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The Wicked We Have Done (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Our Broken Sky (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Vault of Sins (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Eight Will Fall (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Author Sarah Harian went to Fresno State University, where she got her MFA in Creative Writing and BA in English Education. Sarah grew up in the foothills of Yosemite.

When she is not busy writing, she usually is hiking a mountain somewhere in the Sierras, rough-housing with her dog, or playing video games with her husband. Sarah has a fondness for sharing a wonderful meal with some equally wonderful people, open world RPGs, and adventure novels. Any other free time is spent dreaming up monsters and listening to movie scores.

Sarah writes the “Chaos Theory” series, the first of which, called “The Wicked We Have Done” (which is also her debut novel) was released in the year 2014. Her work is from the young adult, horror, and fantasy genres.

“The Wicked We Have Done” is the first novel in the “Chaos Theory” series, which was released in the year 2014. Evalyn Ibarra, twenty-two years old, never thought she would be an accused killer and the subject of an experimental prison test. One year ago, she was only a normal college student. Now she has gotten sentenced to one month in the Compass Room, which is an advanced prison obstacle course that was designed by the government to carry out justice. Should she survive, the entire world will that she is innocent.

Evalyn, who is locked up with nine potentially psychotic and notorious criminals, has to fight the prison and deconstruct her past to survive. The system that is prized for accuracy seems to be killing at random. She does not plan on making friends or falling in love.

The book is suspenseful, thought provoking, and romantic that readers could not put down. Sarah Harian has penned a heart pounding roller coaster of a thrill ride that is sure to make you cry, gasp, and smile throughout. The book has you rooting for criminals and pondering morality as well as questioning all of humanity.

“Our Broken Sky” is a novella in the “Chaos Theory” series, which was released in the year 2014. Valerie is different from Veda, her identical twin, and she always has been. Foul-mouthed, tattooed, and fiery, Valerie acts only on instinct, getting even with those that wrong her sensitive and passive sister.

Veda, who is twenty-two years old, does not want to get revenge against the three young guys that raped her. Val is another story, though. Val never could manage her anger all that well.

For Val, the Compass Room is just a quicker way for her to die. A payment for the crime that she feels absolutely no guilt for. There is absolutely no reason for her to fight. Not until a girl just as broken as her reminds Val of what it is like to hope.

Despite this story’s length, there is still a ton of story in its pages. It is great to read Valerie’s story before anything happened to her. Valerie was fantastic in the first book and she is great in this one. You get to see just what happened to her so that she wound up in the Compass Room. Still, readers wish the story was longer, just so they could have spent even more time with these fantastic characters.

“A Vault of Sins” is the second novel in the “Chaos Theory” series, which was released in the year 2014. Even though Evalyn Ibarra escape, she is anything but free. She desperately wants to go back to a life that does not exist anymore, but prying reporters continue to pull her back into nightmarish memories and use the tabloids to vilify her. The last thing she needs at the moment is bad press during what is the trial of the year: the case that she as well as her fellow survivor staked against the engineers of the Compass Room. It is a case that could terminate the use of the inhumane system forever.

In her dreams, she finds herself still locked in that horrifying jail. She wakes up, and somebody is trying to communicate with her in secret, through some odd and intricate clues. While Evalyn follows these signs, she discovers a conspiracy that goes much deeper than her own ordeal. Only she is able to bring the dangerous intrigue to light. One that is going to require that she work with the one person she is uninterested in seeing. The person that owns her heart.

The book dives deeper into the Compass Room’s workings and meet up with those people that want to expose the truth. Fans enjoyed the fast pace, were fascinated, and they held their breath through certain sections. Sarah Harian develops Casey and Evalyn’s relationship, something that is nice to see in this one.

“Eight Will Fall” is the first stand alone novel, which was released in the year 2019. Magic is illegal in this world. Eight criminals, led by the rebellious Larkin have been sent on a mission to rid the realm of the ancient evil that lurks under the surface. Descending into a world that is filled with some unspeakable horrors, Larkin and the rest of her crew have to use their forbidden magic in order to survive.

As they continue to fight it out in the shadows, Larkin is able to find light in Amias, a fellow outlaw that has a notorious past. Quickly, Larkin and Amias find that their destinies are actually intertwined. These eight were picked for a reason.

While the beasts continue to increase in number and Larkin’s band is picked off one by one, she has to face a horrible truth. They were never meant to come back.

This is a creepy and enthralling young adult fantasy book that is creepy and suspenseful. Readers were pulled in right away and the world building was unique and not all that complicated. Some readers were scared while reading this, yet still found it tough to put the book down for very long. For some, it gets a bit darker than some had originally expected when they started it.

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