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The Art of Baking Blind (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Farm at the Edge of the World (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Anatomy of a Scandal (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Little Disasters (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reputation (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sarah Vaughan is a journalist and novelist that has for the longest time she has known that she wanted to be a fiction author.

In 2014, she published “The Art of Baking Blind” her debut novel that would be translated into several languages. Two years later, she published “The Farm at the Edge of the World,” which became a bestselling title.

Sarah Vaughan grew up in Devon and in her teenage years, she went to the Oxford-based Brasenose College where she studied English.
Even though she had always wanted to be an author, she believed that she should establish herself in a stable career first. As such, she decided to become a news reporter and at journalism college, she studied media law and shorthand.

Thereafter, she became a reputed journalist and prominent member of the Press Association. It was not long before she was reporting on IRA-instigated terrorist attacks and going to parties and events with celebrities.

A few years later, she got a job with “The Guardian” and spent more than a decade as a news reporter, political correspondent, and health correspondent.

Vaughan enjoyed working at “The Guardian,” but left the paper in 2008 when she got her second child. Sarah then went on to become a freelance writer for various outlets, even as her dream of becoming a fiction author continued to simmer.

She embarked on writing her first novel as a forty-year-old on the week when her youngest got into primary school. Her debut novel would achieve a lot of success and give her the confidence she needed to kick on from there.

However, it was not until her third novel “Anatomy of a Scandal” that she really blew up. The work was published in the United States and in the United Kingdom in 2018, and went on to become a bestselling title in the Sunday Times.

The work has also been optioned and is set to be made into a movie on Netflix. Her fourth novel “Little Disasters” which won the thriller of the month award by Waterstone has also been optioned and is set to be commissioned into a TV series.

Even though Sarah Vaughn was born in Devon, she currently makes her home in Exeter. She started living on Polsoe Road and Sylvan Road and went to Middle school and junior school at Stoke Hill.

But she had to move away as a teenager since she was attending Oxford University. She would then spend several months working as a receptionist and working at restaurants in the capital before she started working as a reporter.

When she is not writing her novels, she can usually be found spending time with her family and friends.

Most of the time she loves to order pizza or fish and chips which the family can eat while enjoying views of Dart’s Farm fish and chips and the cathedral.

Sarah Vaughan’s novel “Anatomy of a Scandal” is the story of James, the husband of a woman named Sophie.

He is a successful public figure, a charismatic and handsome man, and a loving father. But he is now being accused of committing a horrible crime.
His wife is convinced that he had no part in it. She is determined to protect her husband and her family from a danger that is threatening to rip the family to shreds.

The lawyer in charge of prosecuting the case is an experienced woman named Kate who is determined to win the argument.

Still, she is more concerned about seeking the truth even if she remains convinced that James committed the crime and has to pay.

Who between Kate and Sophie is right about James. It seems that they are depending on personal experience and instinct rather than anything else.
Despite having been brought up in privilege, Sophie acknowledges that her life is not inviolable. This is a reality she has accepted ever since she got into a romantic relationship with James when they were studying at Oxford.

“Little Disasters” by Sarah Vaughan is a work in which the author brings to light the complexities of motherhood.

Hospital pediatrician Liz is shocked to find Jess her best friend waiting for her in the Emergency Room. She pleads with the EMTs and doctors to examine Betsey her 10-month-old daughter.

According to the mother, Betsey had been involved in a minor tumble at home but since then had not been herself as she cried a lot.

While it was a minor fall her husband had insisted that she be taken to the hospital in case it was something more serious.

To the mother’s horror, the child is soon diagnosed with a serious skull fracture. There are all manner of questions on how she could have gotten such a serious injury.

When the doctors quiz Jess, she is oddly evasive and vague and will not provide a satisfactory answer. Since the mother will not talk, Liz is forced to rep[ort the incident to the authorities.

Soon enough Jess and Luiz find themselves in a horrible nightmare in which almost no one is going to leave unscathed.

Sarah Vaughan’s novel “The Art of Baking Blind” introduces the wife of supermarket king and cookbook writer Kathleen Eaden.

In 1966, she published her guide to raising the most nurturing of families that she called “The Art of Baking.” She asserts that the best way to do this is by making the most exquisite cakes, biscuits and pastries.

At the present moment, five amateur bakers want to become the new Mars. Eaden.

There is Karen a woman who loves perfection and who came from poverty and is determined to maintain her facade. Vicki is a woman that left her career so that she could start a family.

Mike is a single father trying to parent his children following the death of his wife. Claire left her career so that she could take care of her daughter and Jenny struggling with empty nest syndrome since all her children are gone.

Soon enough, secrets are being let out and unlikely alliances are forged. They will all learn that while they can approximate perfection in the kitchen, finding it in life is much harder.

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