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Back to Blackbrick (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Apple Tart of Hope (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Very Good Chance (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The List of Real Things (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Strange Kind of Brave (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

She is a mother, a wife, a professor and the list is endless. This goes to prove that a woman’s resume is usually endless and comprises of a lot of skills. Sarah Moore Fitzgerald was born in New York in 1965. She grew up in Co, Dublin. She is a professor and vice-president at Limerick University, Ireland. Her specialty is psychology and effective pedagogy in higher education. She has published several books on teaching, learning and academic writing. She lives in Limerick with her husband and three children. She started writing as a young child and has published several non-fiction books. She holds writers retreats for both students and academics in Ireland and internationally.

Most of her published books seem to complement her specialty and have therefore focused mostly on teaching and learning. She has managed to integrate her specialty into her passion which makes her fulfill the need for knowledge sought by her audience readers. She is known as Children’s book Author with her books living the young minds nourished and in need for more. Juggling between career and family has not stopped her from achieving her goals and has even made her grow closer to her family as they are her source of inspiration. She is married to the love of her life Ger Fitzgerald. Sarah Moore Fitzgerald books have a unique and compelling taste around them that make them suitable for people of all ages. They all have a psychological twist that makes them intriguing to most readers. She comes in contact with her readers by helping them visualize the characters being portrayed by her books.

In her book, The Apple Tart of Hope the book has been told from two angles of the main characters who are best friends, Oscar and Meg. They are separated when Meg moves to New Zealand and a new girl moves into her house making her Oscar’s neighbor. Oscar makes the best apple tarts that after eating gives people the impression that their life will be fine and all is well. After a misunderstanding derived from Meg’s letter things become harder for Oscar and he loses it. This is most especially because a bombshell is dropped about his mother’s death. He goes missing and people assume that he is dead with the exception of his brother Stevie who believes that he is alive.

As time passes Meg discovers the reasons that led to Oscar’s depression and owns up to her own mistake of being mean to her best friend. Despite, the ill intention of Paloma who is rotten and evil and the new occupant of Meg’s house they defy it all. Paloma has managed to set Oscar up for ridicule and a subject of bullying in school. Meg and Stevie set out on a journey to find Oscar and on their way they start figuring out what happened to Oscar. The story is about having hope and holding on even when everything else around you seems to point out something else. It is about loving and the importance of friendship being ready to be there for one another no matter the outcome. This is a powerful suspense story that makes it hard for readers to set it down.

In, The Apple Tart of Hope Sarah Moore Fitzgerald has used her skills in psychology to bring out manipulation and scheming characters. She has drafted their characters so beautifully that makes it hard for them to be pinpointed at first glance.

Her other book, Back to BlackBrick is another compelling book about love and loss. This is a book about the life of a teenager who wants to fit in and finds a weird way to deal with his grandfather’s Alzheimer’s. Cosmo is a teenager living with his grandparents after his mother fled in search of work to Australia. As his grandfather Alzheimer’s progresses the society around them seems to be aware of the various actions that seem to point out that his grandfather, Kevin Lawless, is not fit as a guardian. Social workers take over the situation and want to send Cosmo away to live with his uncle and take his grandfather into their care. It is during a rare moment of sound mind that Kevin gives his grandson a key with the instructions that it opens the gates of BlackBrick.

In the hope of helping his grandfather retrieve his memory, Cosmos sets out on a journey and goes to BlackBrick and opens the gate. He finds himself in the past and meets his grandfather as a 16-year old stable boy. BlackBrick Abbey is like a big house and with the men off at war the owner of the house is more than happy to take Cosmo in as one of the kitchen workers. Cosmo has a new home, but his mission is to gather memories so that he can give them to his grandfather and be able to outwit the social workers. In defeating the social workers he won’t be separated from his grandfather and sent off to live with his uncle.

The book had a personal touch to it since Sarah Moore Fitzgerald father had Alzheimer’s and this made it easy to clearly illustrate the fading mental process of the old man. The anger, shock and outbursts that are experienced by both the victims and their loved ones are clearly depicted in this book.

Sarah Moore Fitzgerald is currently the chair of Ireland’s National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and learning. Most of her heroes are her teachers and writers especially Miss Deane who helped her see literature in a new perspective because of her love and passion for books. Her best decade in life was her thirties when she conceived and delivered all her three children. She leads a busy life and one thing that she craves for is more time to write. She has learnt that in life one has to always continue persisting especially in the face of failure. You have to learn and acquire some lessons from failure so that you can excel in life and avoid them in the future. She is an author who has the interests of her readers in mind. She will help tap into the creativity skills that lie within everyone.

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