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You Deserve Each Other (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twice Shy (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Just Like Magic (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Old Flames and New Fortunes (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sarah Hogle is a contemporary romance author and stay at home mom best known for her debut novel “You Deserve Each Other” published in 2020. Hogle has always been interested in creative writing as she wrote her first book aged only five and has never slowed down since. She has said that when she is not taking care of home and family she loves planning bizarre pranks and hoping to live in an ancient castle deep in a haunted forest. Sarah is also a huge believer in happy endings and enchanted forests.

Sarah Hogle’s debut novel “You Deserve Each Other” is a hilarious novel that comes with the meme-like jokes common in today’s society that has yet to find its way into novels. Despite it being her debut novel, Hogle shows just how good she is with writing characters right from the lead character to the supporting acts that are just exceptional. The lead characters in the novel are Naomi and Nicholas who throw off the filters in their lives and decided to live not to please anyone but themselves. They make a decision to show their real selves and are willing to grow even as Nicks Mom shows her obnoxious side and threatens to break apart their relationship. Naomi is a hilarious and lovable character with a great mindset that makes her very relatable. She wants to be the best she can be and is willing to put in the work to better herself. However, at the core of the novel is the theme of conflict in relationships. The two are always in some kind of conflict or competition that threatens to destroy their relationsip. Through their relationship, Sarah Hogle asserts that every obstacle, conflict or difficulty is an opportunity for growth. While there is a lot of conflict, the two live up to the assertion that love is fun as they are always willing to prank and sabotage each other just for fun which makes for some great reading. Overall it is a funny, sweet, comical and brutally honest novel that asserts that familiarity is critical for a fruitful and happy marriage.

Sarah Hogle’s “You Deserve Each Other” introduces Naomi Westfield and Nicholas Rose her fiancé that are only a few weeks away from tying the knot. While they seem like a perfect couple and he seems like a perfect man, she hates him with a passion. Despite her potential, she works at the local junk store that is on the verge of shutting down. She also does not have a support system as she does not have a close relationship with her family and except for her coworkers, Naomi has no friends. Things are also complicated by her fiancé’s overbearing mother who butts into their relationship. But then she learns that Nick her fiancé is also tired of the relationship and so begins a war of general sabotage, mind games and petty pranks that she hopes will make her fiancé call everything off. Nick responds to all this by purchasing a house deep in the woods as that is what his mother expects him to do. Despite being a respected dentist he still defers to his mother almost like a teenage boy. He believes that buying the house will save the relationship but Naomi is doubtful as she is convinced that Nicholas lacks interest and actively hates her though she has no evidence. She responds with cruel pranks that make it difficult to understand why Nicholas puts up with her or even want to marry her. Naomi ultimately realizes how wrong she has been but it may just be too late.

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