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Sarah Hollowell is an author who is best known as the author of “A Dark and Starless Forest” her debut. She also became famous for writing a tweet that made Netflix change its preview policy that many people had complained about.

Hollowell went to Ball State University from where she got a creative writing degree before she went on to work in customer service at the same institution. Her debut novel was first published in 2021 to much critical acclaim.

Her work has also been featured in prestigious magazines that include “Fireside Magazine,” “The NoSleep Podcast,” and “Huffington Post” among many others.
When she is not writing her novels, she can be found volunteering at the “Alpha Workshop,” where she teaches teenage authors, listens to all manner of podcasts, raises cats and watches horror movies at night.

In addition to being a leading voice against fatphobia, she has also been involved in campaigning against the discrimination of queer people like herself.

When Sarah Hollowell went to Ball State University, she initially studied anthropology but quit soon after to study creative writing. Once she graduated, she went on to work at Ball State as an administrative coordinator at the Educational Leadership department.

Even though she has a day job, she still did a lot of writing besides the emails she had to write.Hollowell was kept quite busy during this time with work and emails to readers, her publishing team, teachers and booksellers.

As an administrative coordinator, she still had to write a lot of official emails as she was the contact between the Educational Leadership Departments and other departments and organizations both within and without the college.

These usually vary from submission of various approvals, ordering supplies, putting through reimbursements among many other submissions. Her work is all about ensuring that the faculty spends more time teaching rather than dealing with bureaucratic paperwork. Still, she dreams of one day becoming a full time author.

While studying creative writing is a course that usually has a significant influence on later authorship, Hollowell has said that she does not have specific assignments or classes that made her into an author.

Still, she found the course very enjoyable as she learned how to communicate more effectively and how to read and think critically. She also learned how to value her skills and talents and represent herself better. Sarah met many English Department professors that told her to own her skills rather than hide them.
When she finally graduated from college and started working, she sought to glean as much as she could from that too. Her office made it possible to learn valuable skills such as editing and writing, which made it easier to write. All of these significantly contributed to her later career.

It was also there that she learned about being a better literary citizen. As a literary citizen, she will usually network with colleagues as they bounce off both work and extracurricular ideas off of each other.

Sarah Hollowell’s debut novel “A Dark and Starless Forest” is a brilliant thriller that opens to a girl having to confront some dark thing. Her siblings have been going missing and she knows it has to do with the growing darkness.

Derry lives with her eight siblings in one of the most isolated houses beside a lake and has no contact with the outside world. Behind their house is a menacing and eerie forest that seems to ever grow darker with each passing day.

Frank, the man who is like a father to them since he raised them when their families abandoned them, tells them they have to live in isolation for their own good. As people with magic he believes nowhere else could be safer.

But when their eldest sister goes missing, Derry is forced to head into the forest even though they had sworn to never go back there their last jaunt there ended in bloody disaster. But then another of her siblings goes missing and Derry thinks Frank is showing his true colors.

She no longer thinks they are safe and intends to do anything in her power, no matter how dangerous to protect her family. Derry may have to return to the forest that has lately been calling to her in voices eerily reminiscent of that of her siblings.

As she spends a lot of time in the forest, her magical powers exponentially increase but so does the darkness and viciousness that she tries to keep under wraps. Embracing her siblings and the darkness of the forest might just be the most dangerous thing she ever did.

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