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Publication Order of Moose Springs, Alaska Books

The Tourist Attraction / The Tourist Trap (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Sarah Morgenthaler
Sarah Morgenthaler is a romance writer well known for her captivating romance stories set-in far-off places. When she is not writing, Morgenthaler is a geologist and an all-time science nerd. She spends her time studying rocks and playing with her pit bull. Travel is another of the author’s weaknesses, and she enjoys visiting national parks and hiking in her husband’s company. Morgenthaler is a two-time finalist in the Golden Heart award and a NOLA STARS award.

The Tourist Attraction
The Tourist Attraction comes first in the Moose Springs, Alaska series. This book star Graham Barnett, the owner and cook at The Tourist Trap, and Zoey Caldwell, a beautiful young woman working on her bucket list. Graham named his diner as a joke, but it had grown so popular despite the limited menu. He also doesn’t have the best customer skills, yet he seems always to attract a string of visitors to his business. Visiting Alaska has been top on Zoey’s bucket list. After saving for years, her dream has just come true. She has many things she wants to do during her two weeks in the Alaskan wilderness, and she is determined to complete them all.

The first time Graham meets Zoey, she is at the diner, drunk and exhausted. It seems like she had too much to drink, and the jet lag wasn’t helping either. Because Zoey’s friend had abandoned her, Graham decides to do the gentlemanly thing and drive her back to the resort where she is staying. While Graham is usually uninterested in the tourists, he cannot get his mind off Zoey. There is something about this girl that makes him want to know her better, and he can only hope that another opportunity to meet presents itself. Graham is in luck as Zoey is just starting her holiday, and she needs a local guide who knows all the cool places to visit. She also cannot forget the grumpy handsome stranger who was so kind to her.

With mutual attraction in the works, it doesn’t take long for Graham and Zoey to start developing feelings for each other. They have to remember that Zoey only has two weeks in Alaska at the back of their minds, so their relationship cannot grow to anything serious. This causes a few fights between them, but this is nothing compared to the sparks that fly every time Graham and Zoey get together. Once she gets to know him, Zoey realizes that Graham is more than just a grump. He is kind, talented, and every inch a gentleman. However, he did not like tourists in his small town since they brought a lot of chaos.
The Tourist Attraction is a sweet, sappy, and fun read with quirky, lovable characters. You will love meeting Graham, his dog, and his current obsession, Zoey. The story is slightly melodramatic, which works great if you love a bit of drama. Graham and Zoey enjoy an instant connection and the moments they share after this are simply magical. Curious to see how this story ends? Does Zoey decide to stay longer in Alaska in order to spend more time with Graham? Read this book to the last page for this and more. The Alaska backdrop gives the story an edge, and the romance between the two main characters comes in just the right dosage.

Mistletoe and Mr. Right
Mistletoe and Mr. Right comes second in the Moose Springs, Alaska series. This book follows Lana Montgomery, Zoey’s bestie. Lana is everything Moose Springs hates. The rich socialite is the complete opposite of what this quirky small town is used to. While the town is not welcoming to her, Lana is determined to change things and prove that she belongs. She doesn’t mind ditching her fancy stilettos for snow boots if that is what it takes to be accepted. In this story, Lana will be tracking the Santa Moose wreaking havoc and destroying Christmas decorations. She will also be working on setting up luxury condos for the family business.

How hard can catching this moose be? Well, Lana is just about to find out. As she goes about her business, Lana is going to bump into Rick Harding. Life has been hard for Rick in the past few years, and now that his all-time crush is in town, things cannot be any easier for him. When Lana tranquilizes him by accident, Rick knows that she needs help, and this could be his one chance to get her to notice him. It is right in the middle of the Christmas period, but Rick hopes that they can catch the moose and find their place in society together. Will this odd duo complete a task that is sure to make the entire town happy?

In this second installment, Zoey and Graham will hold supporting roles, but Lana and Rick make great leading characters. Lana’s optimism is contagious, and it is admirable that she is so determined to catch the moose. While the townspeople think that she is trying to ruin the Christmas spirit, she remained focused on her goal while trying to do something to benefit the community. Rick is just sweet, and it is amazing how Lana gets him out of his introverted world. While he is shy around her in the beginning, he turns into a smooth talker after spending a few moments with his crush. The narration is excellent, and the author reels you in from the first chapter.

Mistletoe and Mr. Right is a slow-burn romance story, but there are numerous laugh-out-moments it may as well pass as comedy. Lana is a humble and gentle soul, and, sadly, her small town had judged her otherwise because of her flashy lifestyle. However, once they know her character, they embrace her as part of the Moose Springs community. It is amazing how the characters find happiness in the simple things in life. You will also love how Lana and Rick relate once they get past those awkward moments. Since the story is set around Christmas, the book is a perfect pick for the holidays.

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