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Publication Order of Nell Ward Mystery Books

A Murder of Crows (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Cast of Falcons (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Mischief of Rats (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Generation of Vipers (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Trace of Hares (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Swarm of Butterflies (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sarah Yarwood-Lovett is a bestselling cozy mystery fiction author that is best known for the “Nell Ward” series of novels. The author spent sixteen years studying the nocturnal habits of animals and crawling through the undergrowth as an ecologist. As such, it was not surprising that she would eventually turn to writing about murder.

While she may have decided to swap badgers for bears when she left her South Downs village in the Pacific Northwest, her books still retain aspects of the downland she spent much of her childhood in.

In her work studying forensic clues for animal activity, she surveyed sites all across the United Kingdom and the globe. Working on her doctoral thesis she discovered what had for years been believed to be an extinct species.

She has also survived a coral atoll hurricane while she was out scuba diving and conducting marine surveys and was an expert witness in several cases. Along the way, she found a noose in an abandoned warehouse, and one of her surveys was derailed by the bomb squad.
Sarah has had a very unusual career and this is what she uses as inspiration for her many murder mysteries that often come with an ecological twist.

While Sarah Yarwood-Lovett has made a name for herself and become a successful author, she still fondly remembers her days working in the corporate sector. Prior to becoming an author, she worked in operational and business management, ecological research, compliance, and advisory services.

She was also involved in the translation of data-driven insights which she would then make into creative solutions for sustainable environmental benefit, advisory policy, and business strategy.

After getting her executive MBA from the University of Surrey and a doctorate degree from Oxford Brookes University, she began working in the corporate world. She started out as a consultant in various ecology companies and in 2015 began writing her debut novel which was then published in 2022.

Starting in 2021, she has been working for Microsoft full-time as a business manager. She usually does her writing on the weekends and during the evenings and continues to churn out her blockbuster works.

Yarwood-Lovett published “A Murder of Crows” her debut novel in 2022. After achieving much success in self-publishing her novels, she was finally signed by Embla Books.

She has now published several novels with Embla working with Katie her editor. In fact, she believes their talent and passion are what gave her the good start that made it possible for her to become one of the most successful authors in the cozy mystery genre.
The editorial director at Embla has praised the author and asserted that it is an honor to work on novels featuring the captivating and unique heroine Dr. Nell Ward.

In her novels, Sarah’s fascinating ecological slant and wonderful plotting have become very popular with readers. The phenomenal success just shows that the author has found the missing piece that cozy mystery readers have been looking for.
Sarah Yarwood-Lovett’s bosses at Embla have asserted that she is a talented teller of stories who has created one of the most unique and memorable protagonists that have created a loyal and passionate readership.

“A Murder of Crows” by Sarah Yarwood-Lovett is the story of Nell Ward who is working on an ecological survey in south East England on the grounds of Manor House Farm.

In this novel, she found and entered a disused tunnel on the property, a possible winter shelter for several species of bats. Inside the tunnel, she hears strange noises, and following her intuition she darts out of the hibernaculum.
It turns out that what shed overheard was the murder of Sophie Crows a wealthy landowner. The badly mutilated body is soon found at the end of the tunnel leading to the cellars of the Manor House.

The Major Crimes Unit led by detective sergeant James Clark and detective crime inspector Val Johnson treats Nell as both a potential suspect and witness. They grow even more suspicious when they discover that Ward had been hiding part of her identity from them.
It turns out that she has links to the dead woman which makes her a strong suspect. Desperate to clear her name, she attempts to draw on her ecological knowledge in trying to resolve Sophie’s murder.

But her efforts are somewhat thwarted by her growing mutual attraction to detective sergeant Clark and a flirtatious relationship with Dr. Adam Kashyap her colleague.

Sarah Yarwood-Lovett’s novel “A Cast of Falcons” sees Nell Ward trying to spend time with her best friend’s new husband Hawke. She desperately wants to learn more about the man but she just cannot develop a looking for him given his sleazy behavior.
It is not long before Nell believes Perce her childhood friend made a huge mistake getting married to Hawke. However, things get more interesting when Hawke falls over a railing from the third floor and dies.

He had fallen off while the housekeeper and his best man watched stunned. Could he have been pushed or was it just a terrible accident? Nell’s boyfriend detective sergeant James Clark steps into ty to bring order to the scene and calls for backup.
The team processes the scene and begins interviewing everyone in the house. Nell and Rav her work colleague eavesdrop on initial deliberations by the investigators and learn that many in the house could have a motive for killing Hawke.

Soon after, people start dropping off and the police believe at least one has been killed with a dagger in cold blood while at the library. With victims piling up Rav and Bekll cannot resist mounting their own investigation.

“A Mischief of Rats” by Sarah Yarwood-Lovett sees a driver dying while participating in a classic car event. Dr. Nell Ward finds herself in a race against time trying to unearth the truth and ensure the killer will not get away with his actions.
Dr. Ward finds herself back in her natural habitat when she heads to a woodland pond where she intends to survey local frog populations. She is shocked to learn that some driver had died following the submergence of his car in the water.
Nell recognizes the man as Jack Raffertya tabloid love rat and a professional racing driver whose exceptional performance on and off the track has made many enemies.

Nell suspects that this is not the tragic accident that it had initially been believed to be. Detective Inspector James Clark invites Nell to help find the killer using her ecological skills.

However, she finds that there is a lot under the surface but she is determined to find the truth before it is too late.

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