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Murder in the One Percent (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Palette for Love and Murder (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crystal Blue Murder (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Outside the Box (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

A Murder of Principal (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bad Blood Sisters (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Saralyn Richard is an award-winning children’s fiction and mystery thriller author that hopes to change the world one book at a time. Just like many authors she loved reading from a very early age. Luckily, her mother gave her the encouragement she needed as she always took her to the local library every weekend and helped her start a personal library. She cut her teeth on the likes of Nancy Drew but later on she expanded her collection with Judy Bolton a companion series. Soon after, she was reading the likes of Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes among many other classics. During those early years, she thought she would grow up and make a career for herself in intelligence. Later on, she realized that she was better suited to writing stories about the detectives rather than being one herself. Nonetheless, she loved reading in all genres and went on to teach creative writing to adults and high schoolers. While many authors say they write mysteries for themes of evil and good, the tension and suspense or tight plots, she has a simpler reason for preferring the genre. For Richard, it is about the connection between the writer and reader as she unfolds the investigation and crime in a torturous path that heads toward a solution. Still, her first published work was a children’s book titled “Naughty Nana” that was told from the perspective of Nana her old English sheepdog.

While Saralyn Richard now has three titles to her name, she took a roundabout path to become an author. Besides writing she has been a board member, high school teacher, dog trainer, school administrator, dog trainer, school improvement consultant, book editor, wedding consultant, candy striper, legal secretary, public speaker, doctor’s assistant, beach bum, volunteer, and tutor among many others. “Naughty Nana” her debut novel was a children’s’ fiction work that she published in 2013. Since then, she published her most successful novel to date in “Murder in the One Percent” in 2018 that was then followed by “A palette for Love and Murder” which was the sequel that she published in 2020. While she was involved in all manner of jobs before she became an author, she always had the talent and passion for authorship though it was not until she was in the tenth grade that her English teacher began to notice the creative spark she had in her. She encouraged the budding author to continue writing and by the time Saralyn was a senior, she was certain that she wanted to pursue a career as an author. Her parents had other ideas though as they wanted her to become an educator which is what led to a career as a high school teacher and administrator. Richard had said that the many experiences and people she has met over the years have been an inspiration to a later career as an author.

Given that Saralyn Richard had all the experiences in her mind, writing has never been difficult. She always had the characters, plots, and settings playing around in her mind for years and it was all a matter of putting everything on paper. Her first work was easy enough but it was when it came to “Murder in the One Percent” her first mystery work that she struggled a bit. Richard could not find the right murder weapon that was a good fit for opportunity, motive, space, and time. Had it not been for the encouragement from her husband and writer critique group, she would have given up just before a doctor friend came up with just the weapon she needed. She also gets the support and encouragement from her husband who she says is her most ardent fan with whom she discusses her characters, their relationships, and their behaviors. Her novel “Murder in the One Percent” has been described as a combination of “Murder on the Orient Express” and “Bonfires of the Vanities.”

Saralyn Richard’s “Murder in the One Percent” is a story told of the super-rich that have lavish lifestyles with their expensive cars, mansions, fine dining, maids, expensive furnishings, designer clothes, country house, and dinner parties. John E Campbell and his wife Caroline are hosting John’s 65th birthday festivities. The party is planned to happen throughout the weekend with guests expected to troop to their luxurious country farm, where there is plenty of room. Things get interesting when the cousin of Caroline Campbell who is one of the guests is found dead in his bed. A post mortem indicated that he had been poisoned. Oliver Parrott a young African American police detective is put in charge of the homicide case. There is a lot of attention to the case from the media with the upper echelons of power putting a lot of pressure on the police to resolve the case. It turns out that the Preston Phillips the dead man was an important man as Secretary of the Treasury. Oliver had been waiting for just such a case since he hardly ever had to deal with such serious crimes given the remoteness of his jurisdiction. But he begins to doubt his ability when he is put in charge of the case, particularly when the political pressure and media attention becomes too much.

Saralyn Richard’s “Naughty Nana” is a charming children’s fiction work of an English puppy dog that is adopted by a family. Just like any other sheepdog, he is a rambunctious puppy and the family patiently endures the mayhem and mishaps that are inevitable before she learns how to behave. For anyone that ever owned a dog, the antics of Naughty Nana are very familiar. Most dogs will typically have a mental age equivalent to that of a one-and-a-half-year-old child. At this age, dogs and children have some understanding though they typically are free unbound spirits who intend to please and love their parents or owners unconditionally. Naughty Nana is an excellently written and illustrated children’s fiction with a loving and energetic puppy, even though she tests the patience of her owners to their limit. Nonetheless, Saralyn portrays both the family and the dog with a sensitivity and warmth that makes for a great children’s story.

“A Palette for Love and Murder” by Saralyn Richard is the sequel to her first mystery. Detective Parrott is hunting for an art thief and his quest has him interacting with the lavishly rich in a story full of turns and twists. A few days into the investigation, there is a murder and Parrott is forced to balance the logistics of murder out in New York with his job. Tonya his new wife is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and Parrott is under great pressure trying to take care of her while she heals from horrible events in her life. Could the man hiding behind the shadows make her the next target? Parrott first needs to find out who was responsible for the missing painting. He has a long list of suspects from an ex-nun, art dealers, ghosts from the past, relatives, jilted lovers, staff in the mansion, and jealous girlfriends. Could the same person have been responsible for the murder of Blake Allmond the famous artist? Shifting alliance, lies, and blackmail make for a perfect whodunit story.

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    Thanks, Sheryl. Excited to announce the re-launching of Murder in the One Percent and A Palette for Love and Murder, along with the newest release, Crystal Blue Murder. All coming soon.

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    I thought these were great descriptions of your books. Looking forward to seeing you in December


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