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Someone Else's Skin (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Other Darkness (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tastes Like Fear (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Quieter Than Killing (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Come and Find Me (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Never Be Broken (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Sarah Hilary is an all time United Kingdom great crime novelist. She was born in Cheshire but later moved to the South East where she joined college and graduated with a first class honors degree in History Ideas specialty. She has worked with the Royal Navy and one time served bookseller. She lives in Bath with her family, husband and a young daughter where she served as a dedicated full-time writer writing crime novels set in Los Angeles and London.

Hilary made her debut in the publishing world after the publication of her first book Someone Else Skin in 2014. The novel received positive reviews from the readers globally due to its well-articulated nature, and in 2014, it was the top pick by Richard & Judy Book Club in the United Kingdom. The book also made it to the finalist stage in Macavity Award &Silver Falchion, and in 2016 it was picked as one of the few titles for World Book Night.

Sarah Hilary second book Other Darkness was published in 2015; it is the sequel to the debut novel Someone Else Skin. The novel was nominated for the Barry Award. The third book in the D.I Marnie Rome series Tastes like Fear was published in 2016.

Some of Sarah Hilary novels are majorly based on her family history, for instance, My Mother, was Emperor Hirohito’s Poster Child, released in March 201 for The Guardian describes her parents and grandparents experienced as the Japanese prisoners in Batu Lintang Camp where Stanley George Hill, her grandfather died in 1945. She wrote the inauguration for Virago new editions for This Sweet Sickness, the Two Faces of January and People who knock on the Door.

Someone Else’s Skin

This is the first book in the DI Marnie series by Sarah Hilary. Detective Marnie knows what it takes to complete her assignments. Five years ago, her parents were brutally murdered, and her foster brother was sent to prison, and despite this, she prefers to keep her personal life private and not to share it with anyone not even her partner Jake. On the other hand, not even Noah knows any single detail regarding DI Marnie own life, and he does not even relay his personal life to anyone either. Now this time round, the two partners are trying to solve a domestic violence case and a different blend of crime.

The current case under investigation- Hope Proctor, stabbed her husband on the claims of self-defense, and many of the witnesses who saw the whole ordeal narrate distinct stories, but the question remains, how did the husband, Leo Proctor manage to get to the secure shelter.

When it all happened, the two detectives were conducting an interview on Ayana Mirza, trying to convince her to testify against her brothers for pouring bleaching agent on her face for the claims that she is a dishonor in their family. However, Ayana Mirza knows pretty well that her brothers are looking for her and she has no doubt that they will kill her this time.

As more violence builds up, DI Marnie finds herself drawn into the long shadow cast of her past that she must tread very careful if she must survive this whole ordeal.

Someone Else’s Skin is a well-conceived story; the characters are well crafted, while the relationships that exist especially between DI Marnie and her fellow colleagues feels real. The novel uses some short chapters that run like a film, while each scene is a real snapshot that embeds itself.

No Other Darkness

No Other Darkness is the second to the first book in DI Marnie series by Sarah Hilary. This book introduces one of the most challenging cases in the Marnie Rome career as a detective. The case involves the discovery of the bodies of two young boys found five years in an underground bunker after their actual death. Marnie’s Rome focus on this case is to find the real identity of the two young boys murdered and what had happened to them. DI Marnie and DS Noah Jake are great pairings, both being two characters with hidden personal tribulations but seeking to ensure that their personal life does not affect their professional calling. For Detective Marnie, she is a very complex character who is highly dedicated to her job despite what life had to offer after her parent’s death. The plot twists and turns from the first gripping chapter to the last heart-wrenching chapter make this book a must-read for the readers of detective investigative series.

Tastes Like Fear

Tastes like Fear is book number three in DI Marnie series by Sarah Hilary. It all begins when DI Marnie and her partner Jake are called to attend to a car crash near Battersea Power Station. One of the driver states that a red haired lady driver, looking like freeing from a horror scene is the reason why he lost control. The girl has since disappeared from the crash scene, and this raises hope on the possibility that, a runaway girl, May Beswick who’s been missing for three months is still alive. However, when the driver has a glimpse on Mays photo, he states that it is not the same girl he had witnessed, thus prompting Marnie to undertake an investigation to establish the identity of the mysterious red-haired lady. The CCTV footages indicate the red haired girl together with May walking freely just near to Mays home. DI Marnie and DS Jake are tasked with the responsibility of finding the whereabouts of these two vulnerable teenagers. Pulling out all the together to ensure the safety of these two teens, DI Marnie must act swiftly if she needs to find these two young girls. Also with too many teens disappearing from the street every day, Marnie and Jake work up and down to uncover the vivacious circle of teenage girls escaping home in search of understanding but ending up altogether in a nightmare.

Tastes Like Fear is a superb and a compelling thriller to read. The author Sarah Hilary is one of the best writers producing most compelling characters with great scene settings.

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