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An American author, the writer Sarai Walker is quickly being heralded as a highly talented feminist novelist with her debut book titled Dietland, which has made a strong impact since it was recently released, as it continues to turn the heads of both critics and the general public alike. With a past in writing for magazines, she is a skilled and versatile writer with a strong and unique voice and, not only that, she also has something important to say. Using the traditionally light-weight medium of ‘chick-lit’ she has created a story that resonates deeply with her audience saying something essential and meaningful in the process, and it is for this reason that she is being lauded by so many throughout the industry. Setting a new benchmark she has quickly risen in prominence and is fast being hailed as the one to now watch on the scene, with more to follow in the future.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in both California and Utah it quickly transpired that Sarai Walker was a writer with something interesting to say, as she wrote in an engaging style that managed to resonate strongly with her readers, creating a style all of her own over the years to come. It was also during high-school that she managed to win first place in a fiction contest run by Sassy magazine, with her story titled ‘Pink Champagne’. This would also be the time that she would start forming many of her ideas as she formed many of the ideas that were going the become the basis of her work to follow.

With a clear idea of who she wanted to be as a writer, Sarai Walker then started to build herself a fully fledged writing career over the intervening years. After working on a number of teen and women’s magazines she would go onto earn her master’s degree in English in London, before moving back to New York City, whereby she would gain more experience within the publishing industry gaining a unique insight for her career to follow. In her later twenties she also went on to gain an M.F.A. in creative writing and literature from Bennington College, which also helped her to progress in her career. All of this helped to give her the academic credentials and tools required to build the foundations of her career, as she honed and refined her voice.

During this time she also undertook the role as editor for a number of publications as well, along with writing articles for a variety of magazines too, all of which helped her to make her break within the industry, whilst creating a name and reputation for her as well. Working for such magazines as Seventeen and Mademoiselle, all of which allowed her to develop her voice and find her market, she would create her own literary aesthetic and find her own style. Looking up to various influential feminist authors such as Sylvia Plath, she would work to draw in their style, whilst also looking to the language of ‘chick-lit’ too.

Now having moved to New Mexico she continues to write to this present day, with more titles expected from her in the near future. As her debut makes an impact though, she continues to garner much attention and applause for her initial effort. With her writing career growing from strength-to-strength, it also appears that this is a trend that wont be stopping anytime soon either.

Writing Career

After serving as the editor for ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’, a female oriented health for sex, relationships and the body, she moved on to London then Paris. In Paris she was to study and complete her Ph.D. before moving on to focus on writing her first novel ‘Dietland’. This first novel of hers was to make an impact on the scene, with many glowing reviews following it in the press.

Not only that, but she also managed to gain commercial success as well as critical acclaim, with many readers flocking to her work too. Achieving world-wide success she has managed to build both a name and brand for herself that is unlike any other. With all her readers now eagerly anticipating what she will do next, it’s certain that she’s definitely a writer to watch.


Originally published on the 26th of May, 2015, through the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publishing label, this was set to be debut novel from Sarai Walker, marking her as an impressive new talent upon the literary scene. With its almost incendiary style and structure, it lulls its readers into a false sense of security before hitting them with the full impact of its subject matter. Using a light-hearted pacing towards the beginning it then develops into a feminist revenge fantasy that’s greatly transgressive in both its approach and style.

Starting with Plum Kettle as its leading protagonist, it sees her working for a teen girl’s magazine answering the fan-mail there and keeping herself to herself. The thing is she’s fat and has never felt truly comfortable with her appearance, so she’s hoping to get surgery to help alter her and allow her to live life as a thin person. That’s when she meets an underground faction called ‘Jennifer’ which draws her in to their dark and violent world as the seek to wreak revenge on the oppressive patriarchy. Will Plum end up changed for good? Who are these revolutionaries and what are their aims? What will become of them all as they tear through Dietland?

Our Bodies, Ourselves

First established back in the seventies, this ongoing book was originally published in 1971, with updates taking place throughout the years. It was the 2005 edition that Sarai Walker took to it as editor, also writing some of the segments of it herself, as it provided help and assistance for women in regards to their health and sexuality. Whilst it may not be a feature entirely of her own, it works as an interesting footnote for those looking to see where she’s come from and how she’s developed into the successful writer she now is today.

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