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Publication Order of Sarah Steele Standalone Novels

The Missing Pieces of Nancy Moon (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Schoolteacher of Saint-Michel (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lost Song of Paris (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Traitor's Wife (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sarah Steele is a USA Today bestselling English author of The Missing Pieces of Nancy Moon, The Lost Song of Paris, and The Schoolteacher of Saint Michel. She trained in London as a classical violinist and pianist and later joined the publishing world as an editorial assistant at Hodder and Stoughton. She has worked for many years as a freelance editor and now lives in Gloucestershire, in South West England.

The Missing Pieces of Nancy Moon is Sarah Steele’s debut novel, which was published in 2020. This narrative weaves together the lives of several generations, entwined with hidden secrets and centered around a young woman. What sets this tale apart is its unique focus on the world of fashion sewing, spotlighting two women whose lives are deeply connected to the craft of creating garments. The story is rich with discussions of dresses, textiles, and the art of vintage sewing, which forms the backbone of the plot.
The story opens with Flo attending her beloved grandmother’s funeral. Having been raised by her compassionate grandparents, this loss hits Flo particularly hard, compounding the grief of her recent miscarriage and the resultant strains on her marriage.
In search of solace, Flo opts to spend some time alone in her grandmother’s house post-funeral. It’s during this period of introspection and exploration that she uncovers a mysterious box of vintage sewing patterns hidden in a closet. This discovery reveals Nancy, a seamstress from her grandmother’s era, previously unknown to Flo.

The intricacies of Flo’s journey into dressmaking are not the primary focus. Yet, we are swept along on her captivating travels from Paris to Venice and further as she endeavors to mirror the steps of Nancy’s past. Through each destination, the narrative elegantly oscillates between the present day with Flo and the past with Nancy, offering a rich, layered experience of both characters navigating their respective worlds across different eras. This structure not only deepens our connection to both women but also invites the reader into a detective-like role, piecing together the puzzle of Nancy’s life alongside Flo.

The seamless transition between timelines by the author plunges us into the depths of both characters’ lives, unwrapping the enigma of Nancy’s fate. The characters are crafted with a depth that makes them endearing and unforgettable. Florence and Nancy, as narrators, exude warmth and authenticity that make their stories resonate on a personal level. Nancy, in particular, captivates with a charisma reminiscent of iconic figures like Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly, enveloped in an allure that seems both tantalizingly close and yet, somehow, just beyond reach.

The Missing Pieces of Nancy Moon shines as a story of discovery, connection, and the enduring power of legacy. It’s an ode to the adventurous spirit, wrapped in the warmth of summer sunlight, promising to lift spirits and tug at heartstrings. This book is more than a journey through time and place; it’s an exploration of the human heart, making it an essential addition to any summer reading list.

The Last Song of Paris is Sarah Steele’s third standalone novel, published in 2022. Spanning across two distinct epochs—World War II and the modern-day—this narrative intertwines the past and present in a riveting tale of resilience, identity, and love.
The story begins in 1941 amidst the turmoil of war-torn London, where a French woman finds herself in a dire situation. Staying at a hotel, she places a precious suitcase in the armoire, locking it away for safekeeping. However, as the city’s air-raid sirens scream a warning of impending doom, she’s forced to make a split-second decision. In her frantic search for the key she believes has slipped under the bed, disaster strikes—a bomb detonates nearby, setting her room ablaze and thrusting her into a nightmarish scenario. With no choice but to abandon the locked suitcase, she leaps from the window to escape the inferno, only to lose consciousness and awaken in a hospital, her memory erased by the trauma.

Miraculously, her amnesia proves temporary, yet her life takes a dramatic turn. She’s relocated for a critical purpose—to be trained by the Special Operations Executive (SOE), a covert British organization. Here, amid the rigors of preparation for espionage and resistance activities in occupied France, she crosses paths with Flight Lieutenant Alec Scott. Amidst war and secret missions, they develop a profound love, a beacon of hope in the darkest times. However, duty calls them apart; Alec must return to his squadron while she is dispatched to France to engage in covert operations.

In the present time period, we meet Amy, whose life takes an unexpected turn after a mugging leaves her unable to continue her career as a pianist. Shifting her focus, she delves into her passion for history, landing a government job tasked with evaluating and preserving overlooked historical documents. Her latest project? An exhibition spotlighting the heroic yet often unseen roles of women spies during World War II. During her meticulous research, Amy stumbles upon scant references to a mysterious figure known as Colette, whose existence in the annals of history is shadowy at best.

Amy’s intrigue deepens when she uncovers newly declassified documents confirming Colette’s reality, though her true identity remains shrouded in mystery. A particularly compelling connection for Amy is the revelation that Colette was also a pianist, a detail that forges a personal bond between them. Among the papers, Amy finds an undelivered letter addressed to Flight Lieutenant Alec Scott, raising questions about the fates of both Colette and Alec.

Driven by a newfound purpose, Amy seeks out Verity Cooper, Colette’s godmother and Alec Scott’s sister, unaware of the intricate connections tying all their lives together. Despite Verity and Alec not recognizing each other’s names, Amy’s conversation with Verity propels her to France, where she is determined to unearth Colette’s true identity and piece together her story.

Sarah Steele’s The Lost Song of Paris is a masterfully crafted narrative, blending emotional depth with the intrigue of historical fiction. The novel is rich with twists that enhance the dramatic exploration of its subjects. Steele creates characters that are as flawed as they are lovable, weaving a story that not only transports readers through time and place but also holds them captive with its vivid storytelling. This book, with its compelling tale of discovery, resilience, and the enduring power of music and memory, promises to linger in the hearts and minds of readers well beyond its concluding pages.

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