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Sarah Stovell
Author Sarah Stovell was born in the year 1977. She spent the majority of her life in the Home Counties before spending a season working in a remote North Yorkshire youth hostel made her realize that she was a northerner at heart.

Sarah finds that for every two books she writes, just one of them is any good. She believes it is because she writes quickly and the first novel is usually just scribbling on her way to writing the right one.

As a reader, Sarah’s taste is pretty eclectic, but still circle back to women’s literary fiction. As a writer, however, she likes writing a page turner.

Sarah doesn’t believe she gets inspired, but gets ideas while out walking. She tries to walk four miles a day, and during this time, she will get tiny ideas that slowly, after a ton of thinking, develop into some bigger ideas.

Sarah’s writing routine consists of taking her kids to school and starts writing at about 9:30. While writing “Exquisite”, her son was just three years old and still going to play group, so she had under three hours to pound out as many words as she could. She would write one thousand words during the morning, go get her son and live her life. Once her kids were in bed, she would write out another one thousand words. She did this over the course of six weeks and finished her novel, something she doesn’t ever think she will repeat again.

Her debut novel, “Mothernight” was released in the year 2008. She writes literary fiction and thriller novels.

“Mothernight” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2008. Olivia started to realize that time did not move forward her, rather it only spun round and round, circling an old date ceaselessly. Olivia is seventeen years old and spends the summer at the home of Leila, her boarding school friend who is lonely, brilliant, and distant.

Their intense relationship circles Leila’s painful past. Her dreadful accident that occurred when she was just five, and the sudden death of her infant brother four years after. Olivia meets Rosie, Leila’s childhood friend who is a manipulative influence and disturbing. Then there is Katherine, who is Leila’s step-mom, a bitter, unforgiving, and damaged woman.

Leila, now on the verge of adulthood, decides to confront her past and the rest of her family. However the atmosphere of recrimination and blame hangs just as heavy while the summer heat and will are going to prove a lot more powerful than she ever could have thought.

“The Night Flower” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 2013. Two girls wind up getting brought together under the worst possible circumstances: a prison ship that takes them from London to ‘parts beyond the sea’.

Miriam is a Romany girl that is drawn from freedom in the hills of the North-West to the city to try to eke out a living playing her tin-whistle while in a place where her kind are despised. Her mom dies, from cholera, which is called the ‘gypsy disease’, she gets caught breaking-and-entering and is sentenced to transportation.

Rose has been brought up to expect more, but her dad gets sent down for illegal slave-trading and her husband dies, she gets separated from her kids and is required to take a governess’ job. She is caught stealing, and the judge shows her no mercy.

Just barely surviving a rather appalling voyage, the pair shows up right after Christmas into the blinding sun of the odd new island, called Van Dieman’s Land. Here, they get sent to work in a nursery, where the women of ill-repute give birth right before they are sent for correction. The nursery is run by the debauched and corrupt Reverend as well as his idealistic son, that quickly takes a fancy to Miriam. Rose, her closest confidant and best friend, watches her jealously and plans on reversing their fortunes.

“Exquisite” is the third stand alone novel and was released in the year 2017. She loves her and she loves her not.

Bo Luxton has got it all. A beautiful home in the Lake District, a loving family, and a collection of bestselling novels to her name. Enter an aspiring writer, Alice Dark, who drifts through life with a freeloading boyfriend and a series of dead-end jobs.

The two meet at a writers’ retreat, and the chemistry is immediate, and a rather sinister relationship develops. Or does it really?

These characters are all very untrustworthy that you will not know what to believe, and you will be unable to put it down until you have found out. This is gorgeously written and cleverly built, and simply an outstanding effort from Sarah Stovell. She wrote this with a great sureness of tone and touch. Readers loved how the twists come until the very end, and how terrifying and addictive the whole thing is. This is really a unique and creative novel.

“The Visit” is the fourth stand alone novel and was released in the year 2017. Helen is a forty year old mom of three young kids (twins and a three year old boy that has not spoken in the last six months) and wealthy. She struggles to cope with the demands of the new twins and her husband Max suggests they hire a live-in nanny to help out.

Annie is impoverished at the age of eighteen and pretty desperate. Her mom went missing and Annie has gotten evicted for not being able to pay the rent. She needs a job that is able to keep a roof over her head and, once she has gotten it, she is determined to make sure she is indispensable.

While she slowly transforms Helen’s domestic life, Annie confides in Helen, telling her the truth about her childhood. Then a deep friendship blossoms between the two ladies. Somebody gets injured and it is revealed that Annie hides a secret. A horrible, horrible secret that is going to shatter everything.

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