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Sarah L. White is an American author of fiction. She enjoys writing novels that fall into the genre of romance or love above all other categories of fiction.

White was born in California, where she grew up. Not only did she spend her childhood there, but she also spent her college days in the sunny state as well. She attended the University of California in the Los Angeles division as well as C.S.U. (also known to people not in the know as California State University) at Long Beach.

Her time in college was spent well and now Sarah White has a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Psychology as well as a Master’s Degree in Counseling. She is a mother but in addition to being a wife and a mother, she also has an active job working.

That does not even mean writing but Sarah L. White actually spends her days and hours within them working as a therapist. She spends her weekends and her nights especially for writing love stories, which can be pretty fun. White currently resides in where else but the great state of California in the southern area. She lives there along with her husband and their two sons together.

Sarah L. White is the creator and the writer of the Rookie in Love series. These fictional novels are all about what to do when you need to follow your heart and you’ve also spent a lifetime playing sports instead of playing with your heart.

Rookie in Love is the first book in White’s exciting series. The main character in this novel is young woman Madeline Stone. She is someone that knows exactly where her future is going to go– and she doesn’t even have to think twice about it. When it comes to her future, Madeline’s family knows just what she should do and they’re not really concerned about what it is that she wants.

But Madeline’s going to make sure that the joke is on them. Her big plan is that on her birthday, when she turns twenty one years of age officially, she’s going to take back her own life. Even if that is one moment at a time. She’s taking back what she can before she totally gives in and does whatever they want her to do and dutifully follows the plan.

She isn’t even thinking about love or boys that much, but she’s not ruling it out. So when Jackson Rider comes around, Madeline is kind of interested. He’s your average typical southern boy, a kid who knows how to throw a football easily because he’d been doing it pretty much ever since he could walk.

Jackson actually does play football and he’s been playing ball a long time, usually in the position of quarterback. Madeline is vaguely impressed by that, but when she comes into contact with him it’s in ways that are totally unexpected.

Madeline can actually throw a ball and what’s more interesting is that her passes are totally unconventional and different from the way that he’s seen anyone throw. She’s the rookie, but he cannot seem to get this girl out of his head. She appeared like an angel out of nowhere and now he has a big time crush on this girl.

Jackson had a big plan for how his year was going to go, but is this girl enough to throw it all to the side for? What if she doesn’t even like him back? Football is usually the main focus for this southern kid, but now everything seems to have changed and he didn’t even get any advance warning!

Can Madeline and Jackson come together, or are things going to be strictly casual between the two of them? Sometimes when it comes to sports and love, you’ve got to give it all that you’ve got in order to truly find out.

If you want to know whether the two really ever get together, you’re going to have to read Sarah L. White’s Rookie In Love in order to find out for sure!

Rookie Playing for Keeps is the sequel to the first book in Sarah L. White’s Rookie series. Would you risk it all in a play for love? You may be surprised at how dedicated you can feel to someone that you just met– even if they came into your life in an unexpected way.

This second book in White’s Rookie series is the winner of awards and popular among readers! Madeline Stone and Jackson the quarterback were smitten with each other like kittens when we last left them. The two just seem to have a thing for each other that is more than just chance attraction. There was true chemistry between the two of them from the second that they met, and since then, it’s only continued to grow.

Madeline and Jackson Rider might just be destined to be together. They did fall in love while they were situated under the shining stars one night, and it’s been a year since they first came together and fell in love that night.

The two people are now sitting in a hospital room feeling like they can’t do anything. They’re waiting for the huge news to roll in and this gives Madeline the chance to understand that their story has unfolded in a very unique way.

She’s now considering whether it truly was worth it to go against the desires of her family that she knew about in order to be with the guy that she loved. The new challenge isn’t ruling out their chances at making it in the long term, but it is putting added stress on their relationship.

This novel goes back from the present to flashbacks to the past, and balances the tragedy of events we cannot control with a story that is somehow sexy but also sentimental in spirit! Check out White’s second book in the Rookie series, Rookie Playing for Keeps, to catch all of the action for yourself.

If you liked these books, be sure to check out the many other novels written by accomplished author and California native Sarah L. White!

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