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Sarah Pearse is a Sunday Times and NY Times bestselling author hailing from Devon, England. She is popular for writing mystery, crime fiction, thriller, suspense, horror, and adult fiction stories. Pearse is particularly well known for her debut book, The Sanatorium. This 2021 book has already become successful worldwide and established Pearse as a noteworthy new author. Readers from across the globe have become her fan and are now eagerly waiting for the release of her next book. Many critics believe that a new gem has arrived in the publishing world in the form of Pearse and they look forward to reading many more of her exciting works. Author Pearse is happily married and lives in south Devon with her loving husband and their two beautiful daughters. Her house is located near the sea, which gives her an excellent atmosphere to work on her novels.

The support of her family members also motivates her to keep going and working her magic. Before entering the world of novel writing, Pearse studied at Warwick University and earned her degree in Creative Writing and English. After that, she worked in the field of Brand PR and was involved in the promotion of several well-known brands. Pearse had relocated to Switzerland during her early twenties. There, she explored the beautiful mountains in her spare town and also visited Crans Montana, the Swiss Alpine town whose dramatic setting inspired her to write her first novel. Author Pearse claims to have always been drawn to creepy and dark themes, including abandoned places and remotes spaces.

One day, while going through a piece in a local magazine in Switzerland about the history of sanatoriums present in that area, she realized that she has found the spark of the notion that would serve as the theme of her debut book. The Sanatorium has been published in many leading journals and magazines all over the world. It has also been shortlisted for many literary prizes. Author Pearse likes to indulge with her audience and try to understand what they look for in a story. Bearing this thing in mind, she is highly active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. She uses these platforms to give updates about the recent happenings in her writing career and information about various upcoming events in relation to the release of her works. So far, Pearse has been busy with the promotion of her debut novel. She is expected to start working on her next novel soon and release it for her fans to read and cherish.

Author Pearse says that she always wanted to write novels. The idea first took shape in her mind during her days at the University of Warwick. However, she could not attempt to write anything until she was on maternity leave from her PR job. To pass her time, Pearse started writing whatever came to her mind and it soon became a joyful experience. So, she continued doing it and ended up taking writing very seriously. While Pearse was still on leave, she managed to find some downtime and sensed the inspiration brought by motherhood. Pearse also used writing as a means to find some ‘me time’ for herself. The overall process made her feel that she was herself again as she did not have to worry about looking after her daughter.

During the initial days of her career, Pearse wrote short stories and published them in magazines. She also placed some of them in competitions with the intention of getting recognition. Shortly after, she moved on to writing a full-length novel. Author Pearse likes to advise aspiring writers to write about what they find exciting and are passionate about. She thinks a story can only be able to engage the readers and make them keep turning pages when the writer enjoys it while writing.

Another quality that Pearse wants an aspiring author to have is perseverance. In her childhood days, Pearse was a huge fan of Shirley Hughes and her book called Dogger was her most favorite. The two people who have inspired Pearse the most are her mother and grandmother. Both of them were funny and kind human beings and taught her important lessons about life. Pearse’s mother was particularly instrumental in helping her develop her creative brain and imaginative powers. She likes to give credit for everything she has achieved in her life to her.

The debut book written by author Sarah Pearse is entitled ‘The Sanatorium’. It was released by the Pamela Dorman Books publication in February 2021. Author Pearse has set this book in Le Sommet and has mentioned the primary characters in the roles of Elin Warner, Issac Warner, Laure, and a few others. Initially, Pearse has described Le Sommet as a place overshadowed by high peaks and half-hidden by dense forests. It has always been believed to have a sinister appearance. This former sanatorium has been plagued by some troubling rumors for a very long time. But now, the once-abandoned sanatorium has been renovated and converted into a 5-star hotel.

Elin Warner is introduced as a woman who works as a detective. The isolated, imposing getaway spot of Le Somet located high up in the Alps of Switzerland is the last place she wants to visit. However, she still decides to visit the place as she has received an invitation from her estranged brother named Issac and his lovely fiance, Laure for celebrating their engagement. Elin has recently put her detective job on hold for some time and take a much-required vacation. Le Sommet appears to be the first stop where she is headed. As Elin Warner arrives at the hotel, a strong storm has hit the area and begins to take a threatening form. The atmosphere at Le Sommet makes her feel on edge as there is something about it that doesn’t seem right.

The next day, Elin wakes up to the disturbing news of the disappearance of Laure. Elin Warner knew that something sinister was going to happen as the hotel gave her a bad impression throughout the engagement party last night. She trusts her instincts and decides to investigate Laure’s disappearance to the best of her skills. As the storm is still there, the hotel’s owners have decided to close all access until the storm subsides. Elin realizes that if she doesn’t find Laure soon, the guests are going to go into a state of panic and this can lead to more problems. She seems to be under a lot of pressure to discover Laure. To make matters worse, Elin learns about the disappearance of another woman. But, this news has not yet gone out in public, so it is some relief for her. Elin knows she cannot keep the second woman’s disappearance hidden for very long. So, she tries everything in her capacity and uses all her skills to get to the bottom of the mystery and unravel it once and for all. Elin wants to get far away from Le Sommet as soon as possible, which she can do only after locating the two women. Therefore, she prepares herself to undertake desperate measures to catch the culprit and achieve peace of mind.

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