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Sarah McBride is an American author and a speaker and activist for progressive and transgender rights. She has appeared on Brave Spaces (a 2014 short documentary), Crowning Change (2018 short documentary), and as herself on the Seth Meyers late night show (2018).

She has served as the Human Rights Campaign’s National Press Secretary. It is the largest organization in the country when it comes to civil rights for LGBTQ individuals. The author has been featured in such publications as Rolling Stone, Vogue, Washington Post, New York Times, and more.

Sarah McBride was born in Wilmington on August 9, 1990. She grew up in Delaware and has been an active part of the movement for progressive rights for some time. She came out while in college as transgender, an act that came while serving as the president of the student body while attending American University.

She has been credited with helping facilitate the legislation passage in Delaware regarding the banning of discrimination in employment, insurance, public accommodations, and housing based on gender identity. She was asked to speak at the July 2016 Democratic National Convention, a major event for her personally and for American history.

Born to Sally and David, Sarah was born with the name and identity of ‘Tim’ McBride. Before she came out, she worked locally as a campaign staff member. She would work on many different campaigns, including the 2010 campaign by Beau Biden (Attorney General), and Jack Markell (Governor) as part of his campaign in 2008.

Sarah would be elected to be student body president and used her last week to come out, announcing her identity as a woman that is transgender in the student newspaper at the university, The Eagle. She gained attention on a national and international level as a result. It was featured on NPR and even by Lady Gaga’s foundation. The Bidens also expressed support and pride regarding her decision.

She would serve an internship in 2012 at the White House and was the first transgender woman to openly work there ever. She also worked on issues for the LGBTQ while there, and her story was told by Jill Biden in a 2015 speech in May. She would also join the Equality Delaware board of directors.

McBride became a leading advocate for people of transgender identity in Delaware regarding legislation on hate crimes and legal protections. She led an effort to lobby for legislation that would protect those of transgender status, which passed. In June of 2013, an amended bill was re-passed by the senate of the state and Governor Markell signed it into law, thanking McBride for her courage and advocacy.

After, she joined a team promoting LGBTQ progress. She has also spoken at different events and colleges, including the National Dinner held by the Human Rights Campaign and more. She also had the honor of being named Delaware’s ‘Most Valuable’ Progressive, courtesy of the site ‘’. She made a Trans 100 list in 2014 and was recognized by other sites and individuals for her work. An article in 2015 also predicted that she would be the first American that is transgender to make it to ‘high’ public office through election.

Sarah served as a panelist on the topic of bullying among youth and in the workplace as part of the GLOBE Pride 2016 talk. She has been featured on all types of media outlets from television to magazine and radio and more.

McBride also had the chance to have her own “TED Talk” in April of 2016. The talk was all about how gender that is assigned at birth shouldn’t have the influence to dictate the people that we are. She would end up serving on a committee that was supporting Hillary Clinton and also was trying to educate as well as ‘mobilize’ transgender people to support her.

McBride would marry Andrew Cray in August of 2014. The decision came after he received a cancer diagnosis that was terminal. The two were married by Gene Robinson, an Episcopal Bishop that presided over their ceremony. Cray would pass away shortly after their union in four days’ time. She would honor her husband and his work for LGBT rights in her DNC speech.

She is the author of Nothing Left along with Brian McMinkle. This 2017 novel focuses on loss and how we deal with grief and the things that life can throw at us. Do you give up or battle through? Pick up this book to find out how main character Jack gets through the tough times and tries to find something that’s better than what he’s had.

Sarah McBride is the author of Tomorrow Will Be Different. This 2018 book is a memoir that is both current and captivating. All about the reality of gender identity, this book is both about the equality movement for transgender people as well as McBride’s own experiences, memories, thoughts, and beliefs.

A top activist and leading individual in the fight for civil rights for transgender people and all LGBTQ people, McBride is vocal about her own personal mission to fight around the globe for transgender rights.

She has accomplished a lot and still has a ways to go. But before McBride gained national attention and a platform as an activist, she was just a teen that was going through a struggle about her identity. Sarah is now sharing that struggle with readers with a level of honesty and emotional depth that is heartening and encouraging.

Sarah shares how she came out to her parents, who were supportive of her (but also distraught). She also details her journey of finding her way while identifying as a woman. Inspiring and detailed, this is the journey of a kid to a teen and college student to coming out and becoming one of the most prominent activists in the nation and building a strong career.

From being frightened to making history and falling in love, this book has it all. From the steps of the White House to being married to her first love Andy, this is Sarah’s story about her own story, journey, and identity, and the importance of activism. It’s also about how far we have come– and how far we still have yet to go. Pick up this book from Sarah McBride and read it all yourself!

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