples, and the chivalrous guy that has a thing for damsels who are in distress. This is a place where fairy tales are brought to life, curses get awakened, and ancient stories play out time again.

Fairy tales are ugly things, and they do not end with happily ever after. Mira has her role to play in it, her own fairy tale destiny to resist or embrace. She fights to take control of her own fate, she is pulled into two brothers’ lives with their own fairy tale curses. She is going to find that love is a lot like fairy tales, both can have hidden thorns and sharp edges to them.

Fans of the novel like how these books are based on the Grimm retellings of the fairy tale, as it made things that much darker. It is not like it was in the Disney versions. This is a great world that Sarah Cross has come up with, she makes this unbelievable and bizarre world feel like something that could really happen in the everyday world.

“Tear You Apart” is the second novel in the “Beau Rivage” series, which was released in the year 2015. If you want a happily ever after of your own, first you have to survive. Viv understands that there is no escaping her own fairy tale curse. Her gorgeous stepmother, she knows, is going to feed a poison apple to her or convince Henley (Viv’s on again, off again boyfriend) to hunt her and then cut her heart out before Viv is able to break his. Some princesses have the destiny to be prey in Beau Rivage.

Then, she gets an invite to go an exclusive club where the Twelve Dancing Princesses go and twirl away each of their nights. She meets Jasper, while she is there. He is a prince of the underworld, who would appear to have it all. What he really wants is Viv. He vows that he is going to save her from her dark destiny, and all she has to do is join him and be queen.

All Viv must do is pull herself away from the huntsman guy that still has her heart. She just might live long enough to see if happily ever after is a promise that Jasper can keep. Would life as one of the queens of the underworld worth giving up the true love that could kill her one day?

Fans of the novel enjoyed this a lot, even more than they thought they would. Some even found themselves enjoying this one even more than book one. The books keep showing how big of a world this is. For some, this was a beautiful retelling of a fairy tale they have ever read. This book features many other aspects than just a story about Snow White, and her escape from an evil stepmother.

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