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Sarah Warburton is a bestselling mystery author from Virginia that made her name with her debut novel “Once Two Sisters” that she published in 2020. She was brought up in Virginia, the eldest of four sisters. She has asserted that right from childhood she was an avid knitter and reader, which is probably why she went on to have a career as an author. As a teenager, she went to the College of William and Mary, where she graduated with a degree in Latin before she got her Classics degree from Brown University and the University of Georgia. She then went to the University of New Mexico, where she studied creative writing with Julie Shigekuni and Sharon Oard Warner. Warburton has also worked in independent bookstores and spent more than a decade as a writer and lead editor for “Upclose Magazine.” Margaret’s Magnolia, her short story, was featured in the “Southern Arts Journal” and she was the winner of the Flash Fiction Contest Women on Writing. Sarah Warburton is also the author of the short story “Survival English” that got a Pushcart prize nomination and was featured in the Oyster River Pages. She currently lives with her daughter, son and husband in Southwestern Virginia.

As a teenager, Sarah Warburton was a huge reader of novels and is surprised that it took her that long to become a published author. She would read all manner of novels from thrillers to crime fiction before she graduated to the likes of Ed McBain, Lois Duncan, Stephen King, Agatha Christie, Daphne Maurier and Barbara Michaels. Growing up and in her teenage years, she would spend hours running her hands over stacks of books at the library and taking out any that caught her interest. Among her non literary inspirations are her sisters who were just as big on reading as she was. She was also inspired by music and even created a playlist while writing “Once Two Sisters,” her debut novel.

Sarah Warburton’s “Once Two Sisters” is a great novel that explores the relationship between two sisters. Zoe assumes that her sister just pulled another of her stunts when she goes missing. The two sisters Ava and Zoe Hallett are the offspring of two of the best scientists in the country even though they have not talked to each other in years. When Zoe learns that Ava has mysteriously disappeared, she believes that her sister is pulling another stunt to get attention. She believes Ava wants to blame her and rob her of the happiness and peace she had been enjoying with gher beautiful stepdaughter and husband in Houston. But while she had intended to stay out of the fray, she finds her email hacked and her address used to send Ava some threatening messages. Maybe there could be something more sinister to the story. Zoe gets back home to Virginia to try to prove that she is innocent. She will have to convince her current brother-in-law, her ex boyfriend Glenn, her parents and the authorities that she was not involved. For the first time in life, Zoe is convinced that her sister may be in danger. As such, when her ex boyfriend catches her digging around in Ava’s home, she thinks maybe he is not what he seems to be. The clues that Zoe unearths point to what she thinks is a strange link between her mother’s research and Ava going missing. Could there be some secret and would the man with it be willing to kill for it. Her sister’s life is in the balance and she is forced to draw on her reserves of hope and strength to save the sister she thought she never loved.

Sarah Warburton’s “You Can Never Tell” is the story of Kacy Tremain, a museum curator who gets framed by Aimee, her best friend for embezzlement. To get away from it all, she moves with Michael, her husband, to a charming Texas suburb leaving New Jersey behind. It is not long before she makes friends with the unapologetic red headed Lena, the evasive and chatty Rahmia, and the inscrutable and preppy Elizabeth. But friends are never what they seem to be. Navigating what turns out to be a highly competitive social scene, Kacy starts getting postcards taunting her. Even worse, she finds that there are cameras installed in discrete locations all over her home. Lena and Brady, her husband, tell her that the cameras could have been installed by the previous homeowner that was notoriously paranoid. Kacy’s fears are banished once the cameras are turned off and they discover that they are going to have a baby. But several months after they get their new baby, Michael accidentally discovers something very shocking about Brady. But then Lena disappears and Michael and Kacy start making some startling discoveries about their neighbors. It is a complex and taut psychological thriller with tangled threads of drama.

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