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About Sarah Thornton

The Australian writer Sarah Thornton is well known for her compelling mystery thriller novels that really capture a sense of urgency. Continually keeping her readers guessing every single step of the way, she really makes the most of each of her exciting premises. This has proven to be a hugely successful formula for her, seeing her appreciated and admired by many all around the world. Becoming a household name for a wide audience, her books are easy to pick up, yet extremely difficult to put down.

Coming from a background in law, she uses a lot of her own work and life to help inspire her, which makes for a defined sense of realism. Feeling wholly authentic upon the page, she immediately grabs the viewer holding them there, and doesn’t let go until the conclusion. Well paced, she creates a suspense filled ambiance that is evocative and vivid, capturing a real feeling of unease and tension in the air. Knowing her audience well, she delivers engaging stories that really have something to say, while also being entertaining too.

Her characters are well thought out as well, making them extremely well realized, allowing them to really speak to the reader. This, along with her direct and straightforward sense of style, works to make sure the audience themselves feel a part of the action. Using interesting themes and ideas too, she provides them with something to take away from it all, leaving them with a strong impression. With a lot more to follow in the future, she isn’t stopping any time soon either, as her career continues onwards and upwards.

Early and Personal Life

Previously working as a corporate lawyer, Sarah Thornton would be named Australian Corporate Lawyer of the Year back in 2016. Following this she would take up sailing, travelling the world in her catamaran with her husband, all while writing her novels. This has been a successful change of pace for her, making a name for herself as a fully fledged author of thriller novels.

She took up writing, which was always an interest for her, to help remove the constrained structures of legal life. It would take her in a whole new direction, really allowing her to free her imagination, giving it a real sense of vitality and vibrancy. Currently still writing to this very day, she continues to travel, writing books for an audience that continues to grow every day.

Writing Career

In 2019 Sarah Thornton would release her first novel titled ‘Lapse,’ and it would be her first step into the world of thrillers. Taking readers on a journey, she would also use some of her own legal background to help inspire the action and the leading character. Starting the ‘Clementine Jones’ series of novels, she would establish herself as a fully fledged author for the first time.

This would then see a lot of people singing her praises, as Thornton would quickly find a loyal following of readers for her work. Recognized by the Australia Crime Writers Association, she would be shortlisted for a Ned Kelly Award, along with receiving a starred Kirkus review. There’s a lot more planned on the horizon, and she isn’t finishing, as she carries on growing from strength-to-strength.


Originally published through the ‘Text Publishing’ outlet, this would first come out on the 6th of August in 2019. The first novel from Sarah Thornton, it would set up the Clementine Jones series of thriller novels, introducing the character for the very first time. It would also work to introduce readers to Thornton’s style for the first time too, paving the way for a lot of what was to follow.

Coaching the local football team in a small-town, Clementine Jones’ now lives the life of a hermit after her life came crashing down. She was looking to lay low, but the team have now had a major success, reaching the top of the premiership, attracting enormous amounts of attention. Then her star player suddenly quits on the evening of the finals, leaving her to question as to why this has happened. What’s the secret she’s hiding, is the town ever going to be the same again as violence begins to rear its head, and what became of her all those years ago after the single momentary lapse?

As a debut novel this is exceptionally great, really capturing a true sense of unease and tension, building upon it. This makes for a really excitingly paced story, where the reader never knows what exactly will be coming next for them. The characters are all amazingly well realized, and the locations are all brought to life in a spectacular and compelling fashion.

White Throat

Once again brought out through the Text Publishing imprint, this would follow on from the previous book in the Clementine Jones series. Providing another stand-alone mystery, it would carry on in the same world, taking it to another level in the process. Released on the 1st of December in 2020, this would deliver an exciting suspense fuelled story once more, making for a book that’s difficult to put down.

Living out on the sands of the Great Sandy Straits in Queensland, Clementine Jones is a once disgraced former lawyer. Trying to hide from her past and taking house-sitting jobs, she’s campaigning with local environmental groups to help save a turtle that’s endangered. Looking to protect them from developers moving in, she soon finds a body at the base of a quarry, which then changes everything. Will she be able to find the culprit, how will her friend the ex-con Torrens help her, and what will become of her in White Throat?

Following up on the promise of her first novel, Thornton really makes great use of her compelling premise and intriguing world. The character of Jones also really comes into her own here too, as she feels like a real person by this point, wholly fleshed out and developed. With an interesting story too, it makes for a compelling thriller that definitely has a lot to offer every step of the way.

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  1. Patricia Aucoin: 3 years ago

    I just found your books and want to say thanks for the hours of enjoyable page turning reading. Great work, and enjoy the Australian flavor to the stories. Has helped me learn the geography of Australia a bit better.

    • Sarah Thornton: 1 year ago

      So glad you enjoyed the books, Patricia! On the geography, Clementine certainly gets around! I have her on a tropical island in one of the upcoming books.


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