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Until the End of the World (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
So Long, Lollipops (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
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All the Stars in the Sky (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sarah Lyons Fleming is an apocalyptic horror novelist that is best known as the author of “Until the End of the World” and “City” series of novels. The author was born and brought up in Brooklyn but has lived for more than ten years in Oregon. Along the way, she has had two kids and brought a hamster and two cats into her family. She likes to refer to herself as a wannabe prepper, which means she is obsessed with storing supplies and food. Lyons also loves to all things to do with water filters, camping gizmo and hunting knives. Nonetheless, she does not live in a bunker or have a year’s worth of food in her garage. She also loves hiding from large groups of people, making artsy stuff and sarcasm.

Fleming has always joked that she got into post apocalyptic fiction when she got a copy of Malevil from her father as a nine year old. Laura Ingalls Wilder’s novel “The Long Winter” is probably what resulted in her obsession with prepping. She also read a ton of novel along the way that she believes were a huge influence on her later career as an author. While she loved reading, she is not one of the classic authors that always dreamed of becoming an author as a child or in her teenage years. Sarah used to be the kid that would always be found walking home with her nose in a novel though she never thought she could ever write one. In fact, when her husband was studying creative writing, she once told him that writing a novel was too much work and she could never write one. However, writing things such as blog posts and school papers was something she always liked doing. Sarah Fleming loved to make words fit in flowing patterns and rhythms that she cannot describe in words and this she took to her career in fiction writing.

Sarah Fleming got into writing on a lark when she started reading prepper and post apocalyptic novels by self published authors. She always enjoyed the novels but was soon bored of the same characters repeated over and over. Most of the leads were ex military male preppers that were always too prepared that she could no longer find any joy in her reading. Fleming thought there were many other types of preppers that would make interesting proganists. There were survivors who are not preppers but have a good head on their shoulders. She wanted to see an ordinary person like herself take the lead in a prepper novel. She believed it would be great to have a prepper with a sense of humor face up to the challenges of a post apocalyptic world with family and friends. It was then that she got the idea for Cassie her lead character and her friends and began writing what she thought would be something she wanted to read. Sarah had always wanted a creative outlet and she loved writing as she could take care of her napping son while writing her novel on the couch. She intended to post her work on homesteading websites, zombie forums and prepper websites but once she was done, she thought why not try out self publishing. Once she published “Until the End of the World” her debut novel, she learned that she loved writing a lot even if it takes a lot of work to get a novel published.

Sarah Lyons Fleming debut novel “Until the End of the World” introduces Cassie Forrest the lead who faces a post apocalyptic future. She was not surprised by the fact that just as she made the decision to get her life together, the world as she knew it came to an end. Ever since she lost her survivalist parents, she had a series of losing streaks that included dating a real jerk, broken her engagement to Adrian and stopped painting. She may have to wait before she can rectify her mistakes as she has just enough time to leave Brooklyn and head upstate where her parents used to have a cabin before a deadly virus catches up to her. Escaping is hard enough but her friend’s bratty sister and her ex boyfriend who had tagged along are the best at improving the worst of situations. But then the two attract an undead to their cabin and Cassie is forced to evaluate how far she is willing to go to ensure that the people she loves are unsafe. Having to deal with a threat to their lives from the living dead threatens to make Cassie regress into the bad behaviors she had vowed to leave behind. Survival when everyone is dying can be exhilarating especially when shared with friends but Cassie will need to do more than just survive.

“And After” by Sarah Lyons Fleming continues from where the first novel of the series left off. Cassie Forrest could not have asked for a better as life with Adrian and her friend at Kingdom Come Farm could not be more perfect. With spring on the way, millions of zombies will be defrosting though she has come to take life in her stride imperfect as it may be. Meanwhile, the country is losing the safe zones as the zombies threatening their fences increase in number. Cassie still hopes that her family and friend will get through the tough times though the only guarantee she has is that the zombies cannot be completely eradicated and will never be satisfied with the death they inflict. It is a great novel that puts its readers through the wringer putting the characters in danger and getting them out again.

Sarah Lyons Fleming third novel “All the Stars in the Sky” starts off from the events of the past novel. Cassie and her friends have to leave what they called home and head to a new safe zone. They had always planned to go to Alaska if their compound was breached and once this happens, they get into a vehicle heading to Canada. They have very few supplies in terms of fuel and food but they work well together and are resourceful while hoping they can avoid the zombie infested areas. On the journey north, they have to deal with some very scary situations that will probably have most readers on the edge of their seat. They also meet some nasty people and some good people who help them on their journey.

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