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The Hanged Man Rises (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Blood List (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girlfriend (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Gift (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Other Couple (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mothers (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Festival (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sarah J. Naughton is a bestselling author of mystery fiction that is best known for her debut fiction novel “The Hanged Man Rises.”

The author was born in 1975 and spent much of her childhood living in the city. Later on, she went to UCL where she studied English literature, and has been living in London since that time.
She would then spend more than a decade working for an advertising agency as a copywriter before she gave it up to start a family.

It was while she was a stay-at-home mother that she began writing and ultimately published her award-winning novel “The Hanged Man Rises.”
It was this novel that would win Sarah J. Naughton’s The Costa Childrens Book Award.

She has now made a reputation for herself penning some very popular psychological thrillers that have been published in at least a dozen territories.
She currently makes her home in South London where she lives with her husband and two sons.

“The Girlfriend” by Sarah J. Naughton introduces hardass lawyer Mags Mackenzie who calls Las Vegas home.

She was shocked to get a call from Abe her estranged brother who had been involved in a terrible accident and it seems he had listed her as his next of kin.

Once she arrived in London, the police inform her that they believe her brother committed suicide. While it has been years since they last saw each other, she does not believe that he was a man to take his own life.
Jody who is the finance to her brother lives in the same complex he once lived. She had been the one that had found him seriously injured at the bottom of the staircase. She had been with him and never left him the whole time he had been in a coma.
She believed Jody would give her more answers but once they meet she has even more questions and very few answers. If the two were so in love why did Abe commit suicide without leaving any word?

Mags is determined to investigate her brother’s life before the accident and it is through this that we get insights into the life of the characters.
It is an intriguing work that follows Maggie on a quest for revenge.

Sarah J. Naughton’s novel “The Mothers” is an interesting unputdownable psychological thriller that follows five women.

The women met three years ago at an antenatal group and have been meeting regularly ever since despite their diverse personalities and their many differences.

The only thing they have ever had in common is that they were once all pregnant at the same time.

Bella reports to the police that Ewan her husband has gone missing. From that point on the story is told from a dual timeline perspective with the past leading up to the disappearance and the current investigation being told in parallel.
The police ask Bella and her friends about Ewan but do not believe they could be involved until some disturbing truth comes to light.

While this is for the most part the story of Bella and Ewan, it also details the lives of the five brilliant women.

All five women who are dealing with some dark predicaments from current and past happenings bring extra depth to the story.
It makes for a thrilling rollercoaster of shocking betrayals, emotions, secrets and twists, loyalty, and friendship.

“The Other Couple” by Sarah J. Naughton is an engaging psychological thriller full of turns and twists.

At the opening of the story, Asha just got up in the hospital and seems to be suffering from amnesia and as such, she does not remember how she ended up there.

Ollie her new husband is nowhere to be seen and she wonders where he could be. A few hours later, a friend comes to visit and she learns that she is in Vietnam on honeymoon but immediately knows something is not right.
The story goes forwards and backward in time from when she got married to how she ended up in Vietnam.

It slowly pieces together many intricate clues about the happenings on her wedding day on which things had suddenly been turned upside down.

We get to know Ollie and Asha’s family and friends and also the guests that all seem to have ulterior motives and something to hide.

As Asha methodically begins to remember what happened on the fateful day she comes to realize the many possibilities.
Could it have been a random accident or was another guest responsible?

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